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Multi-toning with Pixi Beauty

The brand who revolutionised the industry with their affordable Glow Tonic many moons ago has been busy recently! First, they introduced us to Rose Tonic and then Retinol Tonic shortly after. I’m a huge fan of the original formula but have the rest also caught my attention? Let’s find out. Oh, and there's a little giveaway announcement at the bottom of this post, if you'd like a chance to win all 3 Pixi toners to try for yourself now!

Pixi Glow Tonic* | RPR £10-£18 for 100ml-250ml

Pros - the grandma of the glow has been with me for years now. Believe me, when I say it, it’s worth the commitment. There are many others these days yet, in the end, I always come crawling back. A 250ml bottle lasts forever and both mom and I use it almost daily. It contains 5% glycolic acid supported by witch hazel and horse chestnut extracts to brighten and fix uneven tone and rid your complexion from acne scarring, pigmentation spots by exfoliating the top level of the skin. Thanks to its ability to dissolve the bonds between old skin cells, in just weeks you’ll be able to notice clearer, healthier and more glowing complexion. The exfoliating ingredients are supported by aloe vera and glycerin to soothe the skin as well. 

Use before Rose Tonic, allowing few minutes for acids to ‘work’. I recently stopped using retinol and acids together, but given the strengths, you can easily use both and not experience any side effects, but some studies show that vitamin A and hydroxy acids may render themselves useless when used together. Use morning and/or evening - always protect your skin with high SPF (30 and above) 

If you react badly: Small number of cases had developed an allergy to glycolic acid. The usual tingling should only last a couple of minutes tops, so if you’re feeling uncomfortable for longer, it’s probably best to discontinue the use of the product. As with any acids or retinol, some purging can be experienced as your skin clears itself, this is a temporary effect though and worth sticking with. 

Buy me:
100ml - Pixi UK | Boots | Marks & Spencer 
250ml - Pixi UK | Boots | Marks & Spencer 

Pixi Rose Tonic* | RPR £10-£18 for 100ml-250ml

Pros: The delicate formula infused with rose water is soothing and moisturising. I treat it either like an essence or a face mist depending on the method of application. If you’re rather sensitive - it’ll be your best friend. Morning favourite - it’s so gentle that it can be layered. On my less crazy mornings, I tone with it first, then apply another layer by pressing the product into the skin and later even use it as a mist in between other skincare layers or to add hydration during the day. Simply just add a little product to an old mist container and you’re golden. Infused with rose and elderflower it balances PH and helps minimise redness. So if you’re skin is in a serious need to calm TF down - you know what to reach for. 

Use alone or after either Glow Tonic and/or Retinol Tonic as a soothing and calming agent. Plus it smells ridiculously good! 

I’ve personally not experienced any negative side effects and when looking for ‘bad reaction reviews’ found a few (less than 10 in fact) across countless websites.  Some that experienced irritation (oily skin), signs of dehydration like drying/red patches (dry/sensitive skin), breaking out (acne skin). If you develop any reaction as per above, you know what to do :)

It’s worth mention that I have found some reviews to say that it doesn’t really do much. When you look at the formula, the Rose Tonic isn’t supposed to ‘change your life/skin’. It’s gentle and soothing and should be treated as an extra step - totally optional as opposed to hydroxy or retinol formulas. 

Buy me:
100ml - Pixi UK | Boots | Marks & Spencer 
250ml - Pixi UK | Boots | Marks & Spencer 

Pixi Retinol Tonic* | RPR £10-£18 for 100ml-250ml

The newest addition to Pixi and my own collection, this cleverly designed formula is enriched with encapsulated vitamin A aka retinol. Why encapsulated? Retinol is quite reactive and can become quickly unstable. Usually, beauty formulas containing retinol are packed in ‘sunless’ bottles (matted dark glass etc) to ensure formula keeps stable. Responsible brands will also make sure there’s only enough product to use every day for a specific amount of time to ensure formula is not disturbed by contact with oxygen unless it’s packaged in an airtight container with a pump. When Retinol Tonic first came out, I asked Pixi that very question to which the answer was - encapsulated. What it means is that retinol molecule is encapsulated within a tiny invisible capsule or sphere which allows for controlled release. If you’re after an anti-ageing ingredient that actually works but are a little afraid of stronger treatments, then Retinol Tonic allows you to discover the magic of this vitamin A derivative. I found myself reaching for it every day and following with another retinol 2-3 a week for a stronger dose of youth. Here it’s also enriched with peptides to increase collagen production and botanical extracts to soothe. Perfect combination if you ask me and ideal first, if you’re after a clearer, brighter and more youthful complexion. 

Use alone or follow with Rose Tonic. Start with 2-3 nights a week if you’re a retinol virgin and up your game over a few weeks. Use in the evening - always protect your skin the next day with high SPF (30 and above).

As with any new product, there aren’t many detailed reviews out there but I looked long and hard for negatives. Please spot test if you suffer from eczema to control any potential triggers. Some purging can be experienced (purging can be a lengthy process and take up to 6 weeks) although I’ve not experienced any and I usually do with retinol-based products.

Buy me:
100ml - Pixi UK | Boots | Marks & Spencer 
250ml - Pixi UK | Boots 

There are some experts who sit on the fence in regards to toners in general and then there are some who oppose hydroxy acids and retinol daily use. I'm definitely in the opposite corner. It's important to understand your skin and listen to it when using skincare, that's a fact. It's worth asking the basic questions like what it is this product is supposed to do to then assess the effects it has on your skin. Has it done a good job, is my skin feeling the benefits? I'm a big fan of multi-everything. Multi-toning, multi-serum, multi-oiling - yes, please count me in. Pixi has managed something many has aspired to. They brought actives into our daily lives and did it in a way, we noticed! Gentle formulas work mostly on everyone and used daily, they make a massive difference. If you're on the journey to the glow, take a 30-day Pixi challenge now. Be that with Glow Tonic alone or by mixing formulas in your routine, I dare you to see for yourself.


Which takes me nicely to the big announcement. If you fancy trying out all 3 Pixi toners now, check out my Instagram GIVEAWAY now. It's simple - follow Beauty Drama Queen on Instagram, like the giveaway photo and tag a friend or two. Share to your Stories for AN EXTRA ENTRY. You must be over 18 or have a permission from your parent/guardian to share your details with me if you're announced the winner. Good luck!!!

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  1. YES YES YES! I LOVE them! I was already using the glow tonic and the Retinol, really impressed with the rose now too!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. I'm really enjoying having these three tonics in my routine, not sure I will see much difference after using the Retinol tonic but it's worth adding the extra step to everyday routine in my opinion. x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  3. Really need to try the Pixi toners!



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