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iDorottka loves: My beauty picks in April 2016

Hello May !!! Weather outside reminds me more of November but I am feeling the spring in my step and in my heart. Spring is my favourite time of the year. It's the time of change. If you're not happy with your job, your relationships, whatever it is that's making you unhappy, let it go. Do only what makes you smile. Remember you are beautiful, don't let anyone dim your sparkle. Just a little insight from my heart to yours beauties before we start with my favourite post of the month. What I've been loving in April? Make yourself comfortable and let's find out <3


Lately I'm all about full lips, be that Kylie style or red. I have been in love with MAC Stone lip liner & NYX Lingerie in Embellishment. This is my perfect nude duo lately and have been on my lips for the most of April. I love pairing Stone with anything nude, be that pink or brown. You guys know me well and my love for statement lips, so I couldn't just walked around in nude lips all month now could I? My statement lipstick of the month is Charlotte Olympia for MAC in Starlett Scarlet (full review). There's just something about this lipstick that brightens up my day. It's a true red, makes your pearly whites appear whiter & lifts up my complexion. It's also boasting some serious staying power. Love!

I have experimented a lot this month and truth be told, I was kinda stuck on what to choose eyes wise, but theBalm Nude'tude (full review) deserves some recognition for being my go to daily palette and the shadows Sassy, Sultry and Sexy are the easiest daytime shades I have found in all the palettes. I use Sassy in the inner corners blending it towards the middle, with Sultry being my transition shade that adds the depth my my fake crease (for hooded eyes always transition just above your crease) and Sexy being my outer corner smoke shade. Two mattes and one shimmer works great for both daytime and evening and been my go to daily makeup.

Last item of makeup is a product I haven't loved in the beginning, in fact I was less than favourable to it in my review (read here), but having to come to love it over the last couple of months, I have to apologise for my previous statement. Bourjois Radiance Reveal wasn't the love from the first sight but it's a love that grew on me over time. It's super moisturising, it doesn't crease on me anymore and I even came to terms of it not having the best of coverage, because at the end of a long day it keeps my under eye area hydrated, highlighted and smooth. Sorry little guy, you are most definitely a favourite of mine now :)


Spring has come, believe it or not and I have been trying my best to protect my skin from the rare moments of sunshine we are finally getting here in UK. It's still a very rare sight but anyone with pale complexion knows too well the effects the early spring sun has on our faces - we burn quickly. Not one in love with Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer look, I opted for SPF50 pretty quickly. Eucerin SPF50 Sun Fluid has taken me by surprise. Why? It's originally classed as mattifying and I usually avoid anything (other than eyeshadows) with the word matte in it. However this has worked its charm. It doesn't dry out my skin. It sinks in easily and it's proven itself to work well under makeup. It doesn't clog my pores and hasn't broken me out. It provides a full protection and I have been in full sun all day and I did not burn. Definitely worth a try ladies :)

From the moment I tried the next skincare gem I was in love. I stand by everything I said in my review (read here). I use Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream daily and it is the best under eye cream for under makeup I have tried so far. It's super light and moisturising, it works great under any concealer and makes the under eye area look well taken care off, even after a long day in front of the screen. It's quite reasonably priced and it will not only brighten your skincare drawers but your under eyes as well. Winner in my eyes (pun always intended).


I'm not the one talking haircare often here on the blog. I rarely rave about anything in particular so to have two haircare faves in one month is news to me and you probably. As most of you know I have a waist long hair, colour treated with tendencies to tangle badly. Having colour treated hair makes them pretty dry on the length and ends and finding a great hair mask that doesn't strip the colour is near to impossible. Enter Maria Nila Luminous Colour Masque. It's sulphates and paraben free and vegan friendly. It nourishes hair with the pomegranate extract working hard and gentle to moisturise your locks, while Colour Guard Complex ensures your colour will not fade away quickly. It's not the cheapest and it will set you back by £20.00 but I can honestly say it's a true treat. It smells fruity and sweet and the scent lingers for hours. I use it every other wash and it leaves why hair soft and tangle free. 

My second fave is thankfully a lot easier on the pocket. Available at Savers Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Liquid Silk is one of the best leave-in conditioners I know. It's super cheap (£2-£3), smells lovely and doesn't weight in your hair. I love using it on both wet and dry hair for extra help with brushing it (oh the tangles). It's duo-phased so you have to thoroughly shake the product to mix it before spraying it on. I really like it and would recommend buying a bottle when you're in Savers next. I will most definitely re-purchase. 


No month can go without me trying to choose a favourite child in my brush collection. This month I'd love to show my love to two individuals. Firstly Glambrush OV1 has been a discovery and I have done 90% of my base makeup with it since I got it. It applied foundation quickly and without streaks. It's rose gold handle is giving me all the feels but the brush itself is just special. Very dense bristles are super soft and they glide over your face. Great blending tool :)

My second fave also comes with rose gold handle so just gets the status for being pretty ;) Luxie 504 Larged Angled isn't just a pretty face. I loved it for both bronzer and blusher. It blends in powders really quickly and the angled head works great for precise application. It's been my go to for warming up my complexion and adding a pop of colour to my cheeks. 

Scent of the month:

I haven't talked about perfumes yet on the blog, but I plan to start :) I received The Body Shop White Musk Libertine as part of my Cohorted box and I have been using it daily since. It a very grown up girl kind of scent but also light and fresh. I'm not typically the one for musk scents, but this one has overtaken any other perfumes recently so it deserves a place in favourites :)

What have you been loving in April? I look forward to your recommendations. Thank you for staying with me yet another month. Hope you enjoyed yourselves here. As per usual, leave me a comment telling me what posts you liked most last month and what posts you want to see more in the future :) Let's make this May the best one to date :)

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x


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  1. I love how you used that hollywood film directors sign haha! And the MAC Charlotte Olympia lipstick looks perfect on you <3
    I'm obsessed with MAC Stone since our shopping trip, it's the perfect taupe/grey shade lip liner xx
    - Nishi

    1. Yay to a shopping trip which is definitely ending up in my May favourites :) it was so much fun! I love Stone - it's just the perfect lip liner for nudes :)

      I really love the Hollywood scene marker and it may be used more than necessary haha X

  2. I love that Hollywood directors sign too! It looks so cool! I spot some of my faves in this blog ;-)


  3. I love that Hollywood directors sign too! It looks so cool! I spot some of my faves in this blog ;-)


    1. Yay glad you like it Annie :) I thought it would be nice to start some blog posts with a title picture ;) I haven't seen that before either so glad it's getting a positive response ! Are you faves up yet? Xx

  4. I am a fan of Eucering SPF products as well! I'm just finishing a bottle of this exact fragrance from TBS, it's so pretty and feminine :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I love the scent so much. I have definitely been overusing it last month, it's just so easy to wear ;)

      I will be trying more Eucerin for sure, I'm super pleased with this one :) can't wait for your faves Dagmara :) X

  5. I love a cool toned nude like stone- embellishment has been sold out for weeks so I'm jealous on that one! Xxx

    1. It was still in my local Boots, I can pick it up for you if you want? Should be there on Thursday or Friday :) xx

      I'm so into nudes right now !! Love the cool toned ashy shades X

  6. I love this post, gorgeous photos! I've been meaning to get my hands on the NYX Lip Lingerie collection! xxx

    1. Thank you so much :) I love Lingerie collection ! Definitely one to have one or two ;) x


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