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Multiple oilgasms: best face oils for every budget

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Here to deliver another oilgasmic experience, it’s your favourite forever 21 trapped in a body of a grown arse woman. At 35 with tendencies to dehydrated and sensitive skin, I’m into everything that promises to soothe, nourish and calm the F down my rosacea flare-ups. And face oils do just that. Mind you, I love me a face oil on a cold winter night as much as on a humid summer evening, so I may be a little too keen on oils, yet still, there is a lot that simply doesn’t make the cut, some ‘could do’ if I didn’t have plenty other amazing formulas just waiting to drop gently onto my very dry cheeks and cocoon then with love and a healthy dose of doughnut glaze. 

Here are the 3 face oils that not only make the cut but have the power to truly transform your daily skincare routine. Here’s to multiple oilgasms ladies and gents, if you dare *winky face*

Oilgasm but make it affordable

E.L.F. All The Feels Facial Oil review | £12.00 | buy E.L.F. UK & Boots

Unbelievably this contender is the first and so far only budget-friendly oilgasm I found to date. Is it the only one out there? I’m sure there are plenty of amazing formulas to be discovered but so far, I’ve only fallen for the powers of E.L.F. Cannabis Sativa All The Feels Facial Oil. Priced at £12, you get a standard 30 ml of luscious golden drops made in heaven. And yes, it gives me all the feels. I’m not the only one either. E.L.F. may be later than others newcomer to the skincare world having started as a budget makeup brand, but out of a lot of makeup turned skincare brands, it actually surprised me. 

I’m a bit of a skincare snob by now, something I’m equally proud of and despise about myself, but blogging for over 6 years and being blessed with working with the most incredible luxury brands out there, made me into a luxury-loving skin freak. But I am also Polish at heart and with that comes being a little cheap and always hunting down a good sale and a dupe, so if I find a gem, you know I’ll use it over a lot of more expensive formulas. I’ve recently bought a lot of E.L.F’s mini skincare sets and this oil was one that got me really into trying more and more. There’s also a fantastic light moisturiser that feels like a hydrating cloud on the skin from the same range, but I’ll be sure to talk about it when I’m ready for a brand overview post. 

Now that I babbled for half of the A4 page probably, let’s chat about the formula. The basic b*tch that I am, I like a simple formula when it comes to most products, but face oils especially. I don’t need 101 ingredients, I just need a few that are well put together to make an ultra-nourishing formula that doesn’t feel heavy, sinks in easily and is the icing on the cake that is my evening routine. Super lightweight and non-greasy formula are based on hemp-derived Cannabis Sativa oil supercharged with Squalane and Rosehip Seed oil. Now if that’s not the holy trinity of oils that are made to satisfy every skin type, I don’t know what is. All very low on the comedogenic scale, it is very unlikely that you’ll experience any blocked pores and even oily and problematic skin should get on nicely with it. Not only is it nourishing and hydrating, but it helps to restore the skin, improve moisture levels and elasticity and help protect it from environmental stressors thanks to its antioxidant properties. There’s a lot of good other than the 3 oils mentioned above. Think Jojoba, Grape Seed, Meadowfoam and Carrot oils with a little splash of Aloe Vera. Now I know the latter can be quite controversial due to some people experiencing allergy reactions to it, myself included, but I have had no issues with this particular formula, and neither had my Mom, who reacts pretty badly to Aloe-based products.

Overall it gets an A* for the packaging with the glass bottle and a pipette, price point and quite incredibly well-combined ingredients making skin soft, healthy and happy when used daily at night for a few days. 

Oilgasm but make it fragrance-free

Apothaka Comforting Oil Booster review | £21.00 - £40.00 | buy here

I’m all about that skincare experience and with that comes fragrance, especially where natural oils are concerned as some simply don’t work that well with my sensitive nose. I’ve also known Natasha, the founder of Apothaka for a while now and I trust her completely with my face and any life advice she can spare in her free time, so when she suggested I try the fragrance-free version and told me it truly is fragrance-free and without the nasty herbal scent, I trusted her and I was not disappointed. Apothaka Comforting Oil Booster is a dry skin magician. It is the best thing that happened to me since the discovery of facial oils. It is also the best thing that happened to my sensitised skin. The whole brand stands for caring for lipid’s barrier and ensuring skin health, and this oil is no different. So if you struggle with sensitivity, redness, rosacea, any dry skin condition, or you’re simply dehydrated and want soft, calm and healthy skin, look no further. Key ingredients here are cucumber seed oil, calendula and Co-enzyme Q10 on the base of safflower seed oil supported by squalane, jojoba, hempseed oils. Similarly to E.L.F., it goes on like a dream and sinks in beautifully leaving you with that healthy glow, but never greasy skin. You only need a little too, I tend to use about 3 drops on my huge moon face, but you could probably use even less. Mix in with your moisturiser or use on top, as the last step in your routine to seal everything in and enjoy soothing properties in minutes from application. Unlike the budget-friendly option discussed above, it also sports the likes of more luxury oils like macadamia and antioxidant-rich sea buckthorn, topped with vitamin E. There is no-nonsense marketing when it comes to Apothaka and Natasha won’t promise miracles yet her products tend to deliver just that. We think of them as miracles when our skin finally starts behaving and becomes stronger and healthier, but truth be told, it’s simply the science-led and well-tested formulas that care for the most important thing when it comes to skin health: skin’s Lipid Barrier. And as we all know healthy Barrier means fewer issues, and thankfully Comforting Oil Booster can promise you that.

Oilgasm but make it boujee

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil* review | £61.00 | buy Cult Beauty & Selfridges

Combing pretty packaging, science-led skincare research and two cult favourite: ultra moisturising Squalane and brightening Vitamin C for a gentle yet powerful formula that not only leaves skin looking radiant, but also helps with texture, elasticity and plumps for a baby soft skin in just one simple step. Your skin will be protected thanks to antioxidants, and dullness will be a thing of the past. Sugarcane-derived Squalane not only hydrated but also seals in the moisture, while oil-soluble Vitamin C prevents and heals hyperpigmentation. There’s more of course, like a plumping and firming Chios Crystal Oil and naturally illuminating Rose Damascena extract that. This non-comedogenic formula won’t upset problematic skin and leave pores blocked, but rather work on all skin types, helping dry and dehydrated stay supple and soft, while balancing combo to oily skin at the same time. A little gem this one. I’ve been using it practically every night, 3-4 drops patted on or massaged in depending on what I’m into. I don’t have a need for a few drops in the morning in the warmer months, but can see myself using it both day and night in winter. There’s something special about this oil, it makes a perfect addition when you’re feeling dry and dehydrated of course, but also if you need to balance the sebum production or even rid skin of post-acne scarring thanks to its brightening properties. It really is an all-rounder this one.

Have you tried any of my recent ‘oilgasm’ additions, or maybe planning to? Sound off in the comments!

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Until next time my Queens,

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