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I rarely talk about my bathtime routine. In fact I don't think I've ever done a post on it. Yes, I must have mentioned over and over that I'm a bath lover but did I deliver on the post before? Not a single time!  If you're a fellow bath person, come have a bath (almost!) with me! 
My bathtime ritual is very special. It's the place where I can gather my thoughts and just relax. I don't mean relax like a normal person, don't you worry. So if you ever wondered where I'm mostly to be when replying to my Instagram comments or having one too many Twitter group chats. I am likely in the bath, that's where. I love soaking in the hot bath & be produxtive at the same time. I have quite a few skin, hair and body care picks I've been enjoying more than others lately.

Bathtime ritual starts with tub filled with hot water, some Avon bubbles (So affordable!), a candle or two and me with the face mask on! I cleanse beforehand so I won't mention cleansing here, but I'll be updating my evening skincare soon, so watch this space! My current fave 'bath' face masks are Oskia Renaissance Mask (blogger made me do it - looking at you Beautylymin!) - and (this comes recommended by Linda Libra Loca) Aurelia Refine & Polish Balm. I love exfoliating masks and whilst I love Omorovicza for the gentle exfoliating, sometimes I want to go even more gently. I never knew you can mask with Aurelia but I was missing out big time. I am writing this in the bath, having just taken Aurelia Refine & Polish off and let me tell you how beautiful my skin feels! My skin is super soft to touch and feels ultra moisturised. If you're dry and dehydrated you will love this! If you are sensitive and essential oils such as Eucalyptus are a big no go, check the ingredient list beforehand. It's a pricey mask, I only have a sample but full size will set you back by £57, so it's important to know what you buy! With the active ingredients being marked as 'nature's botox', this mask may not give you a post botox look, but my skin feels very nourished and plumped indeed! 

I was recently gifted couple of new The Body Shop shower gels in Blueberry and Fuji Green Tea scents and I love them! Thank you Ania and Jola!!! I always enjoyed TBS scented shower gels but I rarely buy any myself. I usually go for shower oils instead. These are sadly not SLS free but the scents are incredible! Girls know me well and chose fragrances I'd go for myself! Blueberry is sweet but still fresh and Green Tea smells like my green tea with lemon and honey cuppa I have one too many times a day! I love both scents and tend to go for one or the other lately. 

I cannot take a bath without a good body scrub and recently I got myself hooked on Tołpa Bio Spa Anti-stress Lingonberry Body Scrub*. As with any Tołpa products it comes with no artificial dyes, PEGs, silicones and mineral oils (paraffin). This mud scrub is enriched with macademia oil and all natural blend of essential oils. It smells incredible and it's harsh enough to give an optimal scrub experience. Huge love here!

I love washing my hair whilst still in the bath. It means I can relax with a mask or two after washing my hair. I've been loving a Wella SP Smoothen Shampoo* and Wella SP Repair Conditioner*. This duo was chosen for me during my recent visit to Sixth Sense Salon- read all about it here - and I must admit, I find my hair super soft and nourished when using it! Sadly the shampoo is full of SLS, but as I mentioned previously that's the case with all the shampoos I enjoy using. I like the foam! Lol! However the conditioner is lush with hydrating Oleic Acid and Keratin and hair growth stimulating Caffeine being the active ingredients. It's still quite chemical, so natural friendly people should just avoid, but it's been working well for my hair. 

Once a week I also apply John Frieda 7 Days Volume Treatment which is post shampoo and conditioner mask. This treatment works by improving hair thickness. Volume-boosting polymers work by penetrating fine hair and thicken individual fibres. Think of it like a fibre mascara for your hair. This is semi permament treatment and it's recommended every 2-3 washes. I wash my hair every 3 days so I apply either on the second ot third wash. And it does work. My hair appear thicker and the roots are lifted. It's nothing miraculous but I see the results! You apply it at roots and under hair sections ensuring the product is evenly dostributed all over the hair. Keep on for up to 5 minutes and wash off. 

Before I finish, I like to apply some of my Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner. I've already mentioned it in my recent faves, but it's worth shouting about! It keeps my body moisturised without the painful application of usual body creams. I am too lazy for that!!!! I love the scent, the formula and the hydrated skin after. It's pricey yes, but worth the money! Moisturising agents such as shea butter and precious oils come together for that spa like experience at home. Worth checking out when you're in Lush next. 

This completes my sacred bath ritual! I love my baths and change the products I use all the time but the main thing stays the same. Hot water, me, the mask and phone in my hand. It's how I relax, even if you don't think it's possible to relax and write the whole post about my experience at the same time. Are you a bath or a shower person? Have you got your own bath ritual? Tell me all about it! 

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