Tuesday 30 June 2015

Dupe this - the wonder of W7 - Make Up & Glow Bronzing Base and Absolute Lashes.

I’ve only recently discovered W7. Few products have caught my attention and I turned to Amazon to get my hands on them. 
Firstly Make Up & Glow Bronzing base. Does it reminds you of something, maybe it’s Chanel counterpart? Packaging is similar although plastic top just not in line with bit more luxurious Chanel. other that the lid there’s really little difference between those products. It’s a cream bronzing base with a slight warm tone to it. You will not be able to cream contour but it is not made for it. It’s perfect for adding a little natural glow to you complexion. I was able to test the Chanel sister for few weeks (thank you Boots and ability to ask for a little product to test before you buy) and let me tell you, the difference in consistency, and a very slight one at that, does nothing when we compare the two in their price range. 
You can save yourself a whooping £30 and this will last you forever !! It’s a large product and a little goes a long way. I now opened this product to use to my mom too because I will never be able to finish it off. It gives a beautiful glow to the skin and this coming from a totally matte product. It lasts great under or over the foundation granted that you set it with powder. I sometimes leave it on it’s own and it will still last around 5 hours which is incredible for a product that costs £7.99 (watch out for offers as I got mine half price). Huge thumbs up from me and my mom to W7 - job well done

I love Benefit mascaras. If you follow me on Instagram or know me in real life, you will know that I’m totally obsessed with They’re Real and hefty price tag does nothing to change my opinion of this product. It will give you false lash effect. It will last all day, no crumbling, no problems whatsoever. It will look as well as after application in 8-10 hours !! It’s amazing !! It will be a total b*** to take off :) It may not be waterproof in the proper sense of the word but man does it last !!!!
So when I've heard of a little dupe called Absolute Lashes from W7, I just had to give it a go. It costs so little you can buy 5 for a standard RPR of it’s Benefit mother :) I try to compare brushes to you and the difference is little to none. Formula… Ah. It is not the same. However does it work? I only wore it a couple times so it’s not a full on review. I hate mascara reviews anyway. What works for some, will not for others. It’s a fact so I won’t dwell too much on it. I think it’s a good mascara.

 It is not Benefit but it works. And if you just hate the idea of spending £20 on one mascara - go for this one. It will not hold the curl as Benefit or even last that well, in my opinion but it is a much cheaper option and it still works better that some more expensive drugstore alternatives. Is it a true dupe? In packaging maybe, but the effects are similar yet not dupe enough for me to truly call it such. I will still give it a thumbs up because for it’s price it is worth definitely more.

You can get W7 bronzing base here and Absolute Lashes mascara here

I wonder what do you think of this duo? Have you tried any of the above or their more expensive mother products? Let me know in the comments below.

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