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Alpha H Liquid Gold vs Liquid Gold Rose

   One of the most hyped skincare products in the last couple of years, Alpha H Liquid Gold has a place in the most skincare addict regime. It’s the product anyone and everyone recommend for skin troubles such as acne scarring, pigmentation, uneven skin tone or signs of ageing. It’s a miracle worker and many have claimed it to be the one in their evening routine. So what does it do exactly? And why lately all beauty universe seems to talk about is the new limited edition Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose? Why fix the perfection you may ask? Today, I’d like to talk about what makes both so similar, yet unique in their own way. If you struggle to make a choice, I hope this will help.

   Let’s talk basics, just in case you somehow never heard or stumbled upon a Alpha H Liquid Gold review. It’s a glycolic based resurfacing treatment recommended to use at night due to skin increased sensitivity due to AHA base. Alpha Hydroxy Acids such as Glycolic tend to increase skin sensitivity to UV rays so an evening application is required as well as protecting your skin from rays using high SPF. It’s recommended to use every other night simply by application via a cotton pad although I much prefer lint-free cotton pads to the traditional ones. I soak a pad in 8-10 drops and use it all over the face and neck until the pad is dry. I used to use it via a synthetic fan brush and I’m still partial to the method over a traditional cotton pad that just wastes a lot of product. What made me switch to lint-free version are the new Dr Dennis Gross Daily Peel sachets where lint-free pads are soaked in the product. I found that by the process of using the pad across the face I end up seeing the glow almost instantly. It also helps to know when to stop and that is when the pad runs dry! Simples! 

   Formula wise, Alpha H Liquid Gold isn’t unusual to other AHA toners, the Glycolic is at the usual concentration and accompanied by Licorice Extract, Silk Proteins and sadly alcohol. Whatever it is, the formula works great as a step after cleansing, either left on its own overnight or followed with full moisturiser routine. Oily skin will love this, as it’s free from pore clogging ingredients but the dry skin will also fall for it, as it keeps skin clearer and hydrated. Acne scarring and pigmentation be gone. It doesn’t dry my already dry skin, but also doesn’t fully hydrate it. What it does and here’s where the magic lies, is to help the skin to regenerate overnight thanks to the low PH levels of this toner-like formula. 

  Why fix something that isn’t broken you may ask? I agree, the Liquid Gold formula is pretty perfect and I’ve used it for so long! Infused with ton of skin fixing goodness, Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose does what it’s original predecessor hasn’t quite managed. It’s hydrating and full of sensitive skin loving ingredients. Addition of soothing floral and fruit extracts such as Rose, Lotus and Orchid Petal extracts as well as Scandinavian Red Algae and the Dead Sea Salts help to calm redness (yay!!) and to retain the moisture. Skin hydration wasn’t high on the list of priorities for Liquid Gold but it is in the Rose version. It’s called multi-layer hydration as it penetrates the skin at many levels, deep into epidermis to ensure more effective moisture retention. It’s important to mention that despite a slight change in the formula, the base still helps the skin regenerate, effectively reduces pigmentation, acne scarring, sun damage as well as removing dead skin cells to ensure better collagen production. 

   The eternal question - which one’s best comes to play. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing AHA based products in general. Knowing your skin type, the skin issues you experience, the sensitivity to ingredients and a personal preference is a key. Alpha H Liquid Gold will work well for any skin types and I know oily, combination and dry types using it and experiencing great results. If you are dehydrated and prone to dehydration side effect such as redness and increased sensitivity, I’d go Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose. The main reason I prefer Rose version is the effect it had on my sensitive and prone to redness skin. 

   I've used both products at the same time with the original formula on the right side and Rose formula on the left for 8 weeks prior to writing this review and noted many little changes. The side treated with Rose formula felt soothed and experienced less redness as well as other dehydration symptoms. While both side were as glowing with prolong use, the side treated to Rose version seemed to be more hydrated and surprisingly less prone to hormonal breakouts as well. I now switched to Rose version nearly full time as I’m still finishing the original version. I found that mixing both worked well for me too and I didn’t experience any issues. My only worry is that Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose remains a limited edition and I hope for it to be permanent, as I truly can’t imagine my evening routine without it. 

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