Thursday 5 April 2018


Bad skin day edit

So happy belated Easter... It came, it made us eat copious amounts of chocolate and right about now, we are all sporting these amazing 'one cheat day too many' spots, am I right? I’ve been quite lucky & chocolate was more of a treat than the usual stuffing my face with it situation, but even the luckiest of us will surely end up with one or two. Mine surprised me claiming residence above the upper lip, almost under the nose. Thankfully my stash is now rich in various skincare magic, so I treated it quickly. This gave me an idea to post about my favourite deep cleansing and spot ridding masks and treatments. Fancy a quick read? 

Gentle deep cleansing is made for sensitive skin & mine’s prone to redness often so if there’s no real need to take out the big guns - more on it later, then I stick to gentler formulas. I adore Clarins SOS Rebalancing Clay Mask as it’s not drying but also packs all the good stuff like Alpine Willow Herb which is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and acne fighting properties. Not the cheapest but I find it brilliant if I’m in a rush but want to calm the irritated spot. Currently on offer on Escentual too if you're looking for a bit of saving. Similarly, Caudalie Detox Mask* is the gentle yet super effective way of treating the skin. The pink clay draws out impurities while grape marc is a strong antioxidant which fights free-radical caused damage. Papaya Extracts are gentle yet very effective at ensuring your pores aren’t clogged and look more refined. Fighting spots and glow-giving is my receipt for skincare success, wouldn’t you agree? What better way to try new skincare than with a good size travel sample? Get all Caudalie goodies at a friction of the price THIS WEEK ONLY if you subscribe to Latest in Beauty* now! 

Still gentle but packing a bit more punch offers Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask. I’ve only tried few small samples but I love it applied topically as their cult moor mud draws away impurities and minerally rich formula leaves the skin looking its best! It’s quite pricey though and there are many cleansing masks on the market now that I think you can find a cheaper dupe. Which brings me nicely to my next fave Marks & Spencer Pure Deep Cleansing Face Mask*. It combines charcoal and clay (both sourced in the UK) which work tirelessly to leave you with a clearer skin. This is a £12 treat you should be picking up when in M&S next

If you fancy a true deep cleansing and who doesn’t need one just about now, then Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask* offers a combination of clay and even AHAs to polish off the effects of pollution, bad diet and leave you with a smooth, spot-free skin. Can be used topically too and as it fully dries down, I sometimes leave it overnight if the need is dear! Another recent gem is the Lacura Charcoal Clearing Mud Mask which I was kindly gifted by a dear friend (check out her Instagram here!) who knew I can never find it in my local Aldi. Thank you so much darling, I love it! This is yet another Aldi treatment truly worth the trip and then some - have you read my previous post on their skincare? This £5 mask will leave you with not only clearer complexion but also more toned and firm skin. It’s a winner in my book. 

This Christian Bretton Charcoal Mask* combines the powers of charcoal, caviar and algae extract which are not only purifying but also great for giving your skin that touch of glow it needs to look its best. Love the black sheet mask too - brilliant at scaring postman, let me tell you! And now for the priciest of them all, the Allies of Skin Promise Keeper-Blemish Facial* simply does it all. Adult acne fighting ingredients will leave you not only with instant effects but will also treat the skin long term. The oil-gel formula is so buttery and ultra-nourishing, this facial is simply perfect overnight! Dry skin friendly acne-fighting skincare is what I needed in my life. You will not believe the glow when you wake up either! It’s a huge yes from me! 

I'd love to know what are your tricks for fighting bad skin days?

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  1. I love the Omorovicza mask and also GLAMGLOW SuperMud for spotty days! Oh and a hefty dose of Origins Spot Remover! xx


    1. I haven’t tried SuperMid just yet! I do love Youthmud tho! My absolute fave!

  2. I haven't seen the Charcoal mask at my local Aldi, but have you tried the Clay masks they released? Look exactly like the L´Oréal ones.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

    1. I’ve tried L’Oreal Detox mask and loved it but Lacura’s even better!

  3. I love the M&S Pure mask, its so good! My skin has been a nightmare since easter. I have eaten nothing but chocolate :O

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. Great picks! I've been trialing the caudalie brand and I'm impressed so far!


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