Wednesday 20 July 2016


What better way to start a Monday than with a little post about my favourite drugstore brand - Makeup Revolution. Today I'd like to show you my absolute Top 5 palettes from MUR that tick just about every single box for me. Cool to warm neutrals with a touch of crazy colour and most importantly lots of mattes and beautiful shimmers.

I've always been pretty vocal in saying the Chocolate series from MUR are my absolute faves! The formula and shadow pigmentation smashes pretty much any other drugstore brand by a mile! They're this good! I own every single palette from that series and I'm sure I own many more as certain sneak peeks on Instagram suggest (damn you Adam Minto!). It was heartbreaking choosing the best out of them but I have and these 3 will rock your world. 

Let's start with Naked Chocolate. The packaging is of white melted chocolate with its powdery yellow finish. I call it - the wedding palette, as it consists of a great mixture of neutrals with cool mauves, cool & warm browns and lot's of delicate shimmers. The pigmentation is insane and the shadows all blend and transfer well. It's a perfectly balanced neutral palette, so if you do not own any MUR palettes - I'd start with this one! (Click here for REVIEW WITH SWATCHES)

I love warm tones and the newest addition to the Chocolate family is Chocolate Vice. I only just recently reviewed it for the blog so I'll be brief . It's an absolute gem for those loving warm tones shadows. If you are a proud owner of blue, grey or green eyes, these shadows will make your eyes pop! Great mixture of warm tones mostly from golds, through coppers, browns, peach and reds! Stunning palette! I find that pigmentation & formula is slightly better than the previous Chocolate palettes and It's been my favourite for a while now.  (click here for REVIEW WITH SWATCHES)

Salted Caramel palette compliments the others very well. It's a lovely mixture of cool, neutral and warm Browns with a touch of gold and even colour. It's a great neutral palette, especially for evening looks as there's: plenty of medium to dark browns to choose from. Again the pigmentation is great and the shades blend beautifully together. If you're looking to update your collection with darker neutrals - this one is for you. It's been designed as a dupe for Too Faved Semi Sweet Palette so if you don't fancy spending £40.00 on the original, MUR dupe is available for fifth of the price. (Click here for REVIEW WITH SWATCHES)

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Another warm toned gem is the amazing New-Trals VS Neutrals palette. With plenty of cool to neutral crease shades and lots of peach and reds, it's a perfect palette! If you'd like to make those grey/blue eyes pop, look no further. From semi-mattes, through satins and eye popping shimmers, it's a gorgeous choice all year round, especially summer and autumn, when we tend to stick to warmer colours in our makeup routines. I'm in love with the top row shades - they're original and pigmentation is spot on. Bottom row reminds me of Naked 3 shades and it compliments the warm shades of the top row perfectly. (click here for REVIEW WITH SWATCHES)

Last but certainly not least is the Redemption Matte Brights Palette which has been my absolute favourite colour palette of the whole last year. The crazy colours are intense and pigmented, when applied over white base you can really make them pop. Perfect add on to any collection, if you'd like to start experimenting with colour in your looks. Side note: for pastel shades just mix any colour with the White shade in the palette. It's a great all rounder and perfect for anyone who's just starting with colourful looks! 

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  1. Ahhhhh! I need all mur palettes! They eye shadows are freaking amazing !love this post

  2. I love their palettes, especially the Chocolate ones and I think for the price they're brilliant! But I find the shimmery shades don't apply as smoothly on my not so young eye lids as some more expensive eyeshadows. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  3. I know there having a sale at Ulta and I'm new to MUR cosmetics and fell in love when i saw the price and you tube reviews. Will be purchasing a couple payday, Thanks for sharing love!

  4. Everything from MUR is amazing!

    Parie x


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