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Packing for holidays is a nightmare, especially if you decide you're quite ok with hand luggage only. As we all know that comes with quite a few restrictions, the biggest being the dreaded 100ml liquid limit.  Today I'd like to share with you some tips I adopted over the years. I'll also show you exactly what I'm packing for my 6 day trip to Spain. 

My holiday skincare packing tips:

1. Minimalistic approach - It's important to give yourself a time, when packing, to establish which products are your must have. Take all your products out and think hard, if you're really planning to use them all. Reduce your items one by one.

2. Keep your samples - Samples are a great way to pack for your holidays, so whenever you get one with purchase or in a magazine, or in a beauty box, think ahead. If it's an SPF or a face cream or a mini serum, you will need these abroad with you. Keep them in a separate box, drawer and pick up when needed.

3. Buy travel sizes - There's no way you need a full size toothpaste or hairspray with you when travelling to a sunny Spain for example. Your hotel will surely have mini shower gels and body lotions for you to use, so don't bother with these unless you're backpacking. Beauty companies have finally caught up and now, most companies offer travel friendly sizes of their skincare products. When you're planning a holiday, that's a huge plus, as you can pack all your favourites and still have a space in your 10kg hand luggage. 

4. Buy a clear makeup bag - If there's one thing I used to forget is to move all my skincare and makeup into those clear plastic wallets you can purchase at the airport, so now I have 2 clear makeup bags, one for skincare and one for makeup and I don't have to re-pack these in panic at the airport.

5. Take only the basics - Believe me you will not need 10 different types of creams and masks. Pack ones that work for you. Avoid formulas with high retinol if you're travelling to a sunny spot, as these can cause sun damage. Pack light and nourishing formulas, which will hydrate and moisturise your skin deeply especially after a day in the sun. Believe me you'll be so eager to get to that sun lounger in the morning that you'll stick to your SPF only, no need for 10 different creams as well.

6. Cleansing products are a must - If you plan to go out in the evening, chances are, you'll be wearing at least some makeup. Morning routine will probably be a minute one, but that doesn't mean you should skip on your evening routine. Double cleanse is normally a must when you're wearing makeup so pack your travel minis accordingly. Don't want to pack minis, purchase a travel pack, where you will find mini bottles and pots to stick your faves in. Simples :)

7. Relax - It's your holiday so remember there's no need to stress! Take your time, pack your minis and off you go :)

My makeup bags used to be a ridiculous amount of product. I thought I can't survive a day with 50 different skincare bits. WRONG. I learnt to pack smarter and I opt in for samples and minis all the time. 

The main thing in my bag is SPF! SPF everywhere ;) This time I packed 2 x 100ml Hawaiian Tropic Ultra Radiance SPF30 for all over my body. It smells gorgeous and really give my skin that natural glow, which I really like :) For my shoulders and decollate I packed Soltan Protect & Moisturise SPF50 lotion. I'm super pale and these spots I can easily burn so I protect myself with the highest SPF. For my legs I have a travel bottle of Carrot Oil SPF30 which helps get those legs brown and not red and also protects from sun damage. I couldn't find a mini anywhere so used a plastic bottle from my travel set. And for my face I fell in love with Eucerin Matifying Sun Fluid SPF50, which I find works amazingly. It doesn't block my pores and it really protects my super pale complexion. When I'll need a top up, if I'm out and about during daytime, I got Bioderma Moisturising Anti-UV Mist SPF30. I love this stuff, such a great tool if you're on the go! After sun care is also important but I packed something unusual this time. Instead of going the usual route of buying an after sun lotion, I decided to take Entre Belle Aloe-Vera Moisturising Gel. Aloe-Vera is a great tool for sun burs so I plan to use it after sun bathing and in the evening under my usual skincare. 

For my cleansing I went quite light with Clinique Take The Day Off liquid to take my makeup off and for a second cleanse in the evening or in the morning, I've packed a travel mini of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

My skincare will consists mainly of SPF but for my evening needs I packed some samples too. Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Anti-wrinkle Defence Serum and Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Eye & Lip Cream will do nicely for that evening pamper. I also packed Rodial Bee Venom Moisturiser for mornings and Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream Ultra Rich for evenings.

I bought some minis of Nivea Deodorant and Batiste Dry Shampoo as you can't really pack for holidays without them. I'm also taking my Regenerate Toothpaste mini. I prefer to pack my own toothpaste as I find the ones you get in hotels to be rubbish. For my holiday scent I choose a deluxe sample of Clinique Happy, which is a perfect summer scent in my opinion.

As you can see all of the above fit nicely in my makeup bag, which I received in one of the Glossyboxes. It's see through and airport approved, so no need to re-pack when I get to the gates. 

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  1. I have literally got a whole drawer full of high end samples I have been saving for my holidays!

  2. I always keep my samples for when I'm flying hand luggage only! I couldn't manage with hand luggage only for 6 days though! I'm an over-packer!! xx

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