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Pink is your usual spring/summer season choice. It's pretty much a cliche, but I really love pink/magenta shades for any time of the year, so today I'm sharing with you my current favourites :) 

Browsing through my collection is always a hideous task, as I own many, but I realised, that despite my love for magenta, coral-pink & pinks, I don't own too much in those particular shades (time for some shopping perhaps?). Out of 10 lovely choices I'm bringing you my top 5 and what a pleasure it is to share with you these gems. As per usual, there's a nice mixture of drugstore and luxury brands so I hope anyone can find something they love :)

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro in Make it in the City (£2.49) is a truly gorgeous satin finish deep pink with a slight warm tone to it. It's a perfect daytime or evening statement lip choice and it will work on all skin tones. It's super comfy on the lip and stays put for 2-4 hours nicely. I recommend a lip liner to ensure the staying power.

Golden Rose Velvet Matte in 04 (est. £2.30) is a beautiful deep coral pink of a matte finish. Staying power is quite incredible for the price and it can last up to 6 hours on the lip. I also like the matte packaging as it looks more expensive for what it is. Formula is creamy and gives a nice an opaque finish. It's much harder to get as this particular line isn't available in UK but if you're travelling to Europe anytime soon, I strongly recommend stopping by Golden Rose stand and checking these out. They're available on eBay to buy here in UK. There's so many shades to choose from, they're super affordable and a complete steal as they're great quality products.

Too Faced Melted in Melted Fuchsia (£19.00) is definitely more of a splurge lipstick. It's liquid and creamy formula glides on the lip and you are able to create a beautiful lip in seconds, trust me. It's quite a new addition to my collection and I already wore if few times. It's a beautiful,a lost neon fuchsia shade that goes on creamy and dries to full matte finish. Quite comfy to wear and stays put for hours. 

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte in Magnetic Magenta (£6.99) is a great alternative to MAC lipsticks in matte finish as formula is super similar, minus the scent. They go on smoothly and stay put for hours. I reviewed the whole range last year and I've been super impressed. Magnetic Magenta describes the shade perfectly. It's a creamy matte magenta shade, perfect for daytime or to top off your evening looks. Absolutely gorgeous shade for blondes and pale skinned as it's super flattering and not to neon looking. 

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Girl About Town (£15.50) is my favourite MAC shade of all times. It's a beautiful, creamy deep pink with some magenta added for a good mixture. It's more satin finish but the pigment stays put for hours. It's my go to lip colour when I don't do much of an eye but I want to look put together. Simply stunning colour.

From left (natural light): Make it in the City, Velvet Matte 04, Melted Fuchsia, Magnetic Magenta, Girl About Town

Here you have my top 5 pinks for spring/summer '16. These are all existing shades in collections by the brands, but I truly adore all of them. You can simply just add a touch of colour to your lip 
or go a full out and the shades are so versatile, they will suit all skin tones. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and thank you for checking out my blog and leaving a comment or two :) I love and appreciate you all <3

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  1. Girl about town jest przepiękna :))

  2. I love hot pink lipsticks for Summer, in fact I will be sharing my favourites on Friday :) Girl About Town and Melted Fuchsia are gorgeous! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  3. These are so pretty! Melted fuchsia is goregous! I need to step out of my comfort zone and start wearing bright pink lipsticks more often. X


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