Thursday 26 November 2015

New in: ZOEVA ENTAUPE PALETTE REVIEW WITH SWATCHES - for the lovers of daytime :)

Hello my beauties :) If you follow me on Instagram you know I ordered new Zoeva enTaupe, when it got released on their site last month. After few extra days as DHL had to redirect my package (GRRRR) I finally got it. I gave it a good run for money, as I read so many mixed reviews. When the reviews come mostly negative, you want to ensure you give the product little more testing to make sure your own review will be as comprehensive as possible. So it took me a little longer than normally to fully test it & I'm happy to present it to you today :) I hope you'll enjoy ! Enough about that, let's sink in ... ;)


 £15.50/ €17.50 available Beauty Bay and


Classic Zoeva and their love for sleek and light hardened cardboard packaging. I really love the design as well. Beautiful deep taupe with geometrical lines inter winded as if to form a crown with different triangles coloured in different shades of taupe. Minimalistic and chic. Gorgeous add on to an already impressive collection Zoeva produced. As usual no mirror which I find to be a plus for these palettes. They are so travel friendly as they're super light and sleek. Dream for all the travelling MUA's out there.


Formula is what every other blogger seems to be complaining about as if certain shades were lacking in pigmentation. I disagree. I find shades to be pigmented, but be that by the name of the palette itself, taupe - the colours are muted, less harsh... This is the palette of taupes of any kind from mattes through satin, shimmer to duo chrome. From lights to darks these shades are understated, quiet, making them perfect to create any daytime look. All shadows are soft and creamy to touch, yet without unnecessary fall out. In fact I didn't experience any. Blendable and easy to work with, this palette can take on daytime as any other Zoeva ever created. It's also a great add on to a collection providing softer options to nighttime glam.

What's inside:

It's the season of taupes announces Zoeva and boy aren't they spot on. With fashion world still fixating on greys and taupes, your makeup can now join the forces. In my opinion this is the palette of winter. Light snowy days aren't meant for harsh makeup, clashing colours of autumn makeup. Whenever I imagine winter, I picture snow. I see soft glowing skin, highlighted to perfection. No contour, just a healthy looking colour to the cheeks in the name of soft cloud of blush. Eyes light and defined. If sparkle is added  it's to match it with the highlight of the skin. Red lips as a statement and so beautifully clear colour to contract light of eyes and skin. So yes, I am thankful to Zoeva for coming up with my own version of perfection for winter eye makeup. 


From left: Stitch by Stitch, Handmade, Gallery, Hour by Hour
From left: Spun Pearl, Sheers and Voiles, Outline, Wrapped in Silk
From left: Old Master, Exquisite
Stitch by Stitch - very light matte beige, good pigmentation. Works great to highlight brow bone, inner corners and to set you primer with.

Handmade - very light pink with rose gold finish shimmer, good pigmentation. Beautiful all over the lid and to highlight the inner corners.

Gallery - light grey taupe matte with purple undertones. good pigmentation. Great as a transition shade, in the crease to build up to 3D effect. 

Hour by Hour - light dirty pink taupe matte, good pigmentation. Good as a transition colour and in the crease. Will work as an all over colour.

Old Master - medium grey matte with purple undertones and rose gold and gold micro glitter. I haven't experience any fallout and worked great to slightly darken the outer corners and on the lower lid.

Spun Pearl - pearly white with shimmer finish, good pigmentation. Works beautifully all over the lid and to highlight inner corners.

Sheers and Voiles - duo chrome warm grey with a light-reflecting pink gold, ok pigmentation. Great as an all over lid colour or for lower lid.

Outline - cool brown with light reflecting gold shimmer, good pigmentation. Beautiful all over the lid for golden brown smokey or to darken your outer corners.

Wrapped in Silk - medium taupe with purple undertones with rose gold shimmer, good pigmentation. Beautiful all over the lid shade.

Exquisite - cool toned, medium purple taupe, ok pigmentation. This one is more chalky and powdery than the rest, it can seem as it disappears when blending but I think that's been planed as the palette should be just a wash of colour as it's taupes.

To sum up. I really enjoy using Zoeva enTaupe. Would I change it? Perhaps getting the last purple shade just a tad more pigmented? I understand the concept behind this choice, as this is the palette to create the light & soft meadows of an eye makeup, something dreamy and ethereal so there's really no place to add any harsh colours; I applaud Zoeva for coming out with a brand new concept for a daytime palette. With these shades even the beginner can create amazing and well blended looks for daytime makeup.

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Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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  1. I absolutely love this palette! It is such good quality for a great price! The brushes look beautiful too - they're on my wishlist! xx


    1. Brushes are great :) And I like this palette too <3

  2. Dorota, I feel like you're a really bad influence on me! Your telling me about MUG on Beauty Bay (many many thanks:) and now this really want me to spend all my money on things I don't need at all... :D

    1. Hahaha You're welcome? ;) lol
      Let's shop until we drop :)

  3. Such a beautiful palette!! I'm a taupe lover so this one got in my wish-list after reading your review!! I still haven't tried any of their palettes but I really enjoy their brushes 😉
    Thanks for sharing!! 😊

    1. The palette is cute and brushes as usual great quality :) Thank you x

  4. Amazing review, I can see this palette working great to create many pretty daytime looks.

  5. I completely agree with you! These shades are very pigmented, they're just muted on purpose to get this light, day appropriate palette. I adore Zoeva palettes! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Me & you both Dagmara :) Although you have many more than me ;) You're such bad influence on me ;)


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