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June has blessed us with few sunny days and the whole country rejoiced :) Unfortunately it didn't last very long, but despite the fact it's quite gloomy, the temperatures have been in mid double digits so at least we're not freezing our skinny backsides off ;) June has also been a month of discoveries, little shopping and most definitely skincare. I had more than usual 'no makeup' days and concentrated on skincare only. Don't worry, I didn't forget to wear makeup all the time and I have few faves for you on the ready. So put your feat up, make yourself an iced green tea (I'm on a healthy streak ok???) and let's see what I've been loving in June.


In June I mostly opted in for light bases and Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue in Opal has been my favourite forever now. It's super light, it has a lovely light coverage that's build able to light medium if applied with fluffy flat top. It's boosting SPF30 which is always a plus on sunny days. I adore this formula, the most easy going there is. My under eyes continued to be a nightmare with dark circles reaching my jaw. A little exaggeration perhaps, but Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer have been a trusted friend in June. It's lightweight, ultra light and boosts great coverage. I have been loving it recently and it truly deserves a place in favourites, as if I was wearing makeup, I had it on.

Despite the lighter base I never skipped on light contouring and highlight so my cheeks were always on fleek;) My new favourite contour lately has been NYX Ultra Blush HD in Taupe. It's a lovely cool toned bronzer, perfect for pale faces. It's quite pigmented so light hand is advised, but it also blends beautifully, so I don't envision it being a problem even if you over do it. Next up - the blush of the month title goes to.... Clinique Cheek Pop/Blush Pop in Feather Pop is a blogger must have. The flower design is so beautiful to photograph. I like the formula as it's not too pigmented and it gives my cheeks a nice flush of colour without being to overpowering. It's a cool toned mauve pink so it will suit any daytime makeup be that little smokey or all natural. Last, but certainly not least is the highlight. I've been obsessed with highlights and could easily talk about three or four, but in June I mainly went for good old MAC Soft & Gentle. It's a beautiful champagne highlighter and you can go as subtle and as out there as you wish. For subtle effect I recommend a duo fiber brush, but I'm far from a subtle lover. I go full on and lately it's all thanks to one brush, which I will talk about in the minute.

I have been loving the new edition to my eyeshadow palette family that is my Morphe 35B palette. The only matte palette you'll ever need. It's got such a spectrum of shades from few neutrals (mainly warm) to the whole rainbow of colours. The pigmentation is insane, it costs £15.95, blends beautifully and it has been my go to palette this month. I created many looks with it and you can check my Instagram to see why I LOVE IT!!!

I am intrigues by pale taupe shades on my lips and my faves in the last month truly show my affliction. MAC Poesia by Chris Chang in Plum Princess is a gorgeous pale purple/taupe shade. It's matte, it stays put and it gives me 'straight out of coroners office' look lol. Joking aside, I really love it and I'm glad I was able to snatch this limited edition gem. The packaging is to die for and it has a favourite spot on my vanity. Golden Rose Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick in 10 is a beautiful ghostly shade of a super ashy mauve. I like the formula as it's not super drying and it stays put for at least 4 hours. Considering the price (around £4.00) it's truly remarkable. I now own one more shade in this collection and you guys have been loving it on Snapchat. I truly recommend it if you can get your hands on it in UK (eBay is your best bet). Wearing mattes has it's toll on the lips so I've been giving them a lot of loving in the evening by layering them up with Lanolips 101 Ointment. Its Ultra Pure Grade Lanolin works so well on dry lips and I'm sure this isn't my last tube. I'll be repurchasing this balm for sure, as it's the best there is for lip treatment.


It comes as no surprise to those following me for a while that I love a good cleansing and I came across a luxury sample of MOA The Green Balm. It's superb. I opened this 15 ml sample 3 weeks ago and used it every other day and I used maybe a third (if that). It leaves my skin cleansed, soothed and somehow plumped. It's super moisturising and I find it works best at night when you get a little more time to yourself and can really massage the product in the skin. I remove it with hot towel. Honestly can't recommend it enough. Great product and I may be buying it full size, who knows.

Hylamide Glow Radiance Booster combines the work of a serum and a delicate gradual tanner thanks to the melatonin building active ingredients. It won't give you a tan but it gives my skin such natural glow without compromising on less than perfect ingredient list old your usual self tanner. I'm totally sold on this ! I'm looking forward to trying more of Hylamide products as this one has one me over with one application.

I talked about Ecolab Revitalising Toner already in the favourites and couple of other posts, but in June I found a new way off application to be my absolute fave if I have some extra time in the morning before having to get ready. I soak the condensed sheet mask with it and wear as a mask for 20-30 mins. It's so refreshing! I've been loving it on those humid days we all experienced in June. And to continue on the subject of sheet masks I have discovered a new one from Holika Holika (£4.99 for 5 in TKMaxx). Juicy Mask Sheet Honey is quite something if you like to refresh your skin whilst packing it with moisture and hydration. It's really nourishing and it's quite safe on sensitive skin so a total winner in my eyes. Definitely recommend it for those who are battling dehydration lines.

The last mask of the month is Lush Oatifix. It's the best smelling mask ever as it's super sweet scented. I love it. It's nourishing and you can feel how moisturising it is as it hydrates the skin for absolute ages. Great moisture pick me up in the morning if you have a spare minute or for a home spa day. I love it and I will definitely repurchase. The only minus is the application as it's quite thick with lots of oats and you need to really work it in the skin so it sticks to it.


There can't be a month without a favourite brush. This time it's my highlighter Holy Grail that is the Real Techniques Bold Metals 300 (Blush Brush). Not only is it a stunner with the beautiful rose gold handle but also a rea pleasure to work with as the weighted end makes the handling something else. The bristles are well cut and super soft and it applies highlighter like a bomb. Forget subtle effect, it won't do it, but if you like to highlight like Jaclyn or Nikki this brush will do that for you. Amazing. Simply brilliant.

Condensed sheet masks from eBay must have a mention in the favourites as they're really great. If you like Toner based masks or are a pro in formulating the liquid for DIY sheet masks, then these are for you. All you have to do it soak those in enough liquid and unfold. The cut isn;t perfect but it's fine for a home use. They're super cheap (around £2 for pack of 30) so no bank needs to be robbed and it's definitely a cheaper alternative to store bought sheet masks as they can get pricey.

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  1. I've been so curious about the Hylamide Glow Booster, it's good to hear you like it so much!

  2. I love the sound of Hylamide Glow & the MOA product! So many great picks here! xx


  3. So many lovely products! The Hylamide Glow sounds amazing, I want to get it, I just seem to have too many products to test right now, so need to wait, haha!
    I need that Morphe palette, so many colours in one place to get creative :) x

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