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Zoeva has a new palette. Actually, two palettes and the beauty world has gone insane. Why? Because it's so damn pretty! I have demonstrated my love for pastels plenty of times on my socials and the blog so it's no brainer I would've splurged on the Zoeva's new offerings. Zoeva can do no wrong, now can it? 

Sweet Glamour Eyeshadow Palette is a beautiful, spring/summer collection from Zoeva. It's light and colourful with pastel mattes and lighter than light dream like shimmery shades. Sweet Glamour Cheek Palette is a quintessence of celebrating pink flushes with one hell of a highlighter included too! And I mean it - OMFG that highlight <3. Let's have a quick look if Zoeva Sweet Glamour Collection lives up to the hype it's given all over beauty socials and blogosphere, shall we? 

Zoeva Sweet Glamour Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Sweet Glamour Eyeshadow Palette swatched

Zoeva Sweet Glamour Eyeshadow Palette | RPR £18 


Gorgeous light dream like packaging
Matte shadows superb pigmentation 
Light & easy to travel with
Price (£1.80 per shadow!!!) 


Barely there eyeshadow toppers (???) - super light pigmentation of the duo chrome like eyeshadows, I branded toppers - least pigmented Wish Fulfilment 

Ok, so the Pros & Cons list really tells you a lot about the palette. I sort of wish Zoeva stuck to matte only formula, especially given the 'pastel' like the orientation of the shades. The matte shadows are gorgeous. The matte white - Fuzzy Haze is a dream come through! Super pigmented, opaque and if you ever looked for a perfect white matte, this is THE ONE in my opinion! Most used shades of the palette - Quite Realistic & Profusion also show us why Zoeva is the Queen of Mattes. I love the medium matte peach that is Quite Realistic. In the crease and all over, it does give that perfect medium peach finish. Medium warm camel - Profusion is perfect for in the crease building and as a smokey eye blending, again well pigmented and blends quickly! For a fun, quirky look adding a bit of Childhood Adaptation will make your whole look spring/summer perfection. Childhood Adaptation is a lovely light to medium baby blue with a kick. Goes on well and blends beautifully too! Daydream is a lovely lilac pastel, the kinda colour everyone goes crazy for lately. 

In terms of eyeshadow toppers as I branded Zoeva's new formula creation, I actually don't mind them as much as some reviewers do. I think eyeshadow formula used here, is intentionally less pigmented. It sort of gives an illusion of shadow mist, barely their duo chrome effect. It can be pretty beautiful although it requires few coats or a wet application. I actually love Phantasy Principle. Pink, purples and gold play a part here and depending on the base and intensity of application, this shade will look different on everyone, in different lighting etc. I apply it over peachy Quite Realistic to give it 'that something extra' looks in the daytime! I like the idea of Wish Fulfilment, I just don't think the execution of the formula worked at all! It's a pastel hue of light green and blues, which will stand out for dark eyes, however, the shade is difficult to apply to actually show. Again, applying on top of blue Childhood Adaptation, it gives it a different kick. Spirits Held Desire goes on purple but shines with gold. This one's pigmented and simply stunning! Apply on top of purples and blacks for the extra duo chrome oomph! Object to Subject is a lovely light lilac with some blue mixed in. I personally don't like it too much, but that's just my shade preference, nothing else. Artistic Creation is a pale yellow gold with just a touch of purple mixed in. Beautiful all over or in the inner corners. 

It will not top my 'Zoeva best of' collection but it's a gorgeous addition to it. I love pastels for spring and summer and peaches in general, so I will continue to love it through the warmer months. I think it has a lot of potential and mixed in with other palettes, there's so much you can achieve with it. However, formulas are something to get to know a little, before judging it fully! 

Zoeva Sweet Glamour Blush Palette swatched 

Zoeva Sweet Glamour Blush Palette | RPR £13.00


Light & travel-friendly
Gorgeous dream-like design
Medium sized pans 
Buttery & soft formulas


Don't have one, in my opinion

This is the cheek palette to end cheek palettes! The gorgeous pink hues will suit most complexions and the pigmentation is great, yet blendable. A light hand is recommended for Sweet Escape if you fairly fair like myself! The biggest crush and the star of the palette aren't the blushes! The highlight - Interpretation of Dreams is somewhat white, little pastel purple duo chrome and everything in between. If you like to glow and I mean, really GLOW, you will freaking love it! It's so similar to the new Becca highlighter and at the fraction of the price! Little is needed to take your glow to another level and Zoeva's done so well here! All the shades are creamy and buttery and blend beautifully! My absolute fave blush will be Ideal Love. It's my idea of pink blush, light yet showing quickly. Both Ideal Love and Sweet Escape blend beautifully with the latter being a slightly darker, slightly more evening like. 

Did you pick up any of the Sweet Glamour Collection? What are your thoughts? I am glad I bought it despite some cons found in an eyeshadow palette. I find that both fit in with my colouring well and give something to my extensive eyeshadow collection. If you're looking for pastels, Zoeva Sweet Glamour should be right up your street! 

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  1. You know my love for Zoeva palettes :) Yet I think I will skip this collection, for now at least, lol!, as I don't think I will get much use of it, even though I do like playing with different colours. I know what you mean with the different 'eyeshadow toppers' they're probably sheer on purpose, just to add a bit of dimension to those pastel mattes.
    The cheek palette looks beautiful but I have plenty of pink blushes and those light, pearlescent highlighters are not my favourites on my skin tone.
    Beautiful post! xx

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  2. Blush palette is so gorgeous :)) & I love the packaging (pretty,lightwight & portable). Thank you for swatching

  3. I am not at all a fan of pastels, so I don't think this oalette would be for me, but it sure looks pretty when you look at the packaging. And if you are into pastels it probably is a must.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. The blush palette is stunning, such pretty shades and the packaging is so cute. The eyeshadow palette is definitely out of my comfort zone but the shades are so pretty.

    Alice | alicemaysnell


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