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As I'm laying on the sun lounger and sipping cocktails in a sunny Valencia, I thought it's a great time to follow up on a tag from a beautiful Leanne from LPage Beauty :) Go and show my girl some love <3

Favourite Perfume:

Hmm it's hard to choose just one, so I'm going to cheat a little. I've been loving Calvin Klein Reveal lately and it's my go to summer scent, but I've recently bought a cheap and cheerful bottle of Zara Oriental and I've been using it practically non stop. CK Reveal is a sensual oriental scent. It reminds me of A hot summer evening on the beach with notes of sandalwood and musk giving it the sexy feel. Zara Oriental is the opposite really, it's very sweet and girly. Perfect daytime scent as it's not as long lasting. Both have been my absolute faves lately.

Favourite Lip Colour:

I'm forever in to mattes, be that in winter or summer and Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick may be my favourite formula ever. Kendall's Shade is perfect for summer. This orange red looks absolutely stunning on the lips and stays on forever. Lip oils aren't necessarily a new thing in the beauty world, but the newest launch from Lancome is a perfect combination of oil and gloss. With the light pigment it makes it a perfect hydrating gloss. I adore the packaging and the scent is just incredible. I have my Juicy Shaker in Meli Melon and I'm obsessed.

Favourite Drink:

I really love making an iced green tea with lots of lemon and honey. It's a perfect summer refreshment. When it comes to cocktails - it's gotta be Mojito. I make mine with watermelon and mint for a truly refreshing summer drink.

Favourite Blush:

I've added Nars Orgasm to my collection recently and I finally know what the fuss was all about. It's a perfect pinky peach with gold shimmer running through. It gives the most beautiful finish to my cheekbones and works great with any bronzer, giving me the illusion of a little tan.

Favourite Clothing Item:

This Zara dress is the dream come true. It's so easy to wear. This super girly design stops just below the knee and makes for a perfect summer dress. I like how nonchalant the colours are and how beautiful it looks on. First dress I packed for holidays.

Favourite Movie:

I've waited 3 long years for the Star Trek Beyond and it was worth it. It was such a bittersweet installation in the franchise, as we said goodbye to both original Spock (Leonard Nemoy) and Chekov (Anton Yelchin). I'm a huge Star Trek fan and also managed to attend the premiere in London, so it was definitely a special experience.

Favourite TV Show:

This is the most difficult one, as I love A LOT of TV shows. Outlander is one of my favourite fairly new series and if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It tells a beautiful love story of Claire and Jamie, it has elements of sic-fi (time travel) but it's also quite accurate historically. Based on the series of best selling novels by Diana Gabaldon. Pretty Little Liars are also having an incredible season and the hunt for Uber A is on. This along with Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Arrow conclude my best of the best on TV lately.

Favourite Food:

Sweet cherries. I can eat them by a kg, if I'm in the mood. And I have been treating myself to them every other day for the past month. Best fruit and summer food ever :)

I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope you share your answers with me in the comments section below. As for my blogger friends, I tag:

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  1. love this tag :) will try to do it as well :)

  2. Thanks for the lovely mention! Loved you answers. I really need to check NARS organism. I'm loving PLL too :) xx

    LPage Beauty

  3. I'm a Nars Orgasm lover too & I must dig out CK Reveal again because I haven't used it in a while! Thanks for the mention, Lovely! xx

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