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Liquid lipsticks are my second (after MAC lippies) lip obsession. Finding the right one that doesn't break the bank can be a little tricky. Actually finding a right one no matter the price limit is super hard. When I first saw NYX Lingerie I knew I'll have to give them a good old college try and honestly guys, they're amazing. NYX is now widely available in UK and I'm super lucky to work close to the big pro NYX stand in Birmingham High Street Boots store, which means I'm there every other lunch break ;) The stand, or should I call it an isle, is quite amazing and they cover it all, including the pro range. 

I currently own three out of the Lingerie series and I'm sure I am yet to be done shopping for more. I adore the packaging, the logo and branding is really on point and it doesn't seem to rub off despite the use (and I own two of them since they launched in UK). It's a standard liquid lipstick packaging, with black branding and caps. All in all they look both professional and cute. I really love the name given to this series of nudes. Lingerie is just perfect, if not a little ironic.

The formula is a hybrid between mousse and cream, thicker than your usual watery stuff. They swatch and apply opaque and dry fully matte in around 30 seconds. If two coats applied, this may take a minute to fully set. The staying power is impressive. I have funny lips, I am yet to find a liquid lipstick formula that actually stay on me all day, but these seem to last up to 6 hours (on the day when I snack and drink only!). They will rub off in the corners of my lips and in the middle slightly when I eat, but there's no issue with topping them up. They are a little drying, as with any matte formula, but I find them quite comfortable to wear given their fully opaque super matte finish.

As I've mentioned above I currently own three shades and they're all very current types of nudes, from the lightest pinkish beige, through medium pinky brown to the cool mauve nude. They represent what I love about nude lips and I have been wearing them a lot. I swatched them all for you above in natural light with flash and without, so you can see the shades quite clearly for what they are on the super pale skin :)

Baby Doll is the lightest of the bunch. It's the nude that looks super light even on my pale skin tone. It swatches little less opaque to the rest but on the lips it looks great. I like combining it with my MAC Stone Lip Liner for that ultra Kylie lip effect.

Bedtime Flirt is the classic Instagram nude with both pink and brown tones. It's a perfect light nude for medium skin tones, but on me it looks slightly darker. Perfect every day nude for anyone who loves the idea of MAC Velvet Teddy. It's not quite the dupe but it's similar in terms of tones. 

Embellishment is the shade of 2016, where we fell in love with greyish, mauve tones. It's just that, very cool toned yet with a hint of pink making it slightly more wearable. Great on it's own or with pinky nude lip liner. If combined with Stone, it gives the more demure finish.

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings today. I have been out of loop recently with one post a week, but I haven't been feeling too great and my birthday month has taken a toll on other aspects of my life. I think I'm too old to be going out every weekend lol. I'm still tired and pretty busy at my day job, but slowly and surely getting back in to the routine. Hope you can forgive me those couple of weeks and I hope to see you all here again <3

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  1. As you know I am not a big fan of these ;) The shades are beautiful, they apply well but made my lips feel very dry and looking crusty ;) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. To each their own :) I love them :) in my mind, They're the best in drugstore currently :)


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