Wednesday 20 September 2017


So in unrelated beauty news, I have met someone. Being single for a really long time, you don't think it'll happen to you and then one day you find yourself super smitten and already panicking for his upcoming birthday and Christmas. Both in December. Yep, already panicking. I'm such a loser lol! To calm down my anxiety, I came up with a quick wishlist in collaboration with Panasonic, because why not plan ahead? So if your boyfriend, husband or any male friend *wink wink* have a special day coming, maybe it'll help you too? 

Having a boyfriend who prefers a beard to a close shave have thought me, one cannot go on without Men's Trimmer! Panasonic i-Shaper 3-in-1 Precision Trimmer* is perfect! With detail attachment, your man can style his beard with utmost precision. The trimming attachment provides him with a choice of 20 different cutting lengths. And if he's in the need of dry shaving, the rounded edges of a fixed blade will ensure minimal contact with skin, so cuts are no longer an issue. I feel this will be the best present, don't you think? Watch here for exciting new clip.

I make fun of his beard a lot, call him a hipster even more, but you know what, I actually quite like it. It's so soft and manly, I didn't think I'd love it so much, but shhh let it be our little secret ok? *here's to hoping he doesn't read my blog and see my pathetic sarcasm through and through*. Staying on the subject, I've been loving new Tom Ford Neroli Portofino fragrance and seeing you can buy a Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Conditioning Beard Oil, I am sold! I don't know about you, but I love shopping for men fragrance, I love the muskiness of them and some scents make me feel ultra safe. I'll be definitely looking to buy him a beard oil, so why settle for less than a luxury to treat your other half? 

Moving on to fragrance, I adore Armani Acqua Di Gio Eau de Toilette. It's sweet, little musky and very sexy. It's that one scent I recognise on the street! It's pricey, sure but a good perfume is worth the tag and this scent last long and is such a cult staple. I'm not huge on the packaging but the fragrance itself is definitely worth the splurge. 

I feel accessories are always good gifts so if you know (and you should!) his likes, a pair of nice sunnies will do a trick. I personally love Rayban Wayfarers and I looked around and found these. The classic frame will suit anyone and I feel RayBans are a safe yet stylish bet. So if your man is into designer sunglasses, I feel they're totally worth a little splurge. 

Concert tickets are a superb gift for anyone interested in music. Find out what bands he likes and splurge girl! Not only will you make his dreams come true, you also get to party with him and share this experience, which will forever be in his memory. Or be me and buy him tickets to see his favourite group in Paris, which means you get to take a trip to the most romantic city in the world and share that with him. I literally can't wait for Paris and I know it'll be an amazing experience! Yay birthday boy! Check out Ticketmaster for all things tickets in UK.

Been for a trip together somewhere or maybe you love taking couple selfies? If you're stuck for ideas and cash, why not order him a photo book with all your favourite snaps? It's thoughtful and you'll only pay the delivery charge. Once a month with Free Prints Photobooks app you'll get a free standard 7x5 softcover photo book with your fave pics. I feel it's such a personal thing to give and who said best presents come with a steep price point. There are many options within the app and you can upgrade to hardcover books too for a small charge. 

For my other wishlist, you can check out my summer picks here for an inspiration while shopping for her.

Shopping for your man can be easy if you just listen to each other. Good couples make mental notes when the other half gets super excited about something. Listen to each other and it'll be a piece of cake next time or at least that's what I tell myself!

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  1. I am a Little disappointed that you left out my chainsaw recommendation, which is truly on my mans wish list. I can´t be the only one with a lumberjack in disguise for a husband!
    But beard oils are always a win for my hipster husband as well.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. Great ideas Dorota! I wish my boyfriend was into beauty stuff. I've been trying to get him into beard oils for literally years!

  3. I've been dreaming of getting my hubby tickets for a concert but with two small kids and no family close by it hasn't happened yet. Love the idea of going to Paris, best of everything for both of you :) x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  4. Definitely using this for any future male person's birthday!


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