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Skincare Sunday: what I’ve used in April & what I’m testing in May | mini skincare reviews

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I’ve had a funny relationship with my face in April and I know I'm not the only one. Whether you've been working long hours, or simply stressing about the easing of lockdown restrictions, stress can have real consequences where our skin is concerned. Think spots, ultra sensitivity, and lack of energy, in general, resulting in a tired-looking complexion. Don't worry - your girl's got you covered. I've tested all the most exciting new launches out there but are they all worth your cash? Let's chat.

Skincare + supplements I’ve tried in April

I’ve been on prescription Vitamin D3 for years but I swapped it for Hum Here Comes The Sun (£15 for 30 day supply) last month when I grabbed it as part of the latest Cult Beauty edit. Vitamin D is so important, especially if you have a predisposition to osteoporosis, which runs in my family sadly. But what you may not know is that vitamin D is also a natural energy booster, so if you’re feeling a bit meh, have a chat with your GP to check your levels. Living in a country like England that’s not exactly sunshine central, the chances are you may be a bit deficient especially in winter or during 2020-2021 if you worked from home and rarely left the house. I like these soft gel capsules, a lot kinder on the stomach than tablets in a long run. Will it replace my prescription? Not sure, I need to check with my GP if it’s as potent first.

Skincare-wise, I’ve been testing some great newbies lately such as Dermalogica Powerbright Dark Spot Serum* (£89 for 30ml) which turned out to be quite a powerful brightener. While I don’t have that much discolouration - where it was needed (around eyes and where I used to squeeze out spots) it really helped rid of the pigment there. Great in the morning and I tend to use it every other morning swapping it with a vitamin C serum. I really rate this one.

And on the subject of brightening, I really quite liked the Bad Habit Beauty Eye Open eye cream*. Packed with caffeine and peptides it’s a lovely and light under-eye moisturiser that helps to conceal a particularly late night spent binging on The Irregulars (unpopular opinion since most don’t, but I actually loved it and I hope there’s season 2 in the works). Is it my favourite eye cream ever? No, but if you’re looking for an entry hydrating eye cream that’s light and works great under makeup - you’ll love it. SAVE £5 ON YOUR ORDER with code BADDIEBUNCH044 on Morphe*not affiliated code

I’ve also spent a lot of my April working long days and often feeling a bit parched. Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Mist does what it promises for sure. The ultra-fine and I mean it, it’s FINE alright, mist not only adds glow but also help to keep skin hydrated. Great to keep on your desk to refresh every so often. It’s a bit of a returning hero, as it’s my second bottle and I’m already scared by how quickly I’ve been going through it. It’s not the product's fault though - it’s how much I actually use it!

I didn’t think I would but Fenty Skin Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream made me love it pretty quickly. I bought it way before but thinking it’ll be a touch to light in texture to satisfy my winter parched skin, I haven’t touched it until a few weeks ago. This melting cream formula works both to balance my normal to oily t-zone but also deeply hydrate my ultra-dry cheeks. A win-win really.

And let’s not forget about brand new Indeed Labs In-Ceramide Daily Moisture Cream* which landed on my desk a couple of weeks ago and has single-handedly fixed the issue of over-sensitivity I’ve been having. Give me all the ceramides all day every day and this moisturiser has a lovely rich but not too heavy texture with a formula designed to repair and replenish damaged skin moisture barrier. I’ve been using it more lately, day and night unless I want something heavy and delicious at night. Not quite yet available in the UK but it’s coming very soon I’m told, so I’ll keep you posted. Watch out for it on my Instagram too!

I’m always religious about SPF but lately, I’ve been extra careful as I try and do at least a couple of long walks a day and tend to sit close to the window when working, so I’m using sun protection like it’s nobody’s business (Gwyneth would have been horrified). I’m a little afraid that the YSL Beauty Pure Shot Airthin UV Defender* has an ultra-thin and light formula that sinks in easily and leaves protected with SPF50. Quite fragranced so if that’s not your thing, you may not like that, but it’s been working fine for me. I’m tempted to grab it for my mom, who hates most SPF formulas and this just doesn’t feel like one. So if you’re not into thicker textures - this may just be a thing for you!

Too soon to tell: what I’m testing in May

The only product I actually used from the 3 I’m about to talk to you about is the Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil*, and it’s been a bit of love from first sight, but it’s most definitely too soon for a full review. It’s super light and sinks easily yet powerful enough to keep my ultra-dry cheeks comfortable. I love squalane and I’ve been dying to try the brand forever, heavily influenced by the love @jasminetalksbeauty have been showing them on her socials and blog. The cute packaging also helps, since I’m lame and I love pretty visuals, but it’s the formula that counts and so far so good! Will it become the new oilgasm? We shall see!

A newbie from Temple SPA Truffle De-Light Hydra Gel Moisturiser* is getting the time to shine in May too. The ultra-light formula sinks instantly and feels like a combination to oily skin-friendly as it hydrates while balancing sebum production leaving skin with that natural soft finish. Definitely not heavy, so I’ll let you know how it will fare on my dry cheeks, but I’m excited. I love the airtight packaged moisturisers, keeping all ingredients fresh and ready to work.

I don’t tan. I burn. Sunbathing is out of the question but even my Caspar arse likes a bit of a fresh summer glow. Bronzed goddess here I come with the brand new launch from Skinny Tan Choc range: their Face Self-Tanning Drops* now come in Salted Caramel scent and if you need to know anything about me is that salted caramel makes me feel all kinds of things ;) I plan on adding a few drops to my morning or evening moisturiser - not sure yet, as I want it to fit in my routine the best it can, but I’ll keep you posted. This looks like a gradual tan to me, so I can’t wait to show you the results. Again, my Instagram is probably the place for those before and after shots, so watch this space.

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