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Cult Brand of the Month - Charlotte Tilbury

Life is fabulous. Charlotte Tilbury says so and why wouldn't you believe the Queen of makeup and social media? And if you watch the brand’s Instagram Stories (to which she often contributes!) you may just fall in love with her way of living! She is truly a force of nature and many makeup artists agree that you simply cannot do an occasion or wedding makeup without a little help from CT collection! Today we’re talking my all-time and brand new favourites to help you achieve the perfected, yet naturally gorgeous look for your big day! 

I don’t know any other mask that works quite like Goddess Skin Clay Mask (£38). It’s the best clay mask for sensitive skin that will leave you looking naturally radiant with refined pores, baby smooth skin & won’t enrage even the most sensitive skin. I often suffer from redness and it’s the mask that never lets me down and won’t ignite any sensitivity. It never fully dries down so removing it isn’t a problem and makes for a perfect prep before makeup.

I might have mentioned the Hollywood Flawless Filter (£30) once or twice already, but I simply can’t get enough. This ‘Instagram Filter in a bottle’ leaves you with the smooth and glowing complexion, yet doesn’t feel greasy. Perfect for every day, a wedding or a night out. The formula reflects the light making your skin appear healthy, blurred and glowing. I’ve used it on all brides and their guests I’ve had the utmost pleasure of attending to recently and I recommend it to everyone. There’s nothing quite like that! 

Luxury bridal makeup - Charlotte Tilbury

From left (unedited swatches): Hot Lips in Kim K W & Tell Laura, Contour Wand in Light/Medium, Genius Magic Powder in Fair

When I think of bridal or occasion makeup, I see perfected skin despite the lack of sleep, stress and everything else that may make you feel less than optimal on the big day. Charlotte to the rescue. The brand new Magic Away Concealer does something else than most you see. The shade Fair is actually lighter to the foundation of the same shade and my pale beauties should appreciate this. It applies easily, blends like a dream and even highlights! Medium coverage formula (somehow as looks sheerer) doesn’t set into lines (almost!) and creates an illusion of reverse contouring. Perfect if you’re into your triangle under eyes contouring & chiselled cheekbones. All this without the heavy formula!

I use Hollywood Contour Wand every day, it is by far the easiest cream contour I’ve tried. If you are getting ready for an event, there’s a chance you won’t have as much time as you originally thought, so using products easy to blend save you a lot of time. I contour my forehead and cheeks quickly, blend it out with either a brush or a sponge and within seconds, I’m ready for another step. It’s quite something if you’re used to more dry contour formulas that take a lot of time! 

The new Genius Magic Powder has the power to transform your makeup. I use it to bake, set and buff, so whatever your style, it should work for you. Love the packaging as you can close the powder dispenser for the less messy application. I discovered it a little late but what can you do! The powder itself is super finely milled and creates an illusion of blurred and illuminated yet matte skin. It’s quite something to create a powder to work on so many levels. I’m very happy to have picked this up recently as usually, I go for a different under eye and face powder so it’s definitely an easier option. 

Get ready for your big day with Charlotte Tilbury

Stars in your Eyes palette swatched (unedited)

After powder, I tend to further set my features with a little bronzer and highlight. Filmstar Bronze & Glow perfects my cheeks, it’s super easy to blend and leaves me looking made up. I use bronzer shade more than the highlight mind you, simply because I have so many of the latter, but both shades work great on any fair to medium complexions. Bronzer is cool toned but won’t leave you looking ashy and the pretty champagne highlight can be built up to the wow effect. I’ve been strobing with a sponge more recently, as I find the finish to be more natural that way. For an event, you may want to opt for the flawless but natural, so a sponge is a way to go. Quick tip for ultra glow - apply a little Hollywood Flawless Filter first then top it up with powder. A blushing bride should glow glow glow, am I right? 

When it comes to eyes, there’s nothing quite like Charlotte’s many quads, so whatever your preference you’ll find it in her collection. For a delicate bridal look, I tend to opt for ethereal looking shades like the ones found in Bigger, Brighter Eyes Exagger-eyes (currently out of stock but you can register your interest here - usually £39). I’ve been meaning to pick up the Pillowtalk palette, but sadly it’s currently out of stock. It’s a permanent collection though, so register your interest now and join the waitlist. Delicate shades make for stunning eye especially on a wedding day when you rather look naturally perfect. Recently, I’ve picked up the new Stars in your Eyes palette that simply does it all. It’s only available through Charlotte’s website, sorry Cult-ers but definitely worth the mention. With 12 shades to choose from, there’s something there for everyone. From champagne through golds to pinks and purples - it is the one for a special occasion or daytime and even the most daring bride. It’s very first impressions here, as I only used it few times but shades are actually super pigmented, the glitter toppers are divine (use your finger!) and both mattes and shimmers work superbly by brush (that’s right, go Charlotte!). 

My Charlotte Tilbury favourites
Charlotte Tilbury Bigger, Brighter Eyes in Exagger-eyes swatched (unedited)

Nude or daring, Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks have got you covered. I picked two here, first Hot Lips in Kim K W should work on most brides as it’s a pretty light pinky nude that works great on most (up to medium skin tones). Personally, I’d use Lip Cheat Pillowtalk liner first to slightly over Line the lips, then top up with Kim K W and perhaps a little layer of gloss if you don’t mind the mess. I really like it as anyone can just top it up and you won’t be worrying about your bride going without MUA for the evening (unless you’re attending of course!). For the more daring bride or special occasion, may I introduce you to the lipstick of 2018 - Hot Lips Tell Laura. This gorgeous orange-red brightens up any complexion like no other. It is by far my most used red and I’m sharing the love by introducing friends and family to it. Definitely one for the books.

The world of Charlotte Tilbury makeup and skincare is vast and I only just scraped the surface here. I have plenty of gems still on my wish-list. I desperately want to try some of the blushers and brow mascara to name just a few. There are also a few more quads I’d love to have in my collection. What makeup brands do you trust for a special occasion? 

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  1. So many of my faves here!! I wasn't going to buy the new palette but Hubby surprised me! xx

    Beautylymin | Ecooking Skincare Bundle Giveaway

    1. Can we share your Hubby? He sounds just like a man I need lol! I'm totally in love with the concealer and the powder, even for my pale self the shades are perfect!

  2. Those eye shadows are gorgeous and I really want to try the Bronze and Glow palette! Love your CT collection.

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

    1. Thank you Angela! I’m tempted by so many newbies too! Try Bronze & Glow - it’s cult & totally worth it

  3. Really need to invest in some CT products.


  4. I must admit the new palette ticks all the boxes for me and I am seriously tempted - it looks incredible!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. It’s an everyday hero for me, it blends itself

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