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Fall is nearly upon us and I, for one, couldn't be happier! I love autumn with its colours, fashion and makeup! There's something magical in changing seasons and autumn makeup is normally the one, we get to experiment in. The looks get darker, more complicated and it means the return of a classic dark berry/purple lip! I tend to rock a vampy lip all year round, but in fall, I feel like it's my god given right to step out with a statement lip.

When I looked through my autumn choices, I knew I'll have to divide this post in two to accommodate all my faves! There's just so many! If you'd like to update your makeup look this fall, have a look with me at the most coveted shades of Autumn '16.

I thought we start with my drugstore options. If you're  unsure if this almost goth chic suits you and your personality, it'a probably the best to start with more affordable choices. I have three here, that won't  break the bank, but offer all the dark berry and purple goodness, you'll want!

This is a deep burgundy shade. It's super pigmented and creamy and it applies well on the lips. You may want to clean up the lines with the lip liner or the brush due to the bullet shape. It stays on for good 3 hours, even longer depending on your snacks/drinks etc. I have a whole post about the Creamy Matte range and it includes the lip swatches if you're interested. At £6.99 it's a great drugstore option.

I'/ a super deep burgundy with a satin finish. The pigmentation is truly amazing and it stays out for 2-4 hours! It's a true stunner and it'll suit any complexion, but it works so beautifully on super pale skin! There's some lip swatches in the post so go check it out! Another great and affordable choice and at £7.99 it won't break the bank either!

It's a great dark red with lots of berry and brown tones. It's satin finish and stays on for good 2-4 hours. Great pigmentation and an easy daytime berry lip choice, as it'all suit most complexions. It's also the most affordable option and at £4.99 guaranteed drugstore hit!

From left: Black Cherry, Divine Wine, Inglot 438, Eugene, Glaston-Berry, Starry-Eyed, Inglot 20
From left: Black Cherry, Divine Wine, Inglot 438, Eugene, Glaston-Berry, Starry-Eyed, Inglot 20
It won't be me, if I also didn't have some more pro and luxury brands for you to choose from and I think I came up with great selection here, including one liquid lipstick. I will focus more on liquid lips and high end in general in part two, but I couldn't not mention these 4 great choices!

Formula reminds me of MAC Retro Mattes and from the swatches you can see why! It's a drag to apply! I didn't use lip brush and couldn't get an opaque finish. However with the lip liner and a brush it works great! The dark red shade is just so pretty and the most vibrant of the choices today. It's super Matte so it wears well too! It's also little cheaper than MAC! Inglot is a professional makeup brand and the prices reflect that. At £13 it': still not too expensive so I recommend trying a shade or two and see what you think!

It's the deepest berry shade I'm showing you today and with hints of purple! Absolutely stunning on the lips! Formula is very long lasting and it applies well on the lips! Super Matte finish will guarantee you questions and looks about your statement lip! It costs £14 a pop so it's quite a standard price point for liquid lips!

MAC Giambattista Valli in Eugene

Ok, so it's little unfair to show you a limited edition MAC that's not available to buy, but the shade's so gorgeous I couldn't leave it out! It' super rich berry purple with Matte finish and superb pigmentation! It stays well on the lips and it just screams fall to me! As per usual with MAC formula is just great, the scent super pleasant and LE packaging also very pleasing! Love it!

The most expensive of the bunch, this dark purple with berry hints has a great pigmentation and creamy formula. I must admit, I didn't like it when I bought it late last year. MY lips weren't in perfect condition then and it looked patchy and awful. However now I learnt to care for my lips, this is a completely different story. It applies well and stays put for up to 3-4 hours (without food) and it's comfortable on the lips. It's still not my ideal formula but for die hard Charlotte's fans out there - it's already a cult autumn shade.

What are your fave autumn lip choices? Do you go mauve or opt in for dark berries and purples? What shades can you recommend? I'll have part two for you very soon (hopefully next week) with more liquid lips choices and different finishes (hello metallic!). I hope you'll have an amazing weekend. I'll be living it up in London with some lovely blogger friends at Smashbox event, so don't forget to check out my Snapchat (i.dorottka) and Insta Stories for live coverage :)

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