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Revolution Beauty: Matte Base series reviewed

I love a good Revolution launch so the new Matte Base got me intrigued. Can they replace any of my higher end base products? Let's find out...

Revolution Matte Base Foundation won’t break the bank and at £5 for 30ml, it sits nicely in the lower end of drugstore price point! The shade selection is brilliant and I went for F1 as it’s slightly more neutral that F0.5 and a better match. It applies really well alone or over primer and you can build it up to full coverage. Depending on your base, it can give you a velvet or soft matte finish. I like the finish and like it even more after a couple of hours when it becomes one with my skin and shows off some dewiness. The dewiness is my usual pro, but with this foundation, it’s also a con. After 6hrs, I need to touch up, either with a sponge to soak off the excess shine or with the powder. Great for easier days but if you’re not one for touching up during the day, it becomes an issue. Overall, it’s a lovely formula but doesn’t last as long as I’d like it too. Having said that, it doesn’t cling to dry patches, wrinkles nor does it disappear. It feels like a foundation version 1.0, it needs more beta testing and an update before a release! It gets 3.5/5* from me! Buy now: Revolution Beauty | Superdrug | Beauty Bay

Revolution Beauty Matte Base Foundation

Revolution Matte Base Powder is another story altogether. I bloody love it! Super finely milled & in a compact, it’s been living in my makeup bag since. It’s important to remember that the shades carry pigment so white (C0) will only work if you’re: 1. super pale; 2. enjoy ultra brightened under eyes/contour. I use it during the day when I feel like I want to touch up my makeup ever so slightly or pre-after work drinks. It’s ok to use with the brush and dry or dampened sponge whatever your preference. It reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury Powder compact, so if you love that one but find it a little too pricey for your everyday bag, try this £3 drugstore gem instead. It’s not only great to take off the shine but also to blur out the pores. Quite surprised actually, as I wouldn’t expect a £3 Powder to have the same blurring effect as the one that costs £33, but that’s Revolution for you, bringing you great quality at a very reasonable price! Definitely worth more if it was housed in the better packaging. Buy now: Revolution Beauty | Superdrug | Beauty Bay

Revolution Beauty Matte Base Powder

Lastly, the Revolution Matte Base Concealers (also £3 each). I got a couple in C0.5 and C10 to contour with. If you want something cheap and cheerful that replaces your more expensive sticks to contour with, you may have found the winners. I love C0.5 to accentuate above the jawline and in the middle of the face but it’s not great under eyes as it creases like you’ve not seen anything creasing before! Whatever the powder, it is not an under the eye formula but I guess it also doesn’t claim to be. These two are great for light and shade contour. Shade C10 is slightly warmer than what I’m used to with my Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Amber so I use it above the contour lines to bronze with and it works a gem as a bronzer in my opinion. I prefer creamy formulas to add definition and colour to my face lately, and this fits in very nicely within my morning makeup routine. Overall a good product for your light contour and bronzing needs - it gets a good 4.5/5* from the time there but when it comes to under eyes - a big huge no. Buy now: Revolution Beauty C0.5 & C10 | Superdrug C0.5 & C10 | Beauty Bay

Revolution Beauty Matte Base concealers

Overall the new Revolution Matte Base introduces us to great and affordable base makeup but I personally wouldn’t recommend foundation unless you don’t need a solid 12 hours to wear like me. I personally prefer the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops that’s all - review here. The concealers are good, but if you’re after all in one formula to contour and conceal with, I’d give them a pass. Their staple  Conceal & Define is tons better - review here but I'm yet to find one from Revolution to do what high-end concealers do for me. For me, the winner is the Setting Powder and I recommend it to anyone after a compact powder for your purse that won’t break the bank but will give the flawless finish you need! A huge upgrade from their loose Setting Powder, let me tell ya! 

From top: Matte Base Foundation in F1, Concealers in C10 & C0.5, Setting Powder in P0

Have you tried Revolution Matte Base products yet? What are your thoughts? 

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