Monday 15 January 2018


#YouMonday with Gemporia

Revive rose scented candle

Welcome to the gloomiest day of them all. Blue Monday is here but I won’t let it break me. By mid-January everyone’s bound to feel a little blue. Festivities are over, we’re broke and feeling less than optimal. For anxiety and depression sufferers this time of year can be even harder. I get it, believe me. Today I’d like to talk to you about the importance of self-care and how to survive Blue Monday and prepare for whatever life’s got planned for you beyond that. 

Have a little bath.

Having a time to yourself is super important. Maybe you’re a mom with no time to spare or a girl boss working long hours, try and find even 15-30 mins to yourself. Draw a bath, light a favourite candle and soak for few minutes. Taking a little time out isn’t impossible, in fact, it’s necessary for our well being. Tonight I’ll be pouring some Gemporia bath essence into mine and soaking all the stress away. To maximise the experience Gemstone Candle will be lit allowing me to just stare at the pretty light and shadow game, calm down my breathing and simply relax. 

Choose luxury with Gemporia

Gemporia Revive Spa set redefines luxury

Book lovers imaginary worlds.

If you like to read, this title will mean a lot to you. Reading is like having an out of body experience. Reading means living someone else’s life for a minute or two or 10 hours. If you have some time in the evening or maybe during a day if you’re lucky, I dare you to open that book you meant to read 6 months ago and allow your imagination to run freely. Be someone else for a minute and when you come back, your reality may not be as scary. I try to create optimal conditions for my reading time. Good lighting is a must to not create a strain on your eyes that lead to headaches and glasses (little late for me in this department but hey ho). Also using white lighting imitates daylight and that can improve your mood. 

Luxury Gemporia Revive Candle smells of roses

Go to bed relaxed. 

Light a candle, start breathing deeply and try to shut off your brain. Easier said than done, right? Well, I have a couple of rituals to help me do just that. I start by switching off the lights allowing the single candle to flicker. Mood lighting isn’t just for dates, I use it to relax instead! Pillow Spray or my new Gemporia lavender scented pillow is a must. I try to concentrate on the scent and breathe in deeply. After 15 minutes or so, I blow out the candle and lie quietly for a while, with my phone on silent and laid screen down not to be interrupted. Sometimes it’s minutes and sometimes it takes a while but I like to take this me time and think of something. As kids, our imagination runs wild and it’s the most incredible thing to keep as an adult. Life may get in a way and our thoughts aren’t always happy so drifting off to the imaginative world even for a couple of minutes is crucial for me. 

Gemporia Revive Body Spa Set: Rose Quartz Edition

Crystal magic & power of treating yourself.

You may believe or not believe in crystals, I’m probably in the latter category. Nevertheless, crystals are so pretty and the Rose Quartz specifically looks simply beautiful in its millennial pink glory. Pretty accessories or gifts can improve our mood too, so treating yourself from time to time can only bring you a little happiness. Why not treat yourself to this gorgeous Gemporia Revive Body Spa Set Rose Quartz Edition*? If you’re into an indulging rose scent, you’ll love the harmony of notes in this luxurious set. Beautifully packaged, both bath essence and body wash come in a heavy matte glass with gold detailing. Same with body lotion and the candle, there’s something so luxurious in a heavy glass don’t you think? And how beautiful is the little Rose Quartz heart that comes with it? I may just keep it for luck! 

Gemporia Revive Bath Essence and Shimmer Wash

You know what I’ll be doing tonight but what about you? Will you swap Blue Monday for #YouMonday with me and Gemporia? Choose happy, I dare you! 

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  1. oh wow, they look lovely! Definitely something I would want to have sitting out! They sound so luxe! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. Ooo gorgeous! Love the packaging.

  3. Nothing puts me in a better mood than a good hot bath xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  4. A bath, candle and book before bed - there's not much better than that! xx


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