Sunday, 16 October 2016


Autumn is truly here with gloomy skies, rain and the wind. I have been feeling pretty low lately, so I decided it was time to treat myself a some bath treats. I stopped by Lush recently, because I'm obviously obsessed. I had to pick up few Halloween bath pieces and they all smell just incredible. I really love Lush holiday bath bombs so I picked up a couple followed by the bubble bar.

Lord Of Misrule RPR £3.95 each

With a blend of Patchuli and Black Pepper Oil this herbal bath bomb smells incredible. Perfect for a cold autumn evening. It had green extrerior hiding pink/purple interior. It creates a truly purple bath that's absolutely intoxicating. It's a really warming scent so just perfect for this time of year.

Pumpkin RPR £3.95 each

Orange bath bomb curved into a pumpkin is a perfect Haloween-y treat. It smells divine with sweet vanilla and biscuit broken with cinnamon. Can't wait to try it out and gift them to friends and family for a little Halloween gift.

Sparkly Pumpkin £3.95 each

This bubble bar not only creates SO MANY bubbles but also covers your body and bath in glitter. Yes, it's not something I rather do on a daily basis but as a special treat, I find it super cute. It smells super fruity and citrus is my absolute fave bath (and beauty) scent, so I couldn't not pick one up.

That's it for my mini Lush haul. I really love all my picks and I can't wait for Halloween :) It put me in such mood to create some Halloween looks for you. I hope my health allows me to do some makeup looks for you soon.

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  1. I love how you've described Lord of Misrule! I never go into Lush stores because all of the scents kill my sinuses & I end up with a really bad headache but there are some products I'd like to try so I should do an online order! xx

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