Sunday 16 August 2015

New in: Makeup Revolution The Matte Blush collection review.

Makeup Revolution is a brand like no other. It truly revolutionised the makeup market by coming up with inexpensive solutions to every beauty addict problem: I want more. And they gave us more. More products that you can ever store in your Alex drawers or vanities. More quality products at the price that won't break a bank. I always look forward to their new launches as they're exciting and so on point. Last week I wrote about my last obsession, the new contour palette that's since became a staple in my daily makeup (for a review click here).This week I'm bringing you a new collection, fresh of the shelves.

Blushes. I wasn't the blush kinda girl until very recently (maybe a year or so). I owned 3 blushes before and used them only occasionally. Not knowing what I'm missing, I never used to include it in my routine. Now I can't imagine leaving a house without slight flush to my cheeks.

Blush is a funny little thing. It transforms my makeup. It gives me a colour so I don't look sick all the time (happens to pale skinned, believe me). And I'm not talking about overdoing it, just a light flush to the skin.

The Matte Blush collection is a hot commodity in the Revolution world. The pots aren't as pigmented as their blush palettes. It isn't the bad thing either, it takes a little training to apply those blushes as the pro and a very light hand. With these ones problem disappears. The formula is just right, gives you enough pigmentation so only a little product is needed to achieve that flawless flush but not too much that the only brush you can ever use it it is RT Blush Brush.

They come in 6 shades. I wore each single one to properly test the collection and I've chosen my favourites. Shades are absolutely gorgeous and will suit many tones. This is powder formula, yet it feels silky so that working with them is just pure pleasure. They're so finely milled you would not think you paid £3 per pot.  These babies lasted on my skin all day and I don't powder my foundation in the summer. That's says a lot about the quality. Pro MUA will be happy with the size of the product as well. They come in huge pots and 8.9g of the product which is a lot for a blusher. If you're not a pro these will last you a long time. Personally I prefer smaller sized blushers as there's no way I'm going to use up the product. According to the producent these can be used for 12 month after opening.

The Matte Blush in Nude
Nude is a nude with a slight pink to it. It'll will work great with dark eye looks when you want your face to be a perfect canvas without taking away from the main subject that is your eye look. It could also work for very dark skin tones as a matte highlighter thank to the pink undertone.

The Matte Blush inBeloved.
Beloved is a light coral with some pink mixed in for a good measure. It's my favourite for day looks. It gives me the perfect flush. This may not work on darker skin tones but for a vampire like me - it's just gorgeous.

The Matte Blush in Fusion
Fusion is another coral. This time darker, more defined. It will work to define the features more.I really like this one. It's a medium tone and only little is needed.

The Matte Blush inNew Rules
New Rules. Now here is my absolute fave. This is an evening look blush but you can also rock it in the daytime. It will suit dark skin tones as well as someone pale. You need to be careful if you are the latter though. Use the smalest amount as it is quite bright. Perhaps I shouldn't like it yet it's really my favourite of the bunch. I'm no longer afraid of taking risks when it comes to makeup so I'm really, REALLY liking this one.

The Matte Blush in Divine
Another daytime staple is Divine, it's a very light cool pink and it will look gorgeous complementing a nude pink or a stronger pink lip. Ok I must have aid pink like 3 times but it's truly is a Barbie pink. Don't get me wrong it's gorgeous on a skin. What I found that this one wasn't as long lasting on me as it faded really quickly. And because it's so light faded meant disappear. Not my most favourite of the bunch but I'll give it point for being so darn cute.

The Matte Blush in Dare
Finally The Matte Blush in Dare. This is another level of pink. It's medium cool tone with a bit of kick to the colour. Again I recommend a lighter hand. It's gorgeous fuchsia and very bright so it will work on days where you opt for minimal makeup but you want at least one wow factor. Choose Dare :)

Here  I swatched them all for you so you can see for yourself just how lovely they are:

From left: Divine, Beloved, Dare, Nude Fusion and New Rules (natural light, no flash)

From left: Divine, Beloved, Dare, Nude Fusion and New Rules (natural light, with flash)
I'm super happy with my new blush collection and I can see myself enjoy using them a lot. there's a colour there to match my every look and it's great because they're all matte. With strobing game going strong we all need days when your skin should be glowing but without overdoing it. On those days I will be reaching for my The Matte Blush collection.

I wonder what you think about this new range? Is it exciting or didn't really interest you in slightest? I'd like to know your opinion. Sound off in the comments below if you will be picking up any of the blushes and if so, which one? They are available from Makeup Revolution website and you can buy them here for £3.00.

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Thanks for reading.

Dorota x

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  1. I always wear blush, I love how it livens up my complexion! New Rules looks gorgeous!!!

  2. MUR seduces with his products, still sth new in cool prices, and how to resist! ;)

    1. These blushes are stunning Iza, you should definitely try one or two :)

  3. These blushes look great, love the simple but chic packaging and most of the shades are gorgeous! I will most definitely get some when I'm next time placing an order :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I like the packaging and there's so much of product !! They last so well on me too :)

  4. If it's Makeup Revolution, i wants it! ^_^ I think i'm a little obsessed with this brand, i don't know why :))

    1. I know why I am. They're really good for the price range. Well, I don't love it all but whatever I have (and it's a large procreant of their whole range) has been great :) and I can't stop buying


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