Sunday 1 November 2015


Hello and welcome to the final post in my Week with Freedom. Are you sad to see it go? Don't worry, with new launches just around the corner, I'm 100% sure Freedom Makeup will feature again and again :) I had a blast testing & writing up these posts for you and I hope you had as much fun visiting me & one brand only for a whole blogging week :) Let me know what you think of the concept in general? Was it a yay or a nay from you? As we said goodbye to October last night and partied zombie style, it's time to say hello to November and what a start to the month. It's a lovely sunny Sunday outside and I can't wait to come out and play :)

I thought of ending the Freedom Week with a bang and what better way to do so, than by introducing you to their brand new brow product - THE BROW POMADE !! That's right, all the countless comments left by yours truly, incisively on Mr Minto's Instagram paid off (check out his Insta profile here). I was beyond excited to hear of the launch and of course had to order some goodies to test them out for you :) Let's just get one thing straight. This is a positive review, in fact, it's bloody amazing !!! :)

As I class myself as fair hair maiden (that's right, deal with it lol), I tend to have a little difficulty with brow products in general. Anything warm just doesn't suit me. I've ordered two pomades, just picked 2 lightest shades and rolled with it. Super pleased to confirm that both Blonde and Taupe aren't for warm toned, super hyper YAY !!! I have done swatches for you so please check them out to compare but Blonde is more of a neutral, lighter shade than Taupe. It's not as cool toned as ashy Taupe but it's a great alternative for ladies not convinced that all blondes should walk around with dark grey brows :) I personally use them both, just because lol. I tend to fill in front with Blonde and end the arch with Taupe.


Glass pot hiding 2.5 g of a product (which is a lot for a personal use). Plastic, black top with Freedom logo and clear markings at the bottom of a pot, showing shade & weight etc. I find it professional looking, little on a heavier side than for example plastic Inglot packaging but in line or slightly less heavy than Color Tattoo pots.


This gel/cream formula isn't drying and not too creamy either. It's very easy to apply and blend. You only need a little as it's very pigmented. I find it's best applied with thin angled brush (check out Wilko's here for £1.00 & Zoeva's 317 for £5.95 here). Formula is really hard wearing. It will stay on all day & night (believe me - tested lol). It also has wax like qualities, keeping your brow hair in order. Superb :)

PRO Brow Pomade Taupe - Designed for light blond hair/ platinum / grey etc. It will suit all the ashy, cool toned blondes. 

From left Pro Brow Pomade Blonde & Taupe
PRO Brow Pomade Blonde - Designed for blonde hair. It will suit any blonde, especially ones with warmer tones to their hair. Up to medium/dark blonde hair.

From me Pro Brow Pomades get 5 out of 5 stars !! I really can't fault this product in anything. Price is incredible and at £5 per pot you get a hell lot of a product !! Packaging is great and in line with other brow pomades on the market. Formula is pretty incredible and 11 colours in the range means a perfect option for anyone. I can't praise this enough but it's been a true pleasure to test this !! I am in love with them and already ordered few more shades to be gifted to friends and family. I don't have much experience with ABH pomade as I only tried it few times, but I really can't see how the Freedom formula be any different or worse. You get a ton of a superb quality product for a fiver - I'm not shopping around :) If you'd like to see the range, just click here for more info.

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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  1. Just tried mine in Ash Brown yesterday and I love it too! And I feel like it will never run out as I literally need the tiniest amount. :)

    1. Yes :) It's great. I've tried Inglot pomades too but I feel like the Freedom ones firstly give more product (not that you need it too much tbh) and second because the shades are actually more accurate to my liking :) Winner for me !!

  2. These look and sound great! I think I need to place a small-ish Freedom order :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. They are great and I have to say, for me, they are better than Ingot's one :) Which is a great thing as Inglot isn't widely available here and I hate ordering online as they haven't got good product showcasing on the website plus some products are 30-50% more expensive than in Poland.

  3. Brilliant review! So helpful for a fair blonde like me :)
    Beth xx

    1. Glad I could help. I've been using non stop since getting them so they have full approval from me :) thanks for stopping by x x


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