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Credit: Matt Beach Photography

Credit: Matt Beach Photography

Credit: Matt Beach Photography

Credit: Matt Beach Photography

Brum bloggers events are never ones to miss. This time our lovely Ting (check out her blog & Instagram here) has taken us and our hair to the newly re-opened award-winning Sixth Sense hair salon in the midst of Sutton Coldfield high street. We were welcomed with red carpet (I was so underdressed!!) and cheeky champagne cocktails! The owners Dean V & Dean R were both there to welcome us all and tell us all about their business venture and how it came about!

There's something about the place, the people that make you want to come back. Not only you get award winning staff taking care of all your hair's needs, but also the incredible atmosphere, lovely decor and the most incredible treatment room. Sixth Sense works closely with cancer patients, supporting cancer charities and some stories had made me tear up. Once a survivor, always a survivor! Stories like these make you see the place as something else entirely. Beauty and hair business is usually competitive and can be very elitist, so to see local businesses supporting charities and working closely in their communities is a breath of fresh air.

Let's chat a little about the place itself. we wandered around Sixth Sense and were presented the Treatment Room and it was something I haven't seen in many places I visited over the years. The treatment room is a place you really have to experience. With something as simple as the hair wash, you'll also get an amazing head massage. With hair treatments, you are left in a gorgeous room with dimmed lights, playing relaxing music on a massaging chair, where you can choose the massage tempo and many other options. 15 minutes there and you come out a new woman/man. I nearly fell asleep there, it was so quiet and relaxing! 

We were given a presentation showing us the salon before refurbishment. Dean introduced us to the whole team and we were given a quick presentation of treatments by Wella representative. What Sixth Sense aims for is to treat your hair in a way to get it back to the way your hair was before all the dyes, cuts and much more ways we managed to destroy it. The individual plans are set based on your hair, the stylist asks you a few questions to determine what you look for and what your hair truly needs! 

Credit: Matt Beach Photography

Credit: Matt Beach Photography

We had been treated to a treatment and a fabulous blow dry. As you can see from the photos, my hair has never looked better! My stylist was super attentive and we had a great chat during the treatment and later during the blow dry. The finished result was incredible and my curls lasted overnight and through the next day! But I think what's worth noting is the condition of my hair after one treatment! My hair has never been this soft! It was quite incredible actually! 

Amazing cocktails and finger food made for a great evening and we drank, chatted, took pictures (well some of us, as my cameria died literally few minutes in!) and generally enjoyed ourselves! Our hosts were incredible at making us feel right at home! We were sent home with an amazing goody bag, including all the products used during a treatment. I walked out with a new Smoothing Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Oil. The whole set works wonderfully with my hair! I love the scent and how amazing my hair feels every time I wash it or apply the hair oil treatment alone. Plus it smells incredible! 
Credit: Matt Beach Photography

Credit: Matt Beach Photography

If you find yourself on Sutton Coldfield high street, stop by and say hello to the amazing staff. If you're after a great atmosphere, incredibly knowledgeable staff and a cut and style to match the credentials, give Sixth Sense Salon a call and book a consultation now. You will not be disappointed! I am booked for a cut & colour soon and I can't wait to show you the finished result!

Important info:

Check out Sixth Sense website for more details on the place including pricing and to book an appointment now.

Meet the team.

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Credit: Matt Beach Photography

Credit: Matt Beach Photography

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  1. Sounds like a great event! Your blow dry is fab! xx


  2. Oh my god I would have died laughing if you had actually fallen asleep in the treatment room! Was so lovely meeting you there and happy you had a fab time! The photos look so good. Cannot deal with the last one though..haha! Hopefully will catch up with you soon at an event :) xxx


  3. What a great blogger event, would love to have a haircare treat like this.. Now I just need to find a place like this in London. You look stunning xx

    Beauty with charm


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