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'Working from home' morning skincare routine

I am probably the only one, but I love working from home. Lack of commute. More time to spend on my face. You get the gist. And I love a quick and efficient skincare routine that’s a little extra but doesn’t involve 10 steps. Interested? Then keep on reading.

Starting with a gentle cleanse, I’ve fallen in love with the Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser* once upon a time during a lovely facial with the team at Selfridges and for a good reason. This gel to cream cleanser is so soothing and absolutely perfect if you’re on a more sensitive side, but not only that. Did you know that the harshest skincare step in all of our routines is probably the cleansing? So sensitive or not, pick gentle cleansing products to ensure your skin barrier is in check, always. 3rd on the ingredients list Bisabolol is a proven anti-inflammatory agent, perfect for any sensitised skin including acne, rashes, rosacea and psoriasis and it’s also known to calm the skin after UV exposure, so if you’ve been sipping on that wine in your garden (I SEE YOU! Lol) for too long, this is a one-step to not only cleansed but also calmed skin. Do I need to say anymore? Well, you’ve asked... I can not mention that it also has one of my favourite ingredients ever... Oat kernel extract (and anything oat really) is perfect for sensitive skin and all dry skin conditions like eczema. It’s super moisturising but also act as a cleansing agent and can improve tone and texture. If you have yet to try adding it to your routine, I wholeheartedly recommend it, if you’re on a drier side. The cleanser itself is just such a pleasure to use, it feels cool on the skin, it washes off to nothing without the need for a cloth, but if you’re sensitive to water, you can even simply take it off using dry cotton pads (reusable ones, of course, let’s think of Mother Earth here). And as far as Dermalogica products go, this one is fairly inexpensive seeing you get 250ml for £33 and you can also try it out for only £11.50 for 50ml, a perfect travel size. Also available from Look Fantastic.

Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser for sensitive skin cleansing

What better way to start a day than with a mask? I’ve been preaching using masks in the morning lately because:
  1. We sure have the time now.
  2. It eliminates a lot of steps in my usually complicated routine.
  3. Just do it, you’ll love it.
I was recently kindly sent the Dr Ceuracle Royal Vita Propolis Anti-Oxidant Mask*, a biodegradable sheet containing royal jelly and propolis for nourishment, Centella Asiatica (lovingly knows as tiger grass) for its calming properties, more on this later, and with added brightening Vitamin C it’s truly an all-rounder for a skin needing hydration. But let’s chat about tiger grass as it’s really beautiful when it comes to its properties: it calms, it helps speed up healing (including wounds!) but also stimulates new cell growth, helps with collagen production and improves blood circulation. Improving skin hydration is super important to skin moisture barrier health and if you find yourself more on the sensitive side suddenly, it could be because yours have suffered due to over-exfoliation and dehydration to name just a few factors. So ingredients that not only act against chronic inflammation but also deeply hydrate are the way to go. And if you can have it all in the short 20 mins with a sheet mask on as you go on with your daily chores, I mean why would you not try!? It’s also important to mention the utter brilliance behind the packaging design here, not only is the sheet fully biodegradable, but the packaging has some fun quirks to it. It fully opens up, no tearing the top and messy application here, and damn, why isn’t everyone doing it? So much less mess and you are more likely to use up all the excess serum. I recommend either massaging it in all over your body (I usually do arms, elbows, hands, knees etc) or scoop it to an empty container and use as a serum later. Simples.

Don't forget you can save 10% on Dr Ceuracle Royal Vita Propolis Anti-Oxidant Mask and all your K-beauty needs at Tonic15 with my code: BDQBLOG.

No sleep? No problem with Farsali Haldi Eyes

Do I believe quartz rollers to have magical powers as beauty marketing seems to sell to us on a daily? Nope. Do I like using mine? Yep. I love White Lotus Rose Quartz Facial Roller as it’s not only pretty and I like pretty things, but if you have a sheet mask on, it offers additional cooling as well as a nice face massage in one. Will it help your ingredients penetrate better? Doubtful, but if you follow a few simple instructions it may help with de-puffing and improve circulation and water retention. I find myself always using upward strokes, going around all the bones on my face, starting with the jawline, moving to the cheekbones all the way to the temple and then on the brow bone. All the better if you already have a sheet mask on as it glides over it easier than on the dry surface. Will it have a lasting impact, probably not, but I enjoy the little treat from time to time.

After a juicy mask and a face massage, I find myself skipping toners, mists and serums, so I’d go straight to the eye cream and I’ve been loving my Farsáli Haldi Eyes*. A hybrid between makeup and skincare, Haldi Eyes combine powers of eye cream and under eye primer to visibly brighten, and reduce puffiness for that rested, I woke up like this kinda look. Enriched with turmeric root, an ancient spice used in medicine and beauty treatments for millennia, caffeine and daisy extract to re-energise, brighten and soften the look of your under eyes. I really enjoy the moisturising aspect of this cream, which feels a lot richer than most yet sinks in quickly and leave my eyes looking fresh as if insomnia wasn’t a thing anymore. Science meets tradition in this old fashioned formula made current again. And let’s not forget about the joy of application, the instant results and the packaging worthy of your best shelfie. 

Last but not least, I’m skipping moisturiser and going in with Dr Ceuracle Cica Regen Anti-Dust Sun Gel**, a light but moisturising formula that protects my skin from UV rays and damaging pollution but also helps keep redness at bay thanks pure Centella Asiatica, a calming agent we’ve touched on when discussing the mask above. This is a chemical SPF which in simple terms works by creating a chemical reaction turning UV rays into heat and then promptly releasing it from the skin. A thin formula of this cream will not clog your pores, but it’s hydrating enough to be suitable for all skin types, but especially those prone to irritation (aren’t we all?). I enjoy the feel and texture, which sinks in easily, and will last well under makeup, but also on its own. As with any sunscreen, an amount used and application is a key to ensuring your SPF protects you as well as possible. You should try and apply your sunscreen directly onto your face, in rather large dots, instead of applying lots straight away to your hands. Rub it in, then add some more and rub in again. Apply it at least 30 mins before going in the sun, but you should wear it every day, sunny or not, going out or not, especially if you tend to sit by the window, or have particularly good lighting in the house. Think of sunscreen as brushing your teeth: you need to apply enough product and use it correctly for it to work. Sunscreen isn’t and shouldn’t be treated like a luxury product so apply lots and change it often (usually 6-12 months depending on the product). Your skin will thank you later. It's currently on offer and available on pre-order for £20.40 (from £24) and even cheaper with my code BDQBLOG, as per below, meaning you can get it for only £18.36!

Don't forget you can save 10% on Dr Ceuracle Cica Regen Anti-Dust Sun Gel and all your K-beauty needs at Tonic15 with my code: BDQBLOG

Simple AM routine for busy lifestyle

And that’s it, super simple routine for busy gals. Full of antioxidants and other ingredients aimed at providing you with a healthy-looking skin all day long. Just don’t forget to re-apply your SPF if you decide on a particularly sweaty workout, or a longer than intended run. And happy working from home guys, let’s enjoy it while it lasts. 

Thank You For Reading.

With love,

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