Monday, 22 May 2017


I'm all about a glowing complexion. Be this skincare or makeup, I look out for ingredients, the formulas that will give the dewiest finish. Having dehydrated and sensitive skin doesn't make it easy believe me. I'm also prone to hormonal breakouts around my chin, so my skincare routine changes often as I always adhere to my current needs. There's one constant here and that's exfoliators. I exfoliate regularly. I can't recommend it enough, you have to see for yourself. Results can be instant or come over time but best skincare always offers both. I have been playing around with some newbies lately and I thought the time has come to introduce them to you on this Monday morning! So grab a cuppa, sit comfortably and let's talk skincare! 


Friday, 19 May 2017


Little known fact: I used to be obsessed with blue. Blue was my favourite colour growing up and my poor mum hadn't the easiest time finding me all blue attires. I grew up, I found my colour niche and you rarely see me wearing blue. I love my greys, blacks and whites too much! Every so often girl needs to play and this makeup look was inspired by my everlasting blue tendencies. It's also hooded eye friendly and will suit darker eyes more. So if you're a brown eye gal, why not play around with blue this season? This is most definitely an out there look but I really enjoyed creating it and most importantly wearing it, so I hope you'll like it too! 


I started by priming my lids with MAC Painterly. It's such a great base for colourful looks as it not only prolongs the wear time but also conceals the lid and brings out colours a little. I set it with JS China White. I then applied a base colour, the beautiful M green-blue matte all over the lid, going just above the crease onto the hood of the eye, to make them appear bigger. It's a safe bet given we're playing with mattes here! I started creating depth by mixing M dark blue and almost purple blue and applying it in the outer corners and going into the crease (or above it for hooded eyes). This trick will create a fake crease effect. I picked up some Z Quite Realistic and mixed it with JS White China and blended out the blues above the crease (fake crease). To give the look, even more, depth I added some JS Black Rainbow into the very outer corners blending it well and topping it up with M dark blue matte. I then started on the inner corners and applied the bright matte M canary yellow to the inner corners blending it towards the mid ever so slightly. Then applied some more M green-blue and blended it with yellow. I repeated it back and forth to ensure seamless blending. On the mid lid, I added JS Expensive and blended it towards the outer corner. I added some more M dark blue and repeated blending the two. I took a little of Z Childhood Adaptation and applied it over M green blue ever so slightly by tapping with my finger. I also used my fingers to apply a little of Z Artistic Creation over the M canary yellow and then with a wet brush in the very inner corners. 

For the bottom lid, I started by lining the very base of lashes with JS Black Rainbow and blended it out with a mixture of M dark blue and green-blue. To ensure seamless blending I blended it all out with a mixture of JS China White and Z Quite Realistic. I picked up Colorpop Gel Liner in Cry Baby , which is a gorgeous matte pastel lilac and applied it on my waterline. I finished up the eyes with a coat of L'Oreal Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascara and applied some Ardell dupes from Ali Express. They're so comfortable to wear and give a truly flattering finish to this look. As I wanted a little more sparkle, I touched up with a little of Topshop Chameleon in U-turn which I'm basically obsessed with lately!

That face 

I cleaned up all the glitter fall out with a micellar water and started on my base. I love Becca Priming Filter so I applied it generously all over. With a damp beauty blender, I pressed in Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear which I must finally review on the blog as it's magnificent. It's matte, so Becca primer gives it that glow from within finish without compromising the wear time. For my under eyes (yes a that's a step before the eyes bottom lid part!) I used my recent fave Tarte Tape Shape Concealer. Words kind describe how much I love this stuff. I also applied over my nose, forehead and chin to highlight my best features. I set it all up with RCMA No-Color Powder and a damn beauty blender. I don't even remember when was the last time I used a brush to set my face with, beauty blender is the one for me! 

I bronzed up and contoured with ELF Blush & Bronze duo in Fiji and also added the blush from the same palette. I really enjoy using it lately. Shades are lovely and pigmented well but not too much either which makes for super easy blending. For my highlight I used Zoeva Sweet Glamour Cheek palette highlighter which complimented this look well, don't you think? I applied it lovingly on top of my cheekbones, tip of the nose, Cupid's Bow and only ever so lightly on the forehead and the chin. 

Brows on fleek & glossy lip

I've been so lazy with my brows lately and that's because I discovered the best brow mascara I've ever used so far.  Eylure Brow Amplifier is so pigmented, full of fibres and also sets my unruly brows well. Few strokes and my brows don't need much else. Brilliant! Can't recommend it enough! The shade Blonde is cool toned too! 

I opted for glossy lips this time and applied Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk lip pencil all over my lips. On top of this fairly neutral base, I put my favourite lip topper - Jouer Skinny Dip. 

This concludes my a talk through tutorial. It's so colourful, it makes me dream of summer holidays! I know it's a little out there but that's the fun part! I hope you enjoy it and I promise to create something more subtle next time! You have to excuse my excitement with makeup looks lately. It's been so long since I had time or energy to fully enjoy playing with makeup, so give me few more weeks and I'll be back to more day to day tutorials. 

Let me know what you think if the finished look and don't forget I have a couple of giveaways running at the moment! You can enter them using the links below! 

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017


It takes a while to learn how to contour. Usually longer than it should be as we go for shades that are too dark, too warm, too cool. There's also application, blending and even knowing where to start. Today I'd like to talk you through my foolproof way to cheat a perfect cheekbone. It's easy, I promise! 

Whilst you most certainly don't need all the products I'm sharing with you today, I chose them for a reason. One, they're new-ish and I'm still obsessed with them and second, they really do work in terms of quality, formula and ease of application (read blending). Let's talk products first now, shall we? 

Benefit Cheek Parade | RPR £49.50 | Post

I am obsessed with this palette, especially with Hoola Lite bronzer. Finding a bronzer for pale skin is no walk in the park. Everything's too warm and too dark usually. Hoola Lite gives the perfect amount of colour and works great at gently warming up even cool and super pale complexions! I then use a little Hoola (original version) to define my cheeks even more. Daily I use either Dandelion or Galifornia and lately it's all about Galifornia! It's a stunner - from the design to the shade. It's slightly brighter and can truly change any look. I use it to match my warm toned eye looks! I bought mine in Boots (linked above) but you can also get one on FeelUnique & Benefit sites. 

MAC Juicy Fruity 'Oh My Passion' Pearl Matte Face Powder | RPR £24.00 

Magpie in me couldn't say no to this Pearl Matte Face Powder. Not only is the outer packaging and plastic cover utterly gorgeous but the embroidery of the powder itself is a stunner. Technically you can use all the shades separately and with two blushes, highlight and bronzer you can certainly do that. However, I prefer just to mix all the shades by swirling the brush in. It gives the most gorgeous finish, adding just enough colour to your cheekbones. It's well pigmented but not too pigmented at the same time, which makes it super easy to blend! The formula is soft and buttery too. Whilst I'm not usually in love with MAC powders, this one definitely surprised me! Hurry, it's still available through John Lewis (linked above) and Debenhams HERE 

ELF Contouring Blush & Browsing Powder 'Fiji' | RPR £5.00

I got this as part of a very small ELF order I made recently and fell in love with it. It makes for a perfect handbag addition, as it's light and sleek. The very Nars-esque packaging looks very professional. Both bronzer and blush swatch lovely, giving just a perfect amount of pigment. I love the bronzer, it's very neutral in tone and works great against the pale skin! The blush is gorgeous too, peachy pinks are my favourites. Whilst not the most long lasting, the travel-friendly packaging makes for an easy top up during the day! You can also browse the duo in the shade St. Lucia HERE

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Glow | RPR £8.00 | Post

On days when you're not in a mood for blush, the MUR palette makes for a great contour/highlight duo. Just contour and bronze your cheeks with Sculpt and then add some serious glow to the top of your cheekbones. If Kim K chiselled look it's what you go for, it's definitely one to watch. It's super affordable and so pretty too! Sadly this item is currently out of stock on Tam Beauty and Superdrug websites.

Basic contouring:

  1. Start with bronzer and lightly brush the top of your cheekbones by ears, sides of your face, forehead. 
  2. Find the bottom of your cheekbones. It's important to add cooler/neutral toned bronzer exactly there and blend upwards. Don't put your contour below, it'll drag your face down. Start by the ear and concentrate most pigment there, only blending towards the mid cheeks once there's barely any product on the brush.
  3. Blend & repeat

Basic draping:

  1. Choose a blush complimenting your eye makeup or lip. I tend to go for nude to pink-bronze tones for draping.
  2. Start at the top of your cheekbones when you usually bronze.
  3. Add a little product to the top of your nose, forehead etc
  4. Blend blend blend

Basic strobing:

  1. Choose a highlighter with little to no visible micro-glitter and a fluffy blush/fan brush
  2. Brush the product on the top of the cheekbones, cupid's bow, a tip of your nose (love it there!) 
  3. Blend and repeat until you glow from here to the moon
  4. Only brush highlight over the mid parts of your face (forehead, chin) if you're dry or have no problems with excessive shine in the T-Zone

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings today. I hope I was able to answer some of the questions about various cheek cheat techniques. As always, please let me know your thoughts. I look forward to hearing what cheek products and techniques you've been loving lately!

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Monday, 15 May 2017


I'm a little of a brush connoisseur. I have a pretty good idea what a good brush should look and feel like and in process of elimination I try to reduce (yes reduce!) my collection. Doing beauty for a while makes you appreciate quality over quantity (how am I even saying this??) and I just find I love some more than others. Don't get me wrong, I don't throw them away, I rotate a lot, but I mostly use brushes less now.

I find that washing brushes can be overwhelming so by reducing the quantity I use, I make myself do it more often. Whoever told you that washing you brushes therapeutic lied, just lied. Oh did I mention that before? My bad! Lol. I think the more brushes I got, the less relaxing it became to wash them and I started to panic a day or two before. That may sound dramatic, but simple things like that can sometimes bring out anxiety attacks, so I try to avoid making myself nervous over something this silly and easily avoidable. 

Now I've been ranting for way too long, as usual, let's go back to the subject at hand - Eco Tools brushes. I'm sure you've heard of them and seen them everywhere lately. EcoTools not only re-branded but also totally changed the bristles used and the design of their brushes! If you're interested which ones I recommend and what's on my wishlist, please read on.

Friday, 12 May 2017


Happy Friday my Queens! I thought I'll finish this week's on a positive note, so I'm bringing you yet another giveaway. I have been testing Balance Active Dragon Blood skincare range for a couple of weeks now and I'm ready to share with you my findings. Plus you can WIN THE ENTIRE RANGE too! 

I've been contacted by a lovely Rhiannon, about a month ago or so and asked if I'd like to review their new anti-ageing range and you know how this girl feels about new skincare! Of course, I said yes! I was sent a trio of products to test including Dragon's Blood Lifting Cream, Lifting Serum and Eye Lift Balm.  

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