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Glowing skin is the summer must have. Proud owners of a dry to normal skin know the issues of founding a foundation that's light enough not to cake up during a day and also hydrating enough to ensure the comfort of wear. I have waited to try L'Oreal Nude Migique Cushion Foundation for absolute ages and bought it the very same day it landed in Boots. At £9.99 a pop (new product promo) it's super affordable and promises the most natural, glowing finish to the skin. The new product promo offer is now over and the full RPR is £14.99. I have tested it for several weeks now and I finally feel happy to share my findings with you. If you're interested to know if it wowed me, make yourself a cup of tea and let's discuss :)


I'm a sucker for good packaging and L'Oreal Cushion does it for me. It's just gorgeous with a good quality plastic. It's travel friendly as it included the sponge applicator and a mirror and the cushion is protected at all times.
I quite like the idea of cushion foundations, I never thought I would but the product dispenses to the sponge/brush/beauty blender easily and you can even touch up with a finger. I would recommend a clean brush for the application to ensure the product is kept clean and fairly bacteria free. 
The only con is the sponge application included with the product. I don't find it to be great quality and I think it 'eats up' too much product. I binned it after the first use.


L'areal Nude Magique Cushion has a fairly thin, watery formula. Only a small dab with a brush on the cushion dispense enough product to cover 1/3 of the face. I normally start with cheeks (1 dab each) and move on to the forehead and nose. It has light coverage. Having said that I believe it's enough if you haven't got a problematic skin as it's quite ok at covering light redness. I apply it with fluffy flat top (Bare Minerals Heavenly Face brush - review here) as it gives the product a little heavier coverage in my eyes. I add a little of second 'coat' around my cheeks where I can experience a lot of redness on occasion. It doesn't smudge and it's super easy to apply. I find it doesn't rest on any dry bits or settle in the wrinkles. It provides a nice canvas to contour and other finishing products.

Lasting power:

I tested it over several weeks and I find it works best applied over Nivea Post Shave Balm or MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage. On it's own it lasted around 6 hours on me and over the primer 8 hours plus. It's super light and glowing so unless you set it with powder, it won't last a full on day. Set with light powder, it lasted 9 hours on me. It is not the most lasting formula I tried, however it does look beautiful and glowing applied. It gives such natural finish to the skin. I can't see it working too well on combination to oily skin, unless skin is properly prepped with mattifying primer/powder. 


I really like this foundation for a daily use. I don't need a lot of coverage so anything so light is normally what I go for. I find the finish really natural looking and any of you lovelies with dry to normal skin will appreciate the glow from within finish it gives. It's quite suitable for spring/summer as it has SPF25 and I don't find that it flashes back too badly in flash photography. I wouldn't use it for a night out though as with humid air and sweat it may just not survive the night. I think it's an excellent daytime choice providing you use a proper SPF underneath. It works over many primers well and it doesn't cake up when set with satin finish powder like Lush Emotional Brilliance or Hourglass. I think the price point is ok for the product, however I agreed more with it being £9.99 as £14.99 and no promo may be a little off, considering it is a drugstore foundation. Lancome Cushion is more expensive the first time round, but you can 'top up' your cushion only for less than £20.00 making these two products very similar in price point. I'll leave it up to you to decide, if it's affordable to do so. 

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