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BurberryLiquid Lip Velvet Lipstick

Hello, autumn! I don't know about you, but I've missed autumn a little. I love summer but there's no other time for makeup than autumn. We opt for darker and more sultry looks. Shades become deeper and sexier. We tend to experiment more knowing the heat won't make us sweat it all off within few hours. I love autumnal lips. Give me nudes, purples, and berries every day! Having worn orange reds for whole 2-3 months, I plan on taking the time to discover deeper shades again. I've spoken about my love for them before - POST - but today, I have a very special luxury lipsticks to rave to you about. 

Burberry beauty is a quintessence of high-end. Heavy, matte plastic with gorgeous Burberry detailing makes for one instagrammable lipstick. Are they worth the hefty price tag? It's up to you to decide. I'm in love with the Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet packaging and still can't believe my own luck. If you follow me closely, you'd know, I won the set of lippies in Leah's giveaway - you can find her blog here *thanks, darling!* so I may be a little biased. 

BurberryLiquid Lip Velvet Lipstick

The formula isn't what you'd come to expect from liquid lippies and I don't think it should be classed as such. The cream, almost foam like formula is super light and almost dry when applied. It goes on smoothly and two little coats are all you need to achieve an opaque finish. These don't dry down meaning they're super comfortable to wear. The wear time isn't incredible and will wear off after 3-4 hours depending on what type of food/drinks you consume. On busy days, I managed to have it on for up to 5-6 hours, but only because I only had water and no food. The doe applicator picks up enough product to cover either lower or bottom lip, so no product wastage here, which is normally a case with other similar applicators. The applicator is small too, smaller than expected, which makes for super easy and precise application. As I mentioned previously the creamy formula is almost dry so it doesn't bleed. It doesn't fully dry down so smudging can be an issue unless you're an expert lipstick wearer and can seemingly adjust the way you eat and drink (I do that! It's crazy!) so no smudging is ever experienced. Believe me, it can be done but takes a bit of practice. Obviously not kiss proof here! There's no smell and taste to them either, which I know some will prefer. I don't particularly mind the scented products but not every scent will suit me, so scentless is a safer option in my opinion.

BurberryLiquid Lip Velvet in Fawn, Oxblood & Bright Plum swatches

In terms of shades, when I won the giveaway, I thought of this post and knew exactly when I want it to go up. No, I haven't written in then (here in my PJs at 9pm on Wednesday night because I'm a rebel! Lol) and only took pictures for Instagram purposes! But I knew in my mind, these gorgeous shades deserve to be included in my way of introducing autumnal feel to the blog. From nude through purple to berry, these scream fall don't you think? I have even attempted an artistic way of swatching. As you can see above, it hasn't really worked out now, has it? I adore Fawn. It's dark, it's cool almost taupe nude. It makes for a perfect fall nude, almost statement against my super pale skin. When it comes to autumn, I can't imagine this time of year without a dark'ish purple and Bright Plum fits all my lippy fantasies. It's statement, it's muted (despite the name) and it can hold its own if paired with barely-there makeup or a smokey. Lastly Oxblood gives the true meaning to vampy berry lip. Super dark, yet without resembling black as some darker shades, it gives a pale skin that ultra ghostly feel yet complimenting it well. It'll look different on my skin tone but I adore the look of the vampy lip with fair complexions. 

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BurberryLiquid Lip Velvet Lipstick

Is any lipstick worth £26.00 a piece? Probably not. It's surely not a necessity. However, there's something in luxury lipsticks, that makes us crave them, despite the price tag. Here the packaging screams high-end! It's not a question of taste, you'll love it too. Self-described as bold & matte the Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet deliver just that. The shades I received are sultry, sexy and mysterious. The formula doesn't overwhelm but also doesn't disappoint. The application is pure joy and even an amateur can get that lip line right! I've been wearing them daily and despite the lacking in longevity usually attached to typical liquid lip formula, they perform well and are super easy to top up throughout the day. And the shades? I can't fault them at all. Wih autumn in mind, I waited to review these and I hope you agree, they were worth it! 

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  1. These shades look beautiful. Im a massive fan of the packaging. x

  2. 'Burberry Makeup is a quintessence of high-end', love that sentence and couldn't agree more with you: those packagings are gorgeous! Shade-wise, I particularly love Oxblood as I love the contrast of a vampy shade against a pale skin as well! Lovely post!

  3. I am in love with these shades and the frosted glass tube is so luxury! x

  4. Aaaaah wow they are just such stunning shades, I love the look of them too! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. These are such stunning shades! xx

    Maiya |

  6. Ooo so pretty!

  7. wow oxblood is stunning, totally what I'm looking for right now! I've never tried anything from burberry beauty either...

    Courtney x | Lashes and Luxe

  8. These actually bleeds a little on me so I need to pair it with a lip liner. That said, I love everything else about it and I am tempted to get all shades. LOL!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of SanityBurberry Beauty Giveaway

  9. These are gorgeous autumnal shades! Not sure about the formula as, in general, I'm not a massive fan of those mousse-y ones but I might get one when I'm feeling spendy ;) x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner


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