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As I write this, it's a typical British Summer morning. The temperatures went down to around 19 degrees, it's super humid and it's raining. However it's also Friday and I'll be damned, if a little rain would make me miserable on the last day of the week.

I came back from Spain last week and it's been an adjustment for sure. The weather, the food, work... However I managed to snatch a lot of goodies from my trip to Sephora and today I'd like to share with you my first ever Sephora haul! Excited yet? Let's dig in shall we?

I'm obsessed with makeup, so my haul should be full of makeup bits and sadly (or gladly! My vanity can't take more!) it is not. I stood by the Kat Von D counter for a good hour swatching and aaahing and oohhhing and I came out nearly empty. I did, however managed to snatch a liquid lipstick mini duo set. KvD Everlasting Duo Set consist of two mini shades of Melancholia and Susperia. I'm still testing these babies, so I'll leave my opinion for later but it's perfect for creating those in season ombré lip ;) it was 14.95€ and a great trial pick, before I'll commit to full size bits. I didn't pick up any of the palettes simply because none really spoke to me when swatched! I may have finally reached my palette potential or they simply weren't good enough for the price? I'll check them out again when KvD comes to Debenhams this fall & make my decision then :) 

I had to pick up at least one of the Sephora Matte Lip Creams and mine is in highly recommended to me shade 05 Infinite Rose. It's such a beautiful shade. Stays on well and sets on the lips but it is in no way a matte finish. It has a slight metallic finish to it! Definitely a love from a first wear! These are 12.95€ each. 

Lastly makeup wise, I picked up a mini (thanks to Sephora gods for minis counter, am I right?) of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I love the packaging. I love the name. I love the formula. I love everything about it! A must have full size purchase! RPR 9.95€

Natural light swatches: Infinite Rose, Melancholia, Susperia (with flash)

Natural light swatches: Infinite Rose, Melancholia, Susperia (no flash)
Sheet mask phenomen is where I went slightly overboard with my purchases. I heard of Tony Moly Korean skincare brand forever and wanting to pick up the cute Panda like Sleeping Mask! Thankfully they had it in stock! I am yet to properly test it, but first impressions are really positive! If you suffer with dry, mature or dehydrated skin, this mask can be your new holy grail! 13.95€

I started off with the sheet mask craze and ended up talking to you about another mask, typical lol! From Tony Moly I also picked up a ridiculous amount of sheet masks simply because I've heard they're awesome and they're only 1.50€ a pop! I picked up multiples of Tomato Radiance, Aloe Moisturising and Avocado Nutrition! Also picked up a little pressie for mom's upcoming birthday and chose Age Defying Snail Hydro-Gel Sheet Mask, which was 6.95€ and I have high hopes for it! 

Sadly this is not where sheet mask craze ends as I had to (HAD TO!) pick few of the Sephora branded ones and opted for Orchid (anti-age) and Lotus (moisturising & soothing) face masks. I also picked up few treats for our feet with Lavender (soothing) and Almond (repairing) foot masks! These were 3.95€ each. 

This concludes my sweet and short Sephora haul ;) I would have picked up a lot more, if I didn't travel with hand luggage only! I was so tempted by a lot more skincare but sadly I just didn't have the space or they were over 100ml limit! Until next time Sephora <3

What do you think of the bits I picked up? Is there any you see yourself using or maybe you have already? Let me know in the comments section below and don't forget to subscribe <3 

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  1. nice i want to buy that set of kat lippies form me and dominika . i think she would love it

  2. This is such a nice haul! x


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