Sunday 21 June 2015

Zoeva Cocoa Blend - first impressions review

We all know and love Zoeva for their incredible brushes. Me and Zoeva…. It was love at the first sight :)

I’ve been watching new releases of Zoeva makeup intently and was tempted to try one of their eyeshadow palettes. I couldn’t say no anymore as I saw glimpses of this chocolate heaven coming out. I must have been one of the firsts, ordering it from Beauty Bay on the day of the launch :) As per usual delivery was within 2 working days and I received it neatly packaged. Great service Beauty Bay :)

The newest release costs just £15.50 or €17.50 for all you Euro zone folks. It contains ten shades ranging from mattes through satin and shimmer to duo chrome. They are all incredibly pigmented except maybe for Sweeter End which I found a little too powdery & crumbly. 
From the left: Bitter Start, Sweeter End, Warm Notes, Subtle Blend
Bitter Start is a beautiful off white beige. It’s semi matte and perfect for highlight under the brow bone or to blend out other shades. Sweeter End is a shimmer. Very powdery formula and only one I am unsure off from this selection. Warm Notes is a great pomegranate shade. It will compliment blue/green and grey eyes. It’s just beautiful. Subtle Blend is another shimmer. Just look at it - it’s so pretty.
From The left: Pure Ganache, Substitute For Love, Freshly Toasted, Infusion
Pure Ganache is a pure pressed pigment. Pigmentation is insane. Colour will wow you !! My favourite from shimmers alongside Warm Notes. Substitute For Love is a beautiful, warm transition shade. Great for your crease. Shade is orange brown and can easily be diluted with Bitter Start. Freshly Toasted is another warm brown matte. It will work great for deepening your crease and in outer corners. Infusion is a Due Chrome. It will work beautifully on a white or black eyeshadow bases which should bring the colours in it !! Just gorgeous and unfortunately the swatches don’t show how amazing this due chrome shade is.
From top Beans are white, Delicate Acidity

Beans are white. This is not a pure black colour. It’s a very dark ashy brown. Nicely pigmented and easy to blend.Lastly, Delicate Acidity is a beautiful shimmer lilac. It will work beautiful for more advanced makeups to highlight inner corners or go crazy and mix it with Pure Ganache. Amazing shade.

All of the above are incredibly pigmented and just a joy to work with. They were made for bending and makeup playtimes. Colour pay off is great and colours won’t disappear when you start blending it. 
I adore this selection. It will work great with most skin tones as there’s a shade to compliment every eye colour. Shimmers are incredible and mattes are outstanding and all this for £1.55 per shade in this palette. 

I will recommend Cocoa Blend palette to anyone. Zoeva came out with another big hit and it’s surely not worth missing out on !! Go grab yours on their website here or in UK via Beauty Bay here (sold out at the moment).

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Dorota x

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  1. Kurcze, jest piękna ale obawiam się ze większość kolorów lub bardzo podobnych juz mam w innych paletach :p

  2. Kurcze, jest piękna ale obawiam się ze większość kolorów lub bardzo podobnych juz mam w innych paletach :p

    1. Jest naprawdę cudowna. Ja z kolei, wiekszość paletek w tych barwach mam jednak w chlodniejszej tonacji :) Kolorki sa naprawdę cudowne i jestem w niej totalnie zakochana :)

  3. Nie mialas problemow z Beauty Bay? Planowalam zamowienie ale wystraszylam sie negatywnych opinii:)

    1. Najmniejszego ! Zamowienie zlozone i dwa dni dostawa :) minimalne ale bezpieczne opakowanie. Super !!


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