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Starters at The Canal House, Birmingham City Centre

Did you know I'm a Birmingham girl? It's where I've lived, studied and worked for the past 13+ years and it's a city I call my own. I thought, what better way to introduce you to where I live, then with the new blog series. 'Birmingham 101' will concentrate on things to do in Birmingham, from great food, through great cocktails to events I may be attending. What do we think? Are you in?

Recently I was invited alongside other Brum Bloggers to attend the opening of The Canal House. The new restaurant by the people who brought us a Botanist opens in place of old James Brindley Pub. Beautiful surrounding of canal side and Mailbox make this a great place to grab a bite and enjoy their incredible ale selection or a cocktail or two. Large outside area makes it a great place to socialise in summer and inside of the bar reminisce on a local country pub (downstairs) and 1920s speak-easy (upstairs). If you're looking for a great place to meet with your girlfriends and eat some great food, while enjoying a drink or two, check out The Canal House when it opens tomorrow 14th August at Bridge Street in Birmingham.


I fell in love with The Canal House. We were sitting downstairs and it reminded me of an old country pub in the middle of nowhere. Lots of dark wood and polished bar counters are aesthetically pleasing and give the bar/restaurant area a nice, cosy vibe.

Upstairs, the vibe changes and you start to understand a little more about the place. Made into 1920s speak-easy with grand chandeliers and polished surfaces, it's the place to come for an evening out. The live band played some great acoustic covers, getting us all in the mood to eat or drink or dance. 

The bar at The Canal House, Birmingham City Centre

Live music at The Canal House, Birmingham City Centre

Upstairs dining at The Canal House, Birmingham City Centre


I was surprised by the overwhelming choice in the menu as well as the price points. I expected a pub-like food and was surprised by the choice before me. The menu caters to anyone and even those with food allergies will find something delicious here at The Canal House. 

I've been treated to a full taste menu and alongside my lovely friend Annemieke and her hubby Dan, we chose the choice of three nibbles and three starters for the table. The presentation was great and the service very attentive. We didn't have to chase the food and believe me, it was a busy night at The Canal House.

Cocktail Menu:

Hello, cocktails. If you know me well, you know I have a hard time saying no to a delicious cocktail, even on a school night. The cocktails are presented beautifully and won't break a bank. The presentation and taste is a key and I had an Aged After Death, which is The Canal House variation of a classic Zombie. I must admit it was delicious and a little on a strong side. One was plenty, especially given we were treated to beer tasting before the opening. 

Baked Camembert served at The Canal House, Birmingham City Centre

Starters served at The Canal House, Birmingham City Centre 
Homemade houmous served at The Canal House, Birmingham City Centre

Nibbles served at The Canal House, Birmingham City Centre 

Ale Menu:

We arrived in The Canal House in style, by a boat, because you know, we're that kind of bloggers (NOT!) LOL. We were treated to sample a little selection of their beers. The Canal House hosts an incredible 60 ales, so if you're into great beer, you cannot choose a better place. We tasted only three, but I must say, most were delicious. I'm not a huge beer drinker, but it's great when a bar caters to more than just spirits and cocktails kind of clientele. I feel this is a great place for everyone and everyone will find something to eat or drink here.


I had so much fun at the opening of The Canal House. I loved the place and already booked a table or two for the end of August for a little Brum bloggers meet-up. It was lovely to see Anniemike again and meet her hubby. We've had a blast trialling all the tasty food, sharing stories. Dan, you have a patient of a saint waiting for us girls to finish taking pictures despite the obvious hunger! I feel that with great ale and cocktail selection and cosy surroundings, this is a place for a date night, where you can both enjoy something you like. Live music makes it so much more special and the pub is simply stunning. The prices in both food and drink menus are actually really affordable with nibbles around £4.00 mark, starters £5-£7 and mains in between £8-£17. Budget friendly, tasty food, delicious drinks and beautiful presentation makes it a place to be in Birmingham.

Nibbles served at The Canal House, Birmingham City Centre

Hanging falafel and halloumi kebab served at The Canal House, Birmingham City Centre

I hope you enjoyed this little digression from beauty here on Beauty Drama Queen. I want to know what you think? I really like the thought of Birmingham 101 series, as I love my city and I know many of you come here for school or shopping. I'd like to show you the beautiful places to visit, grab a bite to eat or have a cocktail with your girlfriend after work. I hope you'll like it! <3

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  1. Great post Dorota! The Canal House is such a wonderful place isn't it?! I had a great time and it was so lovely to see you again!! Looking forward to our next one at the end of the month! X

  2. Looking forward to more in this series, Dorota & great to see you back! xx


  3. oh wow that looks so so good! Cannot wait to see more from the series :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. Can't wait to see more from this series, I've not visited Birmingham in a while. Love the interior of this place and that baked camembert looks amazing!

    Rachel | Hey Rachieface


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