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Summer foundation edit for pale skin

Summer is a perfect time to try new bb creams/ tinted moisturisers or just switch from full coverage to lighter base. I rarely go outside without even a minimal base, as I firmly believe a moisturising base can add a skin care like element to my routine. Today, I'd like to share with you four bases I've been obsessed with lately, that add a little coverage and a lot of glow to your beautiful face! 

Hylamide No Colour Foundation | RPR £18.00

I honestly don't know how it works, as it has virtually no colour, yet it perfects my complexion in an instant. The only con is a screwable opening, it's so messy! The formula is super light and has a slight yellow sheen to it. When applied, it transforms my skin to the most gorgeous dewy finish. It has zero coverage, so I use it on my good skin days only. Thankfully with great skin care (read all about it here) these days happen more often than not! Perfect for any undertones too as it adapts easily. 

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Inglot Beautifier | RPR £16.00 | POST | POST 2

Creamy and rich tinted moisturiser offers decent light coverage and is slightly yellow in tone. Somehow it adapts and I can easily pull it off even given my natural pinky tones. It covers nicely and applies lovely with the fingers too! Super easy to use, it offers gorgeous sheen finish to the skin. It's also very moisturising and lasts all day given it's set with powder ever so slightly. I've been using it a lot lately & I truly adore it!

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Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue | RPR £27.00 | POST | POST 2

I talked about it so much already but it deserves a mention again. This unique formula works both as skin care and makeup with the latter offering sheer light coverage. Depending on the method of the application you can build it up ever so slightly but I rather use it lightly. It covers redness okay and it's great for sunny days given it offers a nice SPF35 protection. My shade is Opal which has neutral to pink tones and adapts well on the skin. The most expensive of all, the packaging offers 35 ml of the product. 

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The Ordinary Serum Foundation | RPR £5.80 | POST | POST 2

Never before have we seen so much hype surrounding a foundation launch. Both Serum and Coverage versions were constantly out of stock and even if you managed to order it, the wait was a good 4-5 weeks. I adore Serum Foundation as it offers both skin care and makeup benefits in one. The coverage is a decent medium and ever so slightly build-able. I prefer to apply by fingers first then finish off with a dampened sponge. It stays put all day if set with powder and offers natural glow from within finish. It's so light, almost watery and makes a perfect summer base! If only it offered some SPF! I ensure I use high SPF underneath it on sunny days! 

Buy now: The Ordinary 

From left: Serum Foundation, Photography Transparent, Complexion Rescue, Beautifier

What summer bases do you prefer? Do you ever go base free? Sound off in the comments section below. As always I'm looking for more recommendations, so if there's any foundation you'd like to see me review next, give me a shout & I'll make it happen! 

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