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Can face mist replace moisturiser?

Can facial mist replace moisturiser? I'm on the fence but recently these 3 formulas felt different from any other I’ve tried. My dehydrated skin needs all the hydration it needs even when the sun’s out and I tend to go little more oily. Let's find out which totally stole my skincare obsessed heart!

Ok so my first paragraph and title were a little bit too click bait-like for my liking, so I’m just going to go ahead and tell you - I found 3 great facial mists that give my dehydrated skin a little extra hydration every day! Can they replace the moisturiser though? I put them to test for a week each to find out! Oh, and they come at different price points to suit almost every pocket! 

Under £20 | Pixi Milky Hydrating Mist* | £18 for 80ml

I have nothing bad to say about any of the Pixi face mists. Glow Mist - love it, SPF30 mist - again love love love, so when a little PR package arrived with Hydrating Milky Mist I was over the moon to try it asap! While not the best applicator, when sprayed from afar can be used even over makeup, but closer than that and it’s just not fine enough. However, this baby's formula is simply brilliant! Packed with hyaluronic acid that helps hydrate, then a glow-inducing blend of black oat, provitamin A and linoleic acid makes all the difference. My skin almost instantly feels soothed and healthy looking. I love using it pre-serum or in between skincare steps! 

Could it fully replace moisturiser? Not for me, I need a little extra especially when I feel very dry. What I love about it is that it’s so great at replenishing moisture throughout a no makeup day. I just spritz it every few hours then to refresh!

Get yours now: Cult Beauty | Marks & Spencer 

Pixi Milky Hydrating Milk

Under £50 | Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Mist* | £48 for 100ml

Allies of Skin has been a discovery of 2018 for sure! I talked about the cleanser here and then the overnight mask here but the mist is something I always go back to on my most dry and dehydrated days. What this formula does is not only hydrate deeply but also helps retain moisture by slowly releasing it throughout the day! My mind is blown - seriously! Little science behind it coming your way in 3...2...1... The formula is charged with anti-evaporation molecules that create something along the lines of water reserve on your skin. By doing so, you retain hydration when used regularly. It makes my skin feel great! The only small con is the power of the mist mechanism itself, it’s not fine at all, not even close but it can be applied by both spraying it directly on to the face or on a cotton pad and used more like a toner without compromising the formula. 

Can it replace the moisturiser? I prefer adding a more creamy formula on top but I can live without it for few days if used alongside HA or Squalane based serum.

Buy me now: Cult Beauty 

Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Mist

Under £70 | Omorovicza Magic Moisture Mist |  £65 for 50ml

It pains me how much I love the new Omororvicza Magic Moisture because it’s so bloody expensive and I’m already almost at half a bottle use!!! The mist is so fine, although little less fine than Queen Of Hungary if I'm being honest. I think that's due to duo-phase formula but I've got to admit I like it so much more! That’s right QoH got replaced people - alarm the media! The combination of water-like formula and natural oils heals my skin, reduces redness, dehydration and simply makes this girl go wow! I can easily cleanse and tone in the morning, add a little water-based serum then Magic Moisture Mist and I’m good to go! I don’t ever use it over makeup, as I feel QoH is great for that and a lot cheaper in comparison, so I tend to use it for skincare benefits alone. Enriched with glorious ingredients such as Omorovicza’s patented Healing Concentrate (soothing for days!), plant stem cells (reduction & reversal of pollution damage), rosehip and avocado oils, as well as an intoxicating blend of essential oils such as orange peel, lavender and geranium makes for an explosive combination. My skin feels soft, firm & very nourished after a few spritzes, a winner in my books!

Can it replace a moisturiser? On those skin easy days - absolutely!

Omorovicza Magic Moisture Mist

So, can face mist replace moisturiser? 

I always found facial mists very refreshing, some very soothing but not many had any true hydration benefits. This year, I took myself on a journey to find some that not only soothe and refresh but also hydrate! Have I found the one or perhaps more? I feel that all mists are great in some aspects. Pixi hydrates and refreshes keeping dryness at bay. Allies of Skin adds incredible hydration, it's mist on steroids. Lastly my total gem, the Omorovicza gives me everything I need for an easy skincare day and it soothes my skin so well at the same time. What face mists grab your attention babes? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. For me, they can't replace moisturiser but I'm like the Sahara! I like them as part of my skincare regime but also as a top up throughout the day in summer! xx


    1. I can’t go without a mist during a day. It’s been 30 degrees here today so I’d melted otherwise. However I find Omorovicza to be more of a true skincare so I wouldn’t waste it to refresh during a day. I find Pixi’s perfect for that! X

  2. Most mists contain humectants, so dry skins, or basically any skin that doesn't produce enough oils on its own, will need some emollients or occlusives on top. Which is probably why the Omorovicza one works so well, it seems to contain both.
    I haven't tried any of these mists, but I do love face mists for summer or in between. my current favorite is the Caudalie Grape Water.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

    1. I’ve been loving Caudalie Beauty Elixir at night to set skincare steps with it! You are absolutely right as always and I feel that Omorovicza does very well as it provides my skin with everything it needs. I would never fully go without a moisturiser as my skin is generally dry, even if more combination now that summer’s here! X

  3. I've never even thought of replacing a moisturiser with a mist, but the Omororvicza one - AAAAH. I wish I hadn't seen how good it is, cause that price *cries*

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. I know believe me and I’m sorry!!! I grabbed it the first day it came out and never looked back. I know it’s one product I’ll always repurchase as it makes my skin so much better! X


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