Monday 8 April 2019


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Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Amber

Finding a contour shade that really but REALLY suits super pale skin isn’t easy. BELIEVE ME, I’ve been trying for years. But hey, I found it so obviously I'm here to share the news. 

I like the Fenty Beauty Foundation but the love just isn’t there. For me, it’s just too much of a pain of the application whereas with others it’s simply 'wham bam thank you, m'am'. Browsing in Harvey Nichols recently made me want to discover a bit more of the brand - hello Stunna lippy in Uncensored, but I also picked up Fenty Match Stix in Amber. I’ve heard mixed reviews but seeing super light and truly cool toned bronzer simply made me buy it. I worried about the troubles with the application so colour me surprised when I found the formula to be super soft, buttery and a damn pleasure to blend! 

The stick is housed in pleasant geometric packaging in almost mink matte sturdy plastic. Perfect for touch-ups on the go if needs be, but I found it to last quite well on me throughout the day. The shade itself is perfect. For the first time in my life, I truly understood what a true contour shade should look like. The journey wasn’t easy, I kissed way too many frogs but the last? This one is here to stay! Now I just need RiRi to get me a powder version in the same shade and I’m set. 

Fenty Beauty Match Stick in Amber swatched

So what makes it so special, you ask? Shade is the huge factor, as truly finding a cool tone shade for super pale skin is close to a freaking miracle. The taupe undertone works so well, but the shade is also light enough to truly build up that magical shadow that looks like you’ve woken up to cheek fillers & no longer sporting moon-like features! Let’s also chat a little about the formula. For the longest time, I stayed away due to very mixed reviews about Matchstix’. The formula was meant to be dry and hard to blend. It couldn’t be further from the truth. The light cream glides on effortlessly, gives you plenty of time before setting to almost powder finish and most importantly is buildable, so you can start with a little and then add on to your desired intensity without moving product underneath! I’m truly sold, but are you? 

Finding a truly special product like this is so rare. Yes, I love a lot of my collection and wouldn’t have it any other way but these rare moments, the diamonds in the rough are what makes my job here at Beauty Drama Queen so worthwhile. 

Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Amber

Buy Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Amber | £21.00 | available in Harvey Nichols

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