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Let's just state the obvious and say that shopping at Superdrug and Boots is one of my guilty pleasures. Depending on how much £££ I leave behind it can be guilty or downright depressing lol. Recently I visited both and picked up few skincare bits. I normally invest in good skincare and rarely use drugstore but with so many new and exciting releases I knew it was the time to take the plunge. 

In Superdrug I head directly for their own B. range and I must say I'm really happy that I did. As you probably know I'm obsessed with cleansing and I picked up B. Clean Melting Gel Cleanser. It's a clear gel like formula which turns in to oil when massaged onto the skin. I used it only couple of times at night but it's amazing! There's practically no scent to it and it feels great on the skin. It removed all traces of the makeup (I first cleansed with Micellar Water). It says it will remove all makeup, even the eyes, but I've tried that and I wasn't too impressed. Yes it removed it perfectly but it also stung a little. Nevertheless it's a great product and I enjoy using it as a second cleanse. 

Having sensitive skin can be a real pain sometimes so I tend to use a soothing toner afterwards to minimalise the irritation and redness. I wanted to try an essence for a while and I picked up B.Refreshed Essence Lotion. It's design to replenish and soothe skin after your cleansing. It's packed with Allantoin, Algae Extract and Hyaluronic Acid to provide hydration for up to 12 hours.  I apply few drops after cleansing and so far so good. It's soothing and it doesn't irritate my skin which is always a first thing I watch out for. 

Last thing I picked up was B. Confident Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz. I enjoy face mists, especially during summer. Add on of Hyaluronic acid gives this mist an extra hydration which my dry skin craves. The most is really fine and can be applied under or over makeup. I normally use it after the skincare in the morning and before the primer. During the day I tend to use to to refresh my complexion. I really enjoy this one! 

My second stop was Boots. I wanted to try the new L'Oréal clay masks and was lucky to have found them, as they were only couple of each left. L'Oréal came up with 3 new clay masks recently, each designed to fight different skin problems. They can be used on their own or for multi-masking. 

Multi-masking is isn't a new concept, but lately one that's hyped up. You use different masks on different parts of your face (neck/décolleté) as these can have different needs. For example I have a dry skin, which isn't problematic, however my T-Zone has some pore problems and occasional hormonal breakouts. I would use a Pure Clay Detox Mask on my T-Zone and Pure Clay Glow Mask anywhere else. There's also a Purity Mask, however this one is mainly for oily problematic skin, so I skipped on that purchase. I only used both once so far and I'm impressed. There was no irritation (yay sensitive skin), my pores looked more defined and clearer and there was a definite brightening effect. My skin felt super soft and smooth after use. 

I'm super impressed with all my new drugstore skincare purchases so far. It goes without saying that drugstore brands have been stepping up their game and it's worth browsing those isles for some affordable gems. 

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  1. Hmmm the Detox Mask is very interesting... Wonder how well it does against the Glam Glow one ;)

  2. I'd love to try the L'Oreal masks - they're getting great reviews! xx


  3. I maski teraz na promocji widzę(£5.00), oj Dorotko chyba i ja się skuszę... Zobaczę muszę pokonczyc narazie to co mam! 😀


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