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Nothing makes me feel better like a good makeup haul & It feels I haven't bought makeup in forever. Ok, that's an exaggeration but it's been a while since I "makeup hauled" Makeup Revolution. I was lucky to attend their 3rd birthday celebration recently and we were shown new releases at the party! I couldn't wait to get my hand on the new packaging of their products! I'm glad Makeup Revolution is evolving and better packaging is a sign of some sorts, that things are changing. For a beauty blogger aesthetics become part of a day. We aim to Pinterest worthy surroundings and however, a cliche that is, I love a good packaging. I'm more inclined to shop when luxury packaging is present and there's no wonder, I couldn't wait to order some of the new range. Makeup Revolution Renaissance is a combination of quality formulas we come to love & beautiful packaging, TAM Beauty's evolving into! 

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Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss | £5 each 

No surprise here, I love a great highlight & Makeup Revolution never disappoint! When I first saw Skin Kiss highlighters I was in awe, the packaging is rose gold with a large mirror and beautifully designed, buttery formula. The formula is super soft, almost creamy and swatch incredible. This is a highlight on steroids so if you'd like to glow, really glow, a couple of swipes is all it takes! Ice Kiss is a gorgeous white highlight with a gold sheen to it. I hoped Peach Kiss to be slightly lighter with more champagne to it, but it&: a true pink gold shade with an amazing sheen to it. Both swatch beautifully! Ice Kiss is a perfect highlight for someone like me, super fair skinned although you can probably get away with it up to light medium tones. Peach Kiss would look beautiful on medium to dark complexion but I find I can also make it work if applied sparingly to the very top of my cheekbones and blending it together with Ice Kiss. 

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Glow | £8 

I love the packaging here. The product is hidden in a purse like, matte rubber with rose gold detail. Also, comes with velvet pouch. I was never that into the obvious 'inspiration' that is Charlotte Tilbury Face palette, as the bronzer had just a tad too much shimmer and a strong warmth to it. Makeup Revolution fixed that and instead the bronzer is more neutral in tone, not too pigmented with a satin like finish. It's so easy to blend and fair to medium skin tones should love the shade. It shows well on my pale complexion and stays on well too. The highlight is a culmination of beautiful. This champagne like shade with pink tones is simply stunning and has a certain wow factor to it! I'm glad that Makeup Revolution, still "duping" expensive products, are showing more creativity in terms of packaging. Renaissance Glow lands in my makeup bag, as it's perfect for a contour/ highlight top up after work, before drinks with the girls. And the packaging plus formula is simply stunning. 

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Palette Day | £8

Slightly smaller, beige like rubber with rose gold detail purse hides away a neutral to cool-toned shadows. If you're sick and tired of warm tones everywhere, this palette makes a nice change from everything else we've seen recently. It reminds me a lot of Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics, especially the middle taupe shade. The first shade is light and shimmery, making it perfect for highlighting the inner corner. I also like the beige and taupe shade, for setting the shadow Primer and in the crease. I'm not huge on two darker shades. Firstly there's pretty bad fallout, which is totally my fault as I took too much on the brush. But the main thing, it makes my makeup look dirty and unfinished. I prefer myself in warmer shades and maybe I'm just not used to the cool browns, but I didn't enjoy the final look. It's a shame as the packaging is so gorgeous and I wished I liked the shades more! 

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Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick in Lifelong | £4

Seeing Renaissance lippies everywhere I expected the quality of the packaging to be, well light & plasticky! It is so not that! Not only inspired by CT Lippies but using similar metal to the one used, the lipstick is heavy and super well made. Makes me wonder what is it that we pay £24 Charlotte Tilbury price tag for? It can't be for amazing formulas, as I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again, it's not that good! Still little disappointed at the lack of scent as with any Makeup Revolution lippies before but the packaging makes up for it. The formula is super creamy and swatches like no other. The pigmentation is insane and a couple of swipes make for an opaque finish. I love the shade I've chosen, Lifelong is a deep warm rose that goes on smoothly and gives an opaque finish. It swatches like a dream too! It's super creamy but stays put. It lasted well past 3 hours on me, so I'm impressed. I want to try more shades now that I know the quality is there!

Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss in Ice Kiss, Peach Kiss & Renaissance Lipstick in Lifelong 

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Palette Day swatched 
Makeup Revolution Renaissance Glow swatched
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I really can't complain at the quality of products I bought now can I? Other than the slight meh with the eyeshadows, I adore the rest! The Renaissance Glow is simply stunning & I can tell, I'll be reaching for it all the time. In warmer months I prefer my powder formulas to be slightly more on a satin finish side of things. The face palette and Skin Kiss Highlighter are definitely up there in terms of choosing a winner and Renaissance Lipstick in Lifelong follows them to a finish line! Superb quality in both packaging and formulas. Now there's a sentence I hoped to say one day about Makeup Revolution! I'm glad we got here! 

What are your favourites from the Renaissance range? Will you be picking any up? Let me know my lovelies x 

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