Sunday 18 August 2019

Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation & Concealer review

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Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation & Concealer

I'm forever on a lookout for that perfect base. This means buying and trying a lot of foundations and concealers. I may have a bit of a problem judging by the state of my collection. I usually prefer luxury brands finish to those in the drugstore but have I changed my mind? Let's chat the brand spanking new revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation (F2) and Concealer (C2).

Foundation available from Revolution website and Superdrug online and in-store retails at only £9.00 for 30ml. Concealer is also avaiable via Revolution and Superdrug at only £7.00.

Foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump, as opposed to a large doe applicator in its predecessor Conceal & Define Foundation. It's available in 50 shades ranging from cool through neutral and finally warm tones. Hats off to Revolution for making another truly inclusive product. One pump is enough to cover whole face and achieve strong medium coverage but the formula is buildable and an extra half to a full pump should be sufficient to make it full coverage. I absolutely adore the finish: dewy but not oily, it looks beautiful when first applied and ir dries down so you may not even need a powder if you're on a drier side of things. Personally I only powder down in the centre of my face and finish with Farsali Rose Gold Mist*. What's astonishing is its lasting power. I can go on for 14 hours looking almost as fresh as first applied. There's some extra glow but it certainly doesn't look oily. I found my almost perfect match in F2 which is designed for light skin with pink undertones. I have a bit of tan now, so I need to add a few drops of NYX Foundation Mixer in Olive, but I tend to buy foundations for my actual shade as I don't always tan. What's crazy is that F2 isn't second to lightest shade in the collection. In fact, there's F0 (white), F0.1, F0.2, F0.3, F0.5, F0.7 and F1 that preceeds my shade meaning even the palest skin can find their shade and the undertone to match it. I honestly can't find a single fault with Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation as it's truly a luxury formula sold at a friction of the price of your usual luxury foundations.

Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation & Concealer swatches

I also quite like the Conceal & Hydrate Concealer in C2. Slightly lighter than the foundation in the corresponding shade, it's perfect under eyes and to contour with. It packs a decent amount of coverage and but it can't quite reach full coverage unless you build it up with quite a bit of product which can make it crease a bit. I'm 34 years old, so unfortunately I have some lines under my eyes and concealers always enhance that a bit, which is also a case here. I don't find the formula that hydrating under eyes either, but certainly better than the original Conceal & Define. Don't come at me, it's decent and all but is it my favourite concealer? No. Having said that, I've been on a Glossier concealer phase this summer so that's the case for most of medium-full coverage concealers in my collection. At £7.00 you get a great amount of product and it's definitely a bargain. What I really like about it is the shade range. You get a lot of choice in terms of undertone and shade range sure, but they are also perfectly paired with the foundation, not identical but made to truly compliment each other so if you get yourself a decent foundation match, all you need is to pick up a corresponding concealer. It's perfect for unexperienced consumer and even those with some experience will benefit from having to match both products.

Overall, it's been an absolutely pleasure testing Revolution Hydrate & Conceal range. It's affordable, housed in a great and user friendly packaging with shade range to blow your mind. Formulas are certainly well thought off and offer luxury finish at a friction of the price. The foundation even knocked Revolution Pro Foundation Drops (read here) and Revlon Candid Anti Pollution Foundation from ther joint first place as being the best affordable foundation. 

Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation & Concealer

Foundation available from Revolution website and Superdrug online and in-store retails at only £9.00 for 30ml. Concealer is also avaiable via Revolution and Superdrug at only £7.00.

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