Wednesday 17 June 2015

New brand alert - Freedom Makeup London #1 LIP PARTY

Freedom Makeup London comes from the creators of Makeup Revolution. This is a newly established brand of professional makeup at affordable prices. What I love about it, it’s the opportunities it creates for amateurs to get better and professionals to update their kits at prices that everyone can actually afford. I truly believe that by going to real makeup artist, I pay for the skill, artistry and not only the brands she manages to pull out of her bag. Freedom is set to break rules as Revolution did last year. There will be makeup courses launching soon with House of Glam Dolls Find Out Here 
If you’re interested to know more about them, you can find them on their social media like Facebook here  & Instagram here.

Enough said that when I heard about this highly anticipated launch I was beyond excited. I love Makeup Revolution and have been a fan since they’re launched last year. I have waited patiently and once the website gone live, I spent hours trying to put my order through (it’s official we broke the internet that evening people lol). It finally arrived so I couldn’t wait much longer to take some photos for you. As this is quite a large order there will be 3 parts to this story.

Let’s start with lip products :) Yes, I know, I’m addicted. I am pretty pleased with myself as I managed to only buy 9 lip products in total :) I ordered 2x lip melts, 2x lip butters and 5x lipsticks :)

Pro Melts first. Up is a beautiful opaque pinky nude. Perfect for everyday but watch out as all these colours are highly pigmented. Wanted is a beautiful lilac colour. It will work well on those special nights out or for photo shoots. Let’s not forget these aim at professionals and with some of these it’s exactly what you get. It may not be an every day shade for all, but I can’t wait to rock it in the office one day :)Pro Butters formula is creamier than melts in my opinion but they do apply as a dream. I got one in a beautiful fuchsia called Sugar Fix. This is my shade. It’s just beautiful.  Cats whiskers (which I may have ordered for the name alone) is a beautiful warm pink colour which is just a perfect everyday lip for me. It will stand out but it’s also a little muted if you know what I mean. I must say I like it the best out of them all and I can see myself using it most days now.
From Left: Up,Cats Whiskers,Fugar Fix, Wanted (no flash)

From Left: Up,Cats Whiskers,Fugar Fix, Wanted (no flash)

They all cost £3 each and are available from manufacturers website (here) or from Beauty Crowd (here)

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t want to try some of the stunning 20 plus shades collection of new Pro Listicks. They are just a steal at £1 each and formula is very creamy and comfortable. Not as pigmented as the melts/butters but much easier for an every day, quick application. They last 2-3 hours each although that’s totally dependable on you. I adore the colours I’ve received.
Make Me Crazy is a beautiful coral red. It’s a summer, ever day red in my opinion and it will compliment most skin tones. Candy Sweet comes in a deep fuchsia. It’s a very pretty colour. My everyday pink but it will be strong and flashy for some. I love it and I can’t wait to compare this shade to a certain MAC lipstick :) Pink Lust is what the name tells you. It’s gorgeous every day pink. It will look lovely on pale completions as well as working as a nude pink for darker tones. It’s a little barbie like but muted. I really like it. Whispers is a coral pink nude if this description even makes sense to you. It’s not just pink or coral but it’s also light enough to be considered as nude. Lovely for every day an I can see myself loving it for months to come. Lastly Wildflower is a very light pink shade. It may not suit everyone but i think it would be a lovely summer shade once I get some colour on me.
From Left: Make Me Crazy, Wildflower, Whispers, Pink Lust, Candy Sweet (flash)

From Left: Make Me Crazy, Wildflower, Whispers, Pink Lust, Candy Sweet (no flash)
That’s it for today. What do you guys think? I am very impressed so far. I will be able to report more once I get some use out of them all. I really like the packaging of the melts/butters collection. I think formula is thick and creamy which may not sit well with everyone but it will photograph really great. They are also very pigmented which should work well for intensity as well as wear time. Lipsticks may not have a great wear time but they are extremely comfortable to wear, no drying. I find lip colours like that best for every day as you can always top them up. 

Favourites of the bunch? Definitely Pro Butters Cats Whiskers and Pro Lipsticks in Pink Lust and Whispers.

Let me know your favourites. And see you soon for part 2 of my Freedom Makeup extravaganza haul :)

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  1. I like the lipsticks and Pro Melts but I'm not a fan of the Pro Butters as I was not a fan of the Velvet thing from Makeup Revolution and it's the same formula. But the lipsticks for £1 are a real gem :) x

    Ps. dzieki za komentarze na moim blogu! Niestety nie pojawiala sie one na stronie I nie moge na nie odpowiedziec bo nie komentujesz w Disquus tylko w Google, prawdopodobnie ze swojego telefonu :( x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I really like Pro Butters formula. Makes my lips look really lovely 😊 and Cats Whiskers is an amazing day to day 😊I really like the lipsticks too !! Shades are lovely and formula great !!


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