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Any palette launch from Anastasia Beverly Hills gathers a lot oh hype months before it hits the market. Having had a very mixed feelings about the previous launch of Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette (REVIEW HERE) I'll set the tone of today, saying it as it is. I love this palette. I have developed quite a critique mind when it comes to makeup, so I tend to find both positives and negatives of any product I review. I'm super pleased with Modern Renaissance. Why? Let me tell you now. 

The packaging. 

I'm not the one to usually love anything that feels like velvet, however I must admit to be a teensy bit in love with it. It's a hardened carboard covered with velvet like material with Anastasia Beverly Hills logo in rose gold & name of the palette in white embellished on the front. It gives it both luxurious and modern feel. 
Inside you'll find medium sized clear mirror. It's not as luxurious as the mirror in Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita quad I recently reviewed, but it's clear and great size for applying makeup on the go. 
The packaging hosts 14 shadows which are quite small, if I have to be honest. They're weight only 0.7g each. 
You'll also get the double ended brush, which I personally don't like. I rarely think the brushes added to any palettes, so it's not a huge minus in my eyes. I use my own brushes, although I can see it being a problem to someone, who's maybe not as obsessed addict as me ;) 
There's also rose gold ABH logo just below the mirror and all the shade names are written in rose gold below the shadows themselves. 

The formula.

I found most shadows super buttery with only two mattes swatching a little too much of product and looking chalky when swatched. It does not take away from the amazing pigmentation of both, so it's really not even worth mentioning. All the shadows are incredibly soft and with that, there's a certain amount of product fallout when using the brush, however this doesn't transfer in to a product fallout when actually using the shadows. The only shade I experienced a tiny amount of fallout was Cyprus Umber (the darkest chocolate brown matte). 

no flash

with flash


Tempera - light beige with peachy tones, satin finish & great pigmentation. 

Golden Ochre - medium dirty yellow with olive tones, semi matte finish & great pigmentation. 

Vermeer - light peach with frosted shimmer finish highlight shade & super pigmented. 

Buon Fresco - muted light to medium purple mauve, matte finish & nicely pigmented. 

Antique Bronze - medium to dark brown with warm tones and a shimmery finish. Great pigmentation. 

Love Letter - dark berry with pink tones, slightly muted of a matte finish & great pigmentation. 

Cyprus Amber - dark brown with warm tones, matte finish & great pigmentation. 

Raw Sienna - light to medium brown with warm golden orange tones, matte finish and great pigmentation.

Burnt Orange - medium orange brown with warm tones and matte finish, great pigmentation. 

Primavera - second highlight shade, light to medium peachy gold with frosted finish, almost metallic, great pigmentation. 

Red Ochre - muted burnt red brown with warm tones and matte finish, great pigmentation. 

Venetian Red - medium to dark red with warm tones and satin finish, great pigmentation.

Warm Taupe - medium taupe brown with warm tones and matte finish, great pigmentation. 

Realgar - medium to dark burnt orange brown with warm tones and matte finish, great pigmentation. 

The Overview. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance is a great blend of neutral colours with some reds and pinks. It's mostly matte with some Darin's and gorgeous highlight shades added in for good measure. It's a very well thought palette. All the shades are of warm tones and work together nicely. These shades will bring out any eye colour, however those with blue and grey eyes should experience it the most. 
It's a truly unbelievable experience to work with this palette, as all the shades are just so super pigmented and they transfer beautifully to the skin. They lasted 8 hours on my eyes without creasing on no primer! When applied over MAC Painterly they lasted full 16 hours without creasing. 
I took my time when testing this palette and I honestly can't fault it. Yes you may experience some sustained of the shadows in the pan but that doesn't transfer to massive product fallout on the eyes. And I wonder how long will the packaging last to be this gorgeous given it's pastel purple colour and velvet material, so I decided to store it in the original carboard box to be safe ;) 
The main con here would be the price as it's way more expensive to get here in UK than in US. You'll have to pay a hefty £41 for this palette. Is it worth it? In my opinion it is worth every penny! There are rarely any hyped up products that are truly incredible and Anstasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance is the one! 

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  1. What a gorgeous palette, its got such a wide range of shades to suit everyone!

    Parie x

  2. doskonała pigmentacja ! Kolory powalają !

  3. Beautiful palette and the formula sounds amazing! Yet I'm still resisting the temptation to get another palette. haha! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  4. The more I see this palette the more I want it but I feel like some of the shades are too similar...Ahh I don't know but I'm glad it's permanent so I don't have to decide quickly. Thanks for the review! :)


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