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I haven't been to Boots in what seems like forever. I had some great news at work recently and decided to treat myself to a little haul. It seems like I cannot walk into the store and walk out with a couple of things, so instead of a little shop, I came out £100+ lighter and 100x happier. Anyone else? I love Boots for the mixture of premium & budget friendly beauty and with many new releases recently, I'm super pleased to share with you some new makeup bits I bought and my very first impressions! 

Real Techniques PowderBlee Soft Finishing & Soft Shadow brushes | RPR £15.00-£22.00

Since reading about them on ReallyRae I could not have at least a little taster of the new luxury brush line by Real Techniques. Made from unique synthetic bristles and inspired by blue squirrel coat, they are a thing of beauty. Ultra soft to touch, they've been engineered to pick up powder formulas better than any synthetic brushes on the market. It's well known that synthetic bristles don't usually work too well with powders, so many makeup artists and beauty world alike opt for natural bristles instead. Real Techniques path to stay cruelty-free makes me happy and this release proves that anything can be made cruelty-free that work as well if not better than the natural bristles obtained from animal fur. I don't have words to describe how soft both of the brushes are and I'm sure to come back for more. Soft Finishing Brush B02 picks up and blends powders softly and quickly. The pointed tip of Soft Shadow Brush B04 picks up and places product in the crease and circular motion distributes and blends like no other. The experience is truly pleasurable and I highly recommend you pick one or two to find out.

Buy RT PowderBleu Soft Finishing Brush | Real Techniques US | Boots UK

Buy RT PowderBleu Soft Shadow BrushReal Techniques USBoots UK

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara | RPR £18.90-£21.00

The new mascara from Lancome had my name before its launch. I have a soft spot for Lancome mascaras, the formulas and brush heads give voluminous lashes without a need for many coats. Monsieur Big brush head picks up a lot of product so you may need to cleanse it a bit before application. Couple coats are all I need for my lashes to gain volume and length. Mascara stays put for a good 6+ hours after it smudges a little bit for me. Most mascaras do, so I can't really fault it too much. The finish it gives my lashes is beautiful, it takes so little time to apply. I am really pleased with it and would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with getting the volume without clumps.

Buy Lancome Monsieur Big | Boots UK | Sephora US | Lancome UK | Debenhams | Feel Unique

L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Waterproof Mascara | RPR £6.99

You know I love the formula of the original Miss Baby Roll so I decided to purchase the waterproof version for my upcoming holiday in the sun. I haven't used it yet but if it's anything close to the original I know I'll love it. The brush head is exactly the same and it seems to pick up the same amount of product. Original Miss Baby Roll isn't faultless and I find the longer I have it the better it works. In the beginning, I struggled to keep my lashes clump-free whilst now (2-3 month in?) I love how amazing it looks after one coat even. The mascara dries quickly so if you need more than one coat, I recommend doing one eye at the time, coat after coat. Otherwise, it'll dry and second coat may be a little messy.

Buy Miss Baby Roll Waterproof | L'Oreal UK | Boots UK | Superdrug 

Lancome Matte Shaker in Red'y in 5 | RPR £19.50

With so much hype around them, I couldn't say no to Lancome Matte Shaker in 189 Ready in 5. I love reds all year long and I've been looking to update my collection for a juicy, vibrant red. Enter Red'y in 5, a beautiful true red with some warm & blue tones mixed in. The formula goes on quite sheer if swiped across the lips but can be built up to medium coverage if patted on. Thank you, Lisa Eldridge, for taking over Lancome and changing the world of makeup, one release at the time. The gorgeous packaging reminds of a cocktail shaker and the concept's the same. You shake the bottle well which gets the product on the sponge applicator. The more you shake, the more product goes on. The formula is enriched with oils and vitamins and won't dry your lips even with continuous wear. It lasts well in between 4-6 hours and I'm already planning to buy more. I'm very tempted by Magic Orange next! 

Buy Lancome Matte Shaker | Boots UK | Sephora US | Feel Unique | Selfridges

Bourjois Rouge Lacque in Toute Nude | RPR £8.99

Interesting formula from Bourjois. I wasn't the biggest fan of the original Rouge Edition Velvets as they were super drying on me. Rouge Lacque come in slightly sheerer formulas which are build-able. Two coats are needed to achieve a long lasting lightly lacquer like finish. Toute Nude is a gorgeous rosy nude and a perfect everyday pick. It works with every makeup look and I love how understated the finish is. The thinner formula doesn't dry out my lips and stays put for 4-6 hours. Definite drugstore gem and I'm tempted to pick more shades up! 

Buy Rouge Lacque | Superdrug | Boots UK

L'Oreal Infallible Lip Paint Matte in Tangerine Vertigo | RPR £6.99

L'Oreal surprised me this year! The Lip Paint Matte formula isn't as lasting as some liquid lipsticks, but go on creamy and give the fullest of coverage. The finish is soft and satin like. The colour's so strong it stays put for a good few hours. Tangerine Vertigo is my ideal orange meets red combo. It's simply stunning and I've been wearing it non-stop. Easy to top up, it doesn't crumble when extra coats are applied. The great applicator allows for a precise application. I really love love love the shade though! My kind of red, it'll surely end up in favourites! 

Buy Infallible Lip Paint | Feel Unique (offer!) | Superdrug | L'Oreal | Boots UK

It's been a while since I splurged on makeup. I love my new lippies and I literally can't stop wearing red lips lately. It's such my shade, I feel so confident wearing it. Orange-reds are my absolute faves, and I think I picked my new ones wisely, don't you think? As I type I already have couple more lippies chosen and another PowderBleu brush... Sorry, not sorry! What makeup are you loving at the moment? 

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