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Smudge-proof mascaras for every budget

I rarely talk about mascaras because I rarely find anything that works on my silly eyes. I don’t know what it is, but everything smudges on me. Finding one that doesn’t is practically a miracle so when I found three that leave me almost smudge-free after 8+ hours, I want to shout about them from the rooftops. Oh and there’s one to fit every budget. Are you ready? 

Under £10

Maybelline Total Temptation mascara

Maybelline Total Temptation fits nicely in a budget-friendly category at £8.99 but you can grab it during many 3 for 2 promos too! I really enjoy the wand as it barely smudges on my top lid, which is a huge pain for me, but that’s really simply the way my eyelids are built. Flexible brush with almost ‘fluffy’ bristles coats all lashes quickly. One coat is enough for daytime but I usually go for two for more dramatic effect. If you’re after volume and length, it ticks both boxes! Smudge wise, I experience only a tiny bit after 8+ hours which is really decent for me, as some mascaras start smudging after only a couple of hours. Easy to remove, I have no issues with micellar water, cleansing oil and cleansing balm. 

Under £15

L'Oreal Paradise Mascara

L’Oréal Paradise Mascara is my absolute favourite. It’s my 4th tube now and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Super flexible wand coats lash quickly and without clumps. Two coats are enough for a lovely daytime plus look, that kinda of daytime lash drama I prefer. It goes on so well, builds up nicely but it’s also really to remove at the end of the night. It’s a really great dupe for Too Faced Better than Sex mascara, but the TF version smudges like hell on me whilst the L’Oreal one seems to be lasting longer. It’ll smudge after 8-10hrs but it’s seriously super long lasting especially given the ease of a cleanse. The brush is identical to Too Faced as well, curved and coats lashes well. It’s easy to coat lashes without smudging it all over the top lid, although it’s not perfect in that aspect. For £11.99 it’s a true drugstore gem! 

Under £25

Benefit BadGAL Bang Mascara

Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara debuted a couple of months ago and have taken the beauty world by storm. Some love it and some hate it but I’m pleased to find myself in the first category. I wasn’t sure about it so I went for the travel size (only £10.50 here). The brush is slim and super flexible and coats each lash very well. The first coat is about the length for me and with the second and third coat I build up on volume. You can go really big with this mascara, it all depends on the finish you want to achieve. I don’t think you can overdo it, I went as far as 4 coats and no clumps in sight. The lasting power is pretty excellent too, I manage a good 8 hrs before the little smudging is experienced. Again this is something I’m used to and there are days it doesn’t smudge on me at all. I’m so impressed, I’ll be buying this again, again in a travel size when I go away on my holiday! The full-size tube is £21.50 which isn’t the most I’ve ever spent on mascara but I understand it’s not exactly budget-friendly. 

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