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Magnitone BlendUp

Here is the launch I've been super excited for. I even decided to drop my usual Monday slot & give you a Sunday post treat. Why? Because it launches today!! I have a feeling these babies will be flying off the shelves, so be quick & have no regrets. Magnitone BlendUp* has an answer to all your foundation application horrors. So if you struggle to get that perfect finish and often are left with a streaky base, fear no more. Magnitone Blend Up is here to fix it! 

What's inside.

Let’s have a look at the packaging. Inside the box, you find all that you need: a charger, instruction booklet, and warranty. And if you choose to register your device for a free 12 months warranty (and why you wouldn’t?!) you’ll get £5 voucher off for the next shop with Magnitone. I’ve registered and I plan on using my voucher to buy the rest of the brush heads! The brush included in the set has dense and soft bristles that form a flat top aka my favorite type of brush for foundation application. 

How does it work?

So how does it work, you may ask? As you know the success to the flawless base is applying the products quickly, so an experienced hand of a makeup artist has the advantage here. No longer. The vibrating (over 200 movements per second) SmoothBLEND flat top of Magnitone Blend Up does the job for you. I find that all you need to do it apply foundation in few dots around the face and use either a circular or linear motion to blend the product in. It takes less than a minute and the finish is flawless. On day 1 I used my favorite Smashbox Studio Skin foundation on the half of my face and beauty blender on other (if you caught my Live on Instagram you’ve seen it my queens!) and I couldn’t see a difference in the finish. The only thing I should mention is like with any brush really, it took slightly more product to achieve the same effect, which is pretty normal. You can eliminate this small con by spraying the brush head with a little of MAC Fix+.

Magnitone BlendUp Vibra-Sonic Blending Brush

Make it work with all the formulas.

I thought I’ll be a good blogger and give all my foundations a go over the last week and a half. Believe me, for someone so stuck in her Smashbox ways, this was a challenge... I think the brush worked really well with different formulas and here are my findings per foundation so you have a point of reference.

Water-based, light, soft matte medium coverage- great results here with Smashbox Studio Skin as I mentioned before. It buffed it in really quickly and left me with an as flawless finish as a beauty blender. It was super easy to build up coverage too. 

Water + silicones, heavy, matte full coverage - little more work was needed to achieve the flawless finish. No streaks but I found I needed to finish up with a sponge ever so slightly in the end. Inglot HD Foundation is very creamy, heavy and sets quickly so a quick hand is very much needed. Here the brush was helpful. I would recommend applying with many dots around the face to ensure quicker application. 

Water-based, light coverage, glowing finish - Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue applied super easy without loosing on coverage. Here coverage was easily buildable too. Gave glowing finish similar to beauty blender, yet it was easier to build the coverage with than with the sponge. 

Water + silicones, creamy, not too heavy, matte/radiant medium coverage- L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte & Pro-Glow (US versions) applied easily and without streaks. I love the finish of both foundations as it’s either a soft matte or radiant finish but in a natural way. The brush applied them evenly buffing the product in perfectly. Coverage was easy to build up too. No need for a sponge really. 

As demonstrated above, the brush works best with light-medium and medium to high coverage bases. It was slightly harder to work with when Inglot HD was used but that foundation isn’t the easiest to apply with brush or sponge so we can’t fault the brush here.

Magnitone BlendUp Vibra-Sonic Blending Brush

Keep your brush clean and keen.

I can’t stress enough the importance of cleaning your brushes daily, especially the ones you use liquid products, like foundations with. So don’t skip that clean girl. The self-cleansing mode is a joy. Just press the power button and hold for 3 seconds to enter it. Isn't it brill? 

Here with Magnitone Blend Up you also double up on protection against unwanted troublemakers with Biomaster, an antibacterial shield based on natural silver-ion technology. Forget bacteria cross-contaminating and breakouts. Magnitone promises the formula of Biomaster which coats the bristles will never disappear! How cool is that? 

Why you need it?

Beginners - this is where the brush can change everything for you. The brush will allow for a precise application and flawless finish at a hand of a complete beginner when it comes to brushes (tested as I gave it to my mom to test for a day if she can do it, so can you!) 

Beauty addicts - you may not know you need it, but believe me when I say it. If you prefer brushes to sponges, you will want to try Blend Up as it revolutionizes the way you apply your foundation. It’s smooth, it’s fast and most importantly, it’ll give you a flawless finish. Plus let’s face it, it’s a new beauty toy, you’ll just want to have!

Shop the edit

Magnitone BlendUp Vibra-Sonic Makeup Blending Brush: 

Black RPR £70.00 | Magnitone UK 
White RPR £70.00 | Magnitone UK

Magnitone Replacement Brush Heads:

FeatherBLEND RPR £20.00 | Magnitone UK
BuffBLEND RPR £20.00 | Magnitone UK
SmoothBLEND £20.00 | Magnitone UK

Magnitone BlendUp Vibra-Sonic Blending Brush

It's not the cheapest brush and you may think to yourself the very first words that came to mind when I opened the package: "another gimmicky product", but I changed my mind during the first application because it's truly that good. Whilst other makeup foundation brushes will apply the product as well if you're not self-taught and self-taught well, you may experience issues with certain foundations application. I have at least 5 different foundation brushes because some just won't apply nicely with all the formulas. I can't wait to try the other brush heads too, I feel that FeatherBLEND will be brilliant for powder formulas such as setting powder, blush and even highlight, whilst BuffBLEND will work for both liquid and powders but I can see myself using it for bronzers and finishing powders.

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  1. Very interesting! I like the fact that it works with all kind of foundations and this is the kind of gadgets I wish I had when I first started wearing makeup indeed!

  2. I've been dying to read this! It sounds pretty amazing. I think this would make a lovely Christmas gift! xx


  3. I've heard such good things about this, it looks incredible!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. This really does sound amazing. I'm all for anything that gives you a flawless finish and great that it works with different foundations too

  5. I've seen another type of these spinning brushes. I think it's called Blend Smart and there's also one from Doll 10 cosmetics that looks exactly the same as the Blend Smart. A bit cheaper too! Xx

    Toni | sheergloss

  6. This sounds so good!

  7. I'm very intrigued by this brush but as a not a big fan of using brushes for my base products I don't think I would splurge on it anytime soon. It does sound quite amazing though. x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

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