Monday 26 September 2016


Couple of weeks ago the dream of every beauty blogger came into a fruition when Kat Von D Beauty range launched in Debenhams. We say so long to the ridiculous shipping charges and customs, as we can now get the whole range in UK. Buy Kat Von D Shade + Light in UK here

Seeing Makeup Revolution launched their own version of Kat's Shade + Light palette, I knew I wanted them both to compare for you. Having tested them for a week each, I come to you with my opinions on both palettes. 


KvD - matte black hardened cardboard with a good quality mirror. It feels very sturdy, yet it's light enough to travel with. KvD gothic style logo is clearly displayed on front alongside the name of the palette. It all looks very dark, but still professional. I really like the packaging here. Shade names are printed on the back, keeping in with the front design.

MUR - clear plastic leaves a lot to be desired. It feels quite cheap, however it's in line with the original MUR packaging. I'm quite surprised they didn't go in line with their Iconic Pro matte black plastic which would suit this palette better. I don't adore the packaging, however the price of the palette speaks for itself. Ingredient list is printed on the back.
What's inside?

KvD - Palette hosts 12 eyeshadow pans. 3 large ones at the top are weighted at 2.3g each and the rest at 1.1g each. Three shades at the top are a superb idea with super light beige (setting shade) and two transition shades being probably the most used in any palette. All shades are matte. Kat's products aren't tested on animals and are completely vegan.

MUR - Palette hosts 12 eyeshadow pans with the exact same layout as KvD. Pans are smaller than in the original but not by much, MUR doesn't display the exact weight for each pan. New formula is now talc free and all the shades are of matte and semi-matte finish. I like to call it MUR matte finish. All MUR products aren't tested on animals. It comes with a double ended brush. Whilst I don't rate the blending side at all, I love the flat side for packing up pigments/foil shadows so I always keep them.


KvD - all shades are very pigmented and quite soft. Not all are super buttery but it doesn't affect pigmentation. They blend lovely on the eye and last for up to 12 hours on a primer. I found they last better on Urban Decay Original Primer Potion than on MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. Some shades swatch 'chalky' however I didn't experienced much fall out. A little dusty in the pan perhaps. It is not the best formula out there, but I have to give it thumbs up, because it's pretty darn good.

MUR - most shades are nicely pigmented with the lightest shades being a little less than desired. All shades are soft to touch but I wouldn't call them buttery. I don't know if it's the talc free formula but most shades are quite dusty and fallout is to be experienced. Nothing I can't deal with, just putting it to there. I really like the pigmentation on most, they loose out a bit when blending and if I'm honest, KvD shades are easier to blend. I can't quite pinpoint why the formula doesn't appeal to me as much as in Chocolate series palettes, but maybe due to the lack of super buttery shimmers MUR normally surprises us with. I think the biggest difference is the lasting power as I feel like my mascara smudges on a lower lash line when I wear these eyeshadows and in general doesn't last as well


Both palettes are really a trio of eyeshadow quads. So if you're not so greta at picking up the shades that work together - this composition should help you out. I like there are a great mixture of cool, neutral and warm shades in KvD palette. MUR's palette is lacking true cool tones in my opinion, as they are all sightly warmer in tone. 


Laetos (1) - light beige with yellow tones, great to set your primer with
Lazarus (2) - cool taupe, great for transition or even contour for those super pale like me 
Ludwin (3) - light camel with orange tones, another transition shade or even to warm up the complexion

MUR 1 - light beige with yellow tones, slightly darker than KvD
MUR 2 - neutral taupe, looks slightly warmer than KvD
MUR 3 - light camel with more orange tones than KvD, definitely warmer 

Samael (4) - neutral medium brown, great to deepen the crease 
Solas (5) - neutral dark brown, another great eye contour shade
Lucius (6) - neutral light beige, great for highlighting the inner corners

MUR 4 - slightly warmer than KvD medium brown 
MUR 5 - again warmer than KvD dark brown with some red tones
MUR 6 - neutral light beige, similar to KvD, maybe a half tone darker

Saleos (7) -medium dark muddy cool brown, great to deepen the crease
Shax (8) - true black
Liberatus (9) - lightest cool tone beige, nearly off white

MUR 7 - neutral dark muddy brown, slightly warmer than KvD
MUR 8 - black, slightly less intense than KvD
MUR 9 - neutral light beige, identical to MUR 6 shade

Succubus (10) - warm reddish medium brown
Sytry (11) - dark neutral brown with some warm tones
Latinus (12) - warm light to medium beige

MUR 10 - warm reddish brown, slightly darker than KvD
MUR 11 - dark neutral brown, slightly warmer than KvD
MUR 12 - medium beige, couple of tones darker than KvD

Top swatches - Kat Von D
Bottom Swatches - Makeup Revolution
*all swatches done in natural light, with a help of ring light, without a flash*


Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette has become a cult product amongst beauty lovers and professionals alike. I can certainly see why. The shades are pigmented, apply smoothly and blend beautifully. If applied over a good primer, they last forever with the same intensity. Is it the best formula out there? Maybe. Matte eyeshadows are generally harder to get just right and this palette comes pretty close to the ideal. I was quite worried when I first swatched it back in Sephora in Spain, so I walked away. However now I see, I was wrong. Yes, the swatches leave a lot to imagination, but working with this palette is something else altogether. It is not the best palette in the world, but it's a great every day palette. If you're like me and prefer mattes due to your hooded eyes, I would highly recommend picking this palette up when you're in Debenhams next. 

Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Contour - Light and Shade is a great 'dupe' for Kat Von D palette. The new talc free formula means the shadows certainly apply smoother, despite the fact they feel less buttery. The pigmentation is great on most shades and they blend well together. The lasting power isn't as great as KvD and the packaging is less than optimal. These are two of the cons I found with this palette. However, if you're in the market for good quality matte eyeshadow palette and not looking forward to spending £36.00 on one, I would recommend giving it a go. Mattes are mostly semi mattes but honestly they're great to work with and photograph well. 

Available HERE for £8.00

Thank You For Reading,


  1. These two look so similar to each other, it would be great to have more mattes, but I think to purchased some morphe Eyeshadow pallettes! BTW great review, as always hun! XXX

    1. They're super similar the only difference are the finishes and some shades. It makes them different. Both are good quality Mattes tbh, I just prefer MUG shadows x

  2. Is it bad that I want both ? Great review

    1. Haha not bad at all. Both are slightly different and with a difference in both shades and formula it kind of makes them unique :) I wouldn't buy KvD palette again tho. Prefer Mattes from Makeup Geek x

  3. They look super similar! MUR is a king of creating dupes :) I'm pleasantly surprised they went talc free now!
    I'm not tempted by either of them though as I have enough eyeshadows to last me a life time, lol! and have plenty of mattes from MUG :)
    Great review though! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Thank you Dagmara! It means a world! I think they're excellent base palettes with all the Mattes, but as you, I just love my MUG and have been spoilt with their formula! Xx

    2. From what I've seen. Mur says they are talc free but they are actually not.I can not jump behind the knock off movement.

  4. Great review. To be honest I didn't feel tempted by the colours of shades as I have loads of similar coloured palettes but when I see how buttery Kat Von D's shadows look, I do feel tempted😊

    1. Thanks Daniela! I think they're both great for their price points. Would I purchase KvD again? Not sure! I still feel like Makeup Geek shadows smash the Matte game :) x

  5. Really detailed post! Your photos are stunning! I own the KVD palette and love it. I know I'm probably in the tiny minority here, but I really don't like that MUR copy so many big brands - similar would be fine but I really dislike how they copy packaging/layout etc xx

    Beautylymin| Kat Von D Contour Palette & brush Giveaway

    1. It's a valid point Siobhan and one I struggle with myself a bit. I'd like to think of it as trying to bring products, which are pricey & not widely available to everyone, to those, who aren't able to spend a fortune on makeup.

      I'll always think of MUR as extremely friendly company, whom listen to their fan base, work with smaller bloggers and try to create this unique sense of togetherness ;)

      But I agree with you to some extent. It's most definitely a question of wether practice like that is fair on the market x

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