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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done New & Noteworthy but I’m so excited to bring it back as it’s a good one! I’ve been busy bee testing lots of products but some deserve a special shout out because they’re bloody amazing. Without further ado, make yourself some tea or a coconut latte (could I be any more cliché???) and let’s start today right and talk beauty!

I'm going to start with makeup because why the hell not and I have a renewed love for it of late! Before I introduce the first bit, I just want to give a special shoutout to my blogging family - my girls Leanne (LPage Beauty), Dagmara (Mummy’s Beauty Corner) and Siobhán (Beautylymin) who keep me sane in this crazy world and treat me to pretty makeup on my birthday too! This year they surprised me with Make Up For Ever Glitzy Palette and I’m OBSESSED! How did you know???? I don’t think I even mentioned it to you but been eyeing it for months now! It’s a gorgeous face palette consisting of two highlighting matte powders (perfect for under eyes), two contour shades, two blushes and 3 highlighters! What an absolute gem! Not only I got a match in the first-row matte highlighting powder and contour, I also love both the blushes and use two lightest highlighter shades! It’s uncanny for a mixed face palette to be so well suited to my ghost-self. Thank you, girls, I love love love it! With my job, I travel every so often and then there are blogger events in London or simply popping for a city break or something, which means a travel palette that covers my face needs and also doubles as pretty amazing eyeshadow palette is a must! I can easily go a week just dabbling in different shades here! Grab yours at Debenhams now (RPR £43.50).

As we all recover from few months of some serious summer fun and proper heatwave here in the UK, the time has come to give this Revlon PhotoReady Prep, Set, Refresh Mist* a shout. I’ve been using it instead of my holy grail UD All-Nighter and I feel as if I have found the dupe. It applies well over makeup, the mist is fine enough to do so, does not cake up my look and keeps it going over long hours. Can’t complain. The packaging is more compact and travel-friendly that full-size UD spray so it’s also a plus and it’s been the one I take away with me, use on clients and myself in the time of need. I find it quite refreshing too so it can double as a fixing facial mist during a day. Grab yours at Superdrug now (RPR £7.99 for 56ml)

It’s been a while since I talked about hair and body here at Beauty Drama Queen so let's get on that, shall we? First up, the most amazing after sun balm/gel/cream I’ve ever used. I am quite careful with sun exposure and always double or triple up on SPF but I still somehow managed to burn when I was in Spain! Not the face, or arms or back or arse or any of the usual places but the knees... only me! I applied Ladival DNA Repair After Sun after a shower and then once more just before bed and I was absolutely fine the next day. It also promises to help repair skin’s DNA after sun exposure so I’ve been using it all over at nights too. Brilliant stuff - highly recommend it! I got mine via Latest in Beauty, so check there first as it’s still available - bargain! You can also grab yours at your local Asda (RPR £14 for 200ml)

I promised you hair so hair it is. One fave but it’s a special one. I love and hate it but I think I love it a lot more than I mind the silly application method so here we go. If you fancy cleaning your hair without water and I mean proper ‚just washed it’ effect then say hello to Klorane Aerosol-Free Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk*. I already love and use the aerosol version and talked about it here before, so I kinda knew the formula yet nothing quite prepared me for the squeeze the bottle - powder comes out kinda application. I mean it’s LOL first time you use it, just watch your reaction in the mirror or better yet film it. It’s so weird. Yet it works. You apply it to your hair, leave it for few minutes (I just go ahead and do my makeup), then head down, brush away with your fingers and voila. Simples. Huge love even if I find the application totes weird! Available via Look Fantastic (£9 for 50g).

As I talked about skincare quite a lot, I thought I’ll keep it nice and short here with one new to me but already classic to everyone else Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment. It’s cult, it’s hyped and you know what, it deserves it. A buttery melting formula is very much loved by my skin. It made me a little dry for the first few weeks when my skin was getting used to it but it’s been working like a dream since. I believe in retinol because it’s long-lasting effects are proven and its immediate effects are visible quite quickly (2-4 weeks). I’m not getting any younger but I’ll be damned if I want to look older. Retinol is important and I always go for it autumn through winter to spring but leave out of my routine in summer. I continue with acids in summer but I don’t want to overdo it with sun exposure so I tend to only top up my retinol every 2 weeks or so, as a treatment. You know ‘Winter is coming’ if I’m out and about with retinol praise. Now with the brand widely available through their website, Look Fantastic, Feel Unique and The Hut it’s easier to shop Paula’s Choice in the UK (RPR £53 for 30ml). And you can try a sample via Latest in Beauty Icons Vol. 2 Box - check out my unboxing here.

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*Products marked with * were gifted for a review consideration & all links used are affiliate. It means I earn a teeny tiny commission each time you purchase something by clicking on the link. All commission to date has been spent on makeup/skincare shopping or updating my camera/lights equipment. All the clicks and purchases are very much appreciated as they help me keep doing what I love most - reviewing tons and tons of makeup and skincare for you.  This does not influence my opinion in any way. I’ll always relay my unbiased thoughts to my readers.


  1. The Ladival after sun looks so good! I love their suncream so their aftersun I'm sure will be awesome :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. Not heard of any of these. Will have to pick some up!

  3. I'm so glad that you like the palette! It's so pretty! xx



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