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Friday is usually a day when I share with you my newest makeup inspiration. I'm going to change it up a little today. I have created couple of looks, but going in to a photo edit, I wasn't happy with the photos I took, so I'm going to have to skip it. I try to only publish posts I'm 100% happy with, so I hope you can excuse me for doing so:)

I have, however a very special makeup item to review for you today. If you're familiar with my Wishlist 2016 (click here), I have been wanting to try Charlotte Tilbury for a while now. I was swayed by the luxury packaging and the raving reviews about quality of the shadows. The Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita is one of the most expensive palette to produce (not to buy but the ingredients in the gold shadows are very pricey). I wanted to see and touch the luxury for myself and after taking a long time and testing it back and forth, I'm finally happy to give you my opinion on the palette. I hope you'll enjoy.

The packaging:

The shadows are stored in a plastic packaging and has a very special feel to it. It's quite heavy, which shows good quality material, but also super sleek. The plastic is polished to perfection. It does mean it will be prone to finger prints, but it's also super easy to clean. Having had it for more than two months now, I see no wear to the packaging at all.
The shade chosen for the packaging is a very deep crimson with a gorgeous rose gold logo. What makes it special is the simplicity of it all. on the back you'll find a product sticker with the information also written in rose gold. There's no names to the shades, but Charlotte Tilbury suggests what the shades should be used for: Prime, Enhance, Smoke and Pop.
Inside the quad you'll find a superb mirror. It's really clear. I need used to understand or was able to spot the quality of the mirror used in the packaging, but now I understand how it can in fact change the experience. This mirror is of a superb clarity, I haven't seen any quite like it before. In the top right corner, there's a little star embellished into the mirror surface, which I find an elegant add on. 
The shades are contained within high quality rose gold (plastic) frame with Charlotte Tilbury company name embellished in. 
At the end of the day, packaging may not mean the same to everyone and yes, you could probably packaged it differently which would (hopefully) reduce the price of this quad. It is Charlotte Tilbury and in buying so, you are looking for those little thing, the ones that make it special and worth the price. I think it's the packaging you pay for mainly here and for any beauty addict, it's a special experience that counts when buying high end.

The formula:

The reason it took me a while to write this review was trying to word what I really think about this palette as a whole. Formula wise - I've seen better and cheaper. There you have it, it's that simple. However let me explain why. 
I really enjoy the first two shades deemed by Charlotte as Prime and Enhance. They're both quite soft and buttery and pigmentation is superb. They both transfer incredibly when swatched and to the lid. I think Smoke is ok, it can feel chalkier than the two I mentioned, but it also has a decent pigmentation and transfers well when swatched and on to the lid. 
The biggest disappointment is Pop. This is the shade every reviewer told me to expect as something else, the most expensive shade to produce. I had high expectations and I was badly disappointed. Yes, when swatched onto the finger - it's magic. It's pure chrome like finish of gold. I was in love at that point. The problem is - it does not transfer. Not on to the swatch and certainly not on to the lid. The shade has super weak pigmentation and a lot of glitter. I don't think I have ever been so disappointed in the entire time as a beauty addict. 

The shades:

Pop is a lovely champagne with a polished satin finish.
Enhance is a gorgeous medium dark copper with a polished satin finish.
Smoke is dark muddy brown with just a little of warm toned shimmer, satin finish.
Pop is a true gold shimmer with a lot of gold micro glitter.


The question you must ask yourself is why do you plan on purchasing this palette? Is it purely a whim or have you been swayed by the luxury packaging? I love high end packaging and despite the somewhat disappointing Pop shade, I still love and use this palette. It's my go to for my easy and classic makeup days as the shades just work together so well. They blend well. On its own on my hooded eye and somewhat oily lid, these will last only up to 4 hours without creasing, but the lasting power is extended by the use of the primer. They lasted up to 10 hours on MAC Painterly. 
Would I buy any more palettes? That's a very difficult question. I don't think so. They are super expensive for what they are and honestly, putting packaging aside, not worth the price. However I'm still tempted to try the all matte palette to see if matte shadows quality has a special feel to it. So the answer is maybe. I am tempted to go back to the counter and talk to the girls about Pop shade. Maybe it's just my palette? Overall I am happy to be able to make my dreams (and a tick on a wish list) come true and to test the most hyped of Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quads. 

Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita costs £38.00 and is available from Charlotte Tilbury, Selfridges, John Lewis and Harrods. Click on the individual stores to be taken to the buy now option.

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  1. Finally! Someone said it out laud, haha! I read before some reviews that people were saying that the shade Pop is not the best. I swatched the eyeshadows when I was at the counter in Selfrifges and they didn't impress me so I wasn't tempted to get any of the palettes. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  2. Oh wow, I'm so disappointed to read this! It's been on my list too but I definitely won't buy it now. Thank you so much for this review, you just saved me Ł38!


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