Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Happy Monday everyone :) What better way to start the week than by cleaning up your empties drawer, so bear with me, as I need to de-clutter badly. There are few of my absolute faves there, so if you'd like to know what I re-purchased, make yourself a cup of tea and let's do this!

Let's start with cleansing. Cleansing is my favourite part of a beauty routine, so you shouldn't judge I finished not one, but two bottles of micellar water at the same time. Garnier is so far the cheap and cheerful option for me. It works well at removing makeup, it's ok ish when it comes to sensitive skin (although the oil based one seem somehow more soothing on the face, not so much on the eyes!). I rarely remove makeup with micellar water alone, I prefer to first remove it with oil/cleansing balm, then clean it all up with some micellar water. I prefer Garnier Oil-infused Cleansing Water somehow and I already re-purchased. I decided to give me and Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (pink cap) some time to think hard on our relationship lol ;) I also finished up (finally - it lasted more than a year with two people using it!) Lancome Gel Éclat Clarifying Cleanser Pearly Foam. It's not cheap, but it's brilliant. It's sort of thick sticky gel formula that goes super foamy when in contact with water. Only a teensy tiny amount is needed, hence it lasts forever!

Next on the skincare font, I managed to finish an another Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask. I love this stuff! It smells incredible, which may have something to do with its ingredients, mainly bananas, oats and honey. I promise you, you'll want to eat it! The only minus, Lush Masks have to be used within 3 weeks and 75g pot to go through! Luckily I always share it with mom so I can enjoy a fresh mask every month :) 

I finally finished up Dr. Organic Organic Rose Otto Eye Serum. It may be natural and better for you than rest, but I honestly didn't feel it working one bit, so I just used it underneath my evening eye cream, as I hate wasting skincare. It didn't cause me any reaction, it just not 'strong' enough for my dry and delicate under eye area. 

I absolutely loved Sephora Lavender Foot Mask and Almond Foot Mask. They're so amazing and make my feet super soft! The formula is ultra moisturising and honestly if I could I'd buy 10 each, although it would be quite excessive to spend 80 euros on foot masks... I did however buy some back ups and plan on pestering all my friends who live or travel close to Sephora!

Haircare wise I finished up another bottle of Collab Dry Shampoo London. I quite like the scent and already repurchased it. I must say I prefer Collab to Batiste (I KNOW!), as it doesn't mattify my hair as badly. I also managed to finally finish Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk Express Repair Conditioner. It's a great leave-in spray, it doesn't weight down the hair and makes my super dry end much more manageable. I love this stuff. It's super cheap (£1.99!!!) and available in store at Savers. I haven't seen it anywhere else though. Already repurchased. I'll use it till the end of the days, I think! Lastly in one of the magazines I found a sample of the new Garnier Ultimate Blends The Weightless Nourisher Balm in Mythic Olive and it changed my life! I have never had a hair mask that's so great for my dry and coarse hair! I apply it on my lengths and ends, using a different mask on my roots. And honestly, if your hair are naturally coarse or due to dyes, heat appliances etc, this mask will change your life. If's super affordable and it makes my hair silky soft and easy to manage!

I also used up an another bottle of The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel. I love the scent, despite the fact, there's really very little honey there. I recently switched to shower oils, so I won't be repurchasing for a while, but I really enjoy TBS shower gels. 

Couple of makeup bits I'm getting rid off this month. Firstly MUA Mega Volume Mascara... It's just not great, actually it's terrible. Formula was so dry from the first use, it barely left any product on. It felt like no using a mascara at all. Rubbish rubbish rubbish. Never again! The ModelCo Créme Rouge Cheek + Lip in Just Peachy, which I loved last year, but it's not out of date and all dried up, so sadly we have to part ways. It wasn't that greatly lasting either, so I don't think I'll be re-purchasing it anytime soon. However I really loved the shade!

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  1. I need to try that Gernier hair mask and would love to try the foot masks! I love Colab too! xx


    1. I absolutely love this mask! It'a so cheap!!


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