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Dream brush kit

In a life of every beauty enthusiast, there's time for obsessive spending and time to reflect on your collection. I sat down recently doing my makeup and realized I haven't bought a single makeup brush in a long time. I came to realize that I don't buy any because simply I don't need anymore. We are constantly marketed with new brands launching new fancy kits, but are they truly worth your time? I'd rather buy single brushes, than kits simply because, I want quality and not quantity. Doing makeup, be that as an amateur or professional, you quickly come to a realization that quality matter here more than anywhere else. You can do as good a look given a skill using a £10.00 eyeshadow palette and £50.00 one. Sure the quality eyeshadow will make the process easier and quicker, but the final result is obtainable with both. Not so easy with bad quality brushes. The cut of individual bristles as well as a shape matter so much in getting that quality final look. I also find that with quality brushes, you are less likely to need to replace them often. I have had some of my brushes for years and they haven't lost the shape or too many bristles. Given a right treatment, this is one investment you can count as long term. Over the years I collected a great bunch, which I now call a dream brush kit. These are the only brushes I'd ever need if I was able to wash them every day. If you fancy a look at which ones made a cut, grab yourself a cup of tea and let me tell you all about them.

'Cause look at your face...

I only have 6 brushes in the 'Face' category. It's not a lot and I have a simple reason. I use Beauty Blender a lot. Foundation  cream contour/blush/highlight  powder ✓. The brushes I use are mostly of the finishing type. I prefer powder bronzer, contour, blush, and highlight formulas so a good brush is very much needed. 

If there's one foundation brush I recommend to anyone it's Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush F80. Dense synthetic flat top applies any foundation and works particularly well with heavy formulas. One brush for overall face application, you can do a foundation, stipple in the concealer and apply all cream contour, blush or highlight. It's worth every penny!

Face finishing brushes

Eco Tools Blending & Bronzing Brush* does it for me in many aspects. Duo fibre yet dome shaped it makes blending of the bronzer oh so easy. I wrote about it before and I'm still super impressed with most single face brushes by Eco Tools I've been privy to testing. Inexpensive but good quality, I can see myself using it for a really long time. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free too makes it even a better choice.

I can't imagine a contour without MBrush 02. It is by far the best quality brush brand I own. Signature by Maxineczka, renowned polish blogger, it made me question my previous brush choices. The bristles are natural sadly, so soft it's beyond anything I tried before and not only well cut but simply flawlessly packed too. A ball-like shape makes for an easy and precise contour application. As with any natural brushes as special care should be taken. I wash mine as normal but dry it rolled in tissue paper to allow bristles to keep the shape. MBrush line s quite pricey, so I ensure I do this with all.

A very first real brush purchase I made was Real Techniques Blush Brush. Large, fluffy, soft and not too dense, it allows for the blurred application of even the most pigmented blushes. These synthetic brush washes like a dream and dries super quickly too!

Real Techniques Powder Bleu B02 is a true gem in my collection. One of my most recent purchases, I must have gotten it shortly if not the same day it was released. Ultra-soft, well-cut bristles meet with a new technology allowing the synthetic brush to truly become powder formula friendly. Powder formulas pick up easily on this brush and it's one I love for buffing a blurring finishing powder in, such as Hourglass or for an intense highlight. If you love an intense strobing, you will absolutely love this brush. The oh so pretty part played a huge role in my impulse purchase though!

I stopped buying makeup brushes & here's why

For a soft and precise finishing powder or highlight application, I choose EcoTools Controlled Setting Brush*, available as part of two sets only here or here. Similar to Real Techniques Setting Brush, yet less fluffy makes for a great under eye setting tool or for precise highlighting. I adore the ultra-soft bristles and the ease of cleansing and drying. 

Lastly, in this section, it's my absolute favourite highlight brush Morphe Large Soft Fan Brush M310. Best described as fluffy fan brush it picks up the perfect amount of product and makes strobing a pure joy. Easy to work with, great for daytime as you can limit the amount applied. It was a #youtubemademedoit kind of purchase but I'm glad I did because it's my all-time fave. Not easy to maintain. If you buy this I recommend keeping the cover and keeping the brush in it otherwise the bristles don't hold the shape as well as one could hope. 

Pack & blend...

There are more brushes in my 'Eyes' category simply because I couldn't quite decide on my favourite blending brushes. I still forgot to include the brow brush but as I have a brow tutorial slash I don't know yet exactly brow post coming, I hope you can excuse me here. I love eye makeup and a smokey eye is an everyday occurrence for me so eye brushes are ones I concentrate on in my collection.

The only eye makeup brushes you need

The allure of MAC 217 Blending Brush is always strong here and I continue to count it alongside my favourites. Natural bristles can not only pack on the product but unique shape 217-like makes it a perfect one for a quite precise blending. It hasn't got the softest bristles and it's quite pricey, but definitely, the one to keep in mind when completing your kit. Cheaper, softer and perfect in any way alternative is Mbrush 06. Oh, how I love this brush. Yet again the perfect cut and density, it is by far the superior choice. 

I use both Sigma Tapered Blending E40 and Real Techniques Powder Bleu 04 a lot for both blending out the shadows as well as setting eye primer with due to size mostly. I adore Sigma brushes and wanted to include 217-like in this post too, but I honestly don't know what I've done with it *prays she hasn't left it at her exes*. I mentioned how much I love the Powder Bleu collection for truly achieving the synthetic brush that works with powders. Powder Bleu 04 packs up so much product so setting up the primer takes seconds whilst the shape makes for the perfect blending of the crease. With Sigma E40 I love it for those super blending jobs when you want everything to look seamless. It does that for you, the shape and lack of density mean that it doesn't move the product but blends it to just a cloud of colour. 

Brushes to pack and blend eyeshadow

When it comes to under eyes I freaking love Mbrush 07. It's the smallest fluffy blending brush. Long bristles allow for the utmost precise blending too, so if you haven't much lid space like me, you can use it to blend the in-between shades. Again super soft bristles are great, especially if you're working under eyes. I find that stabbing yourself in the eye with a brush is a real first world problem for me, so delicate brushes like this are awesome.

I have looked for the perfect brush for packing the pigment/shadow on the lid forever. Yes, blending brushes are all the rage but finding that perfect flat brush was a challenge. I went to the beauty show months ago and discovered this little guy at Inglot counter. I've heard lots of Inglot brushes but never owned one before and believe me, it's worth the price. Professional brushes usually are, but if you can get them 30% off they're even better. Inglot 16PP is a flat shadow brush that does it all. Pigments wet or dry, any shadow even duo chromes. I still prefer some to be applied by the finger but if you're a pro and rather use brushes, try it when you're in the store in London. And of course Zoeva Luxe Soft Crease Brush 221, this little brush is my outer corner dark/black shadow hero. It packs a punch of colour but also smudges it out. It's a multitasker. I use it for under eyes too! Zoeva brushes are medium priced and really great quality. I have had my set for nearly 3 years now and it looks brand new. It's all in care but is hugely down to quality. It doesn't shed, washes out quickly and is a joy to work with.

The only brushes I now consider buying are more detailed work ones. I have a few and again these are bought usually as singles, like this Sigma Flat Definer E15. It's one of the best when you like to ensure the clean lines under your brows or even a lip contour. I'm still learning how to do lip contour, but I've gotten pretty decent at brows. I find it makes such a difference in photos especially. Again not a pro here but learning, always learning. Also, Zoeva Precise Shader Brush 238 which is the one for inner corner highlight for me. I have a very little space and weirdly built inner corners so a teeny tiny brush is a must and 238 does a brilliant job. Eyeshadow or pigment, wet or dry it does it so well. 
Brushes for precise eye and brow makeup

What types of brushes you can't imagine your life without? Do you buy sets or rather research and buy individually? Happy Humpday my lovelies!

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  1. Totally agree with the face brushes! I wish I hadn't bought any now, I only use my beauty blender lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Exactly :) I use minefor finishing purposes but mostly a sponge.

  2. I can not live out the eco tools setting brush, it is amazing! I have that RT B02 brush, I've been using it for concealer though and works really well. I need to try it with some powders next though xx

    1. Only you’d use brushes created specifically for powders for liquid/cream forms hahah! That’s why I love you! X

  3. I really need some more makeup brushes. I've started to realise that I need specific brushes for a better result.

    1. That’s why I only buy singles these days and inly after a lot of research! :)

  4. I only have 2 of the brushes you've mentioned here - the MAC 217 is a no brainer for me! xx


    1. I love MAC 217 (obviously!) but I honestly love the MBrushes so much more now! I’m tempted to treat myself to a whole set as the quality of these is insane! X


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