Monday 4 April 2016


Hello Monday :) I hope you had an amazing weekend ! I come to you today with an eyeshadow palette review as I know you like these posts. In my first ever Cohorted box I received theBalm Nude'tude palette which I have been after for what seems like a very long time. Is it truly worth the hype? Let's see shall we?

Packaging gets a huge plus from me. It's hardened cardboard which I prefer as it's light, durable and travel friendly. It also hosts a nice mirror inside which is always a welcomed travel friendly addition. The design shows a picture of a perfect 'blogger friendly' bedroom and inside (as it's the 'naughty version') eyeshadows cover naked ladies body parts ;) I really adore theBalm vintage pin up packaging as it's fun and girly and in my opinion empowers women. Palette holds 12 shadows, 8 shimmers and 4 mattes as well as double ended brush, which I don't use as it's not the best quality. It's not terrible but I have plenty of better brushes to work with. 


creamy & blendable
some fallout
can be used wet & dry
no beige/white matte shade
packaging with mirror
only one transition shade

Sassy- frosted white, great pigmentation, beautiful highlight shade
Stubborn- light to medium peach with light frosted finish, good pigmentation, lovely all over shade 
Snobby- medium yellow with metallic finish, good pigmentation, not my favourite shade based on colour onlybut works as highlight shade well
Stand-offish- warm medium bronze with a lot of metallic shimmer, great pigmentation, beautiful shade

Selfish- metallic finish taupe, great pigmentation. Great shade for taupe (mushroom like) lovers.
Sophisticated- warm dark brown with bronze shimmer, great pigmentation
Sultry- warm medium brown with satin semi-matte finish, lovely transition shade (only one in the palette which is a shame)
Seductive- medium to dark bronze with metallic gold shimmer, great pigmentation

Sexy- matte dark plum/burgundy, beautiful shade, superb pigmentation - my absolute favourite in the palette 
Silly- dark brown with red undertones and copper shimmer, good pigmentation but a lot of fallout
Serious- matte black, one of the blackest black I've seen, great shade
Sleek- very dark brown, matte finish, great pigmentation


I really enjoy using this palette. Shades are super blendable, mattes work beautifully, even with a little fallout. I'm totally in love with Sultry & Sexy from mattes offerings and Sassy & Stand-offish from shimmers, but if I have to be honest I've seen better shimmers with less fallout with shades from Makeup Revolution. Mattes, however are brilliant to work with. I miss a white or beige shade, which makes this palette not complete in my opinion, as there's no shade to set your primer and under brow with. You will need a separate shade to complete a look. This palette is called brilliant for daytime looks, however with only mattes being on a darker side, I find it's a better palette for more evening/sophisticated looks, but that's only my personal opinion. Is it worth it's price? Well, quality is definitely similar to Naked palettes which are similar in price point, so I understand the hype around it. However it is most definitely the palette you can live without as it's not complete without a matte beige. For non palette enthusiasts and looking for one and only palette - this is definitely one which you can pass on. For the rest of us, the eyeshadows lovers - you will most definitely find shades here you will fall in love with.


  1. I LOVE the look of this packaging. I really like products with a 'theme', so the idea of the seductive names with the pin up girls is fab in my mind. It looks like it has a great range of colours too!

    Steph -

  2. I love this palette - I need to dig it out & use it more often! xx


  3. I wanted this palette mostly for the design and the newer version with men, haha! I have The Balmsai palette from The Balm and while the shades are beautiful and pigmented they create lots of fallout and don't perform as well as some other higher end eyeshadows I have. That's why I haven't been tempted to buy more palettes from the brand cause they're not the cheapest. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  4. I have this palette and I totally agree with you!
    I think that a beige matte shade is missing (and I've seen other people saying this too!), there is some fallout which for a high end palette I didn't expect and I think that this palette is more appropriate for evening looks than day looks!! x

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  6. I've been waiting for this review! This is another palette on my wishlist and has my name written all over it! I'm all about the neutrals and deeper shades, plus I've been venturing into pink territory recently, haha! Disappointed to see they don't have a matte beige though, I would prefer that over the frosty white shade. I saw the look you created with it on Snapchat and it was stunning! I still want this palette, but am happy to wait until it's discounted somewhere!
    Great review though, you really are the queen of swatches ;)
    - Nishi x


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