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Beauty Empties 2016 #2 with mini reviews feat. L'Oreal, Simple, Colab, Garnier, No7 and more

Spring cleaning. I'm sure most of you know it and either love it or dread the time that comes with re-organising your living space, your mind or even your soul. If done right, it can calm you down and make you feel more in control over your life. I decided to start off with my vanity and empties. Let's put the vanity aside for now and concentrate on empties. I accumulated A LOT of them in the last few months so it's time to finally throw them out, but not before I tell you which products I loved and which I hated :) Let's see shall we?

As most of you know I don't wash my hair every day. I give them minimum of 3-4 days in between the washes. Why? There's few reasons for it but mainly because I have a waist long hair and constant washing doesn't do them any good. Instead I use oils on the ends (hello blonde or pink ombre) and dry shampoo on the roots on day 3 and 4. In last couple of month I used up a shampoo and a hair mask, which I used instead of conditioner. L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Ever Strong Fortifying & Vitality Shampoo is formulated with botanical oils to help care for hair. It doesn't have that great of an ingredient list which is long and have SLS very high on it. The whole thing reeks of chemicals with oils being at the end of a very long list. It didn't do anything particular to my hair but I won't be repurchasing anytime soon. Superdrug Coconut Water & Coconut Oil Masque Hydrate & Shine may not have the best ingredients but is formulated with no sulphates. It does however have alcohol positioned very high on the list so it may have an opposite to hydration effect on your hair. I actually quite liked it, it's cheap, smells delicious, it's light so it doesn't weight down your hair. It's nice enough but out also didn't do much to my hair in a long run.

As you can probably imagine I use quite a lot of dry shampoo and you're not wrong. I don't find they have any unwanted effect on my hair, my scalp is absolutely fine and 'm not experiencing any hair loss, so I will continue to use them for now. I used up two Batiste Dry Shampoos in Eden & XXL Oomph My Locks. Eden has a lovely flowery/fruit scent. It's a great every day choice, where as Oomph My Locks was more of a styling choice for me. If I needed a bit more volume, I opted for XXL series instead, as it has hair spray in it as well, so it's perfect for styling your hair. Oomph My locks has a very chemical (typical scented dry shampoo) scent. It's not pleasant at all, but it does the job. I also had a chance to test out a range of mini Colab Dry Shampoos in Paris, Monaco and Tokyo. Paris has a pleasant unisex perfume scent. I personally like it as it lingers in the hair for quite a bit. Monaco has a bit fresher scent to it and it's definitely not as pleasant as Paris in my opinion.  Tokyo has a lot of sweet floral notes to its perfume like scent. I quite like it and must say I will definitely repurchase both Paris and Tokyo again. Personally I prefer the way Colab works to Batiste and have already repurchased few of them and use them instead of Batiste.

The only hair spray I use is L'Oreal Elmett Satin as it doesn't linger in the hair, it helps lock the style in place without weighting hair down or making them feel hair and coarse. I used up another one in the last months, this time in Normal Strength. I only ever use them for volume whenever I curl my hair or to keep them in place when I style them. I try not to blow dry my hair more than once o twice a month, instead I let it dry by itself. I don't use it much but when I do it's always Elmett series which I trust.

I love cleansing. I Have the whole ritual in place and I always stick to double cleanse routine. I use oils first to break down the makeup, then Micellar Water to clean it all up. I managed to use up one of the best, Simple Cleansing Micellar Water. The only Micellar that doesn't strip my sensitive skin of its moisture, I don't feel any stinging when I use it. It removes makeup super quickly and the list just goes on. I already repurchased it and can't wait to use up my Garnier Micellar Water to start with new Simple bottle. For eyes I was using Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover, which is a duo-phased cleanser. It removed eye makeup and liquid lipstick very well, similar to Lancome one that I love. Definitely one to re-purchase when the time comes. I finished up No7 Quick Thinking Wipes & Dirty Works 4 in 1 Face Wipes makeup remover wipes. I don't use them to remove makeup from my face, but to remove makeup from the back of my hand like foundation which I always mix there, or for swatches. I loved them both as both had been soaking wet with the cleanser. So I will definitely re-purchase these two.

When it comes to skincare I look for anti-aging creams. I turned 30 last year and my skincare has improved a lot. I test a lot of products but some just work, like Nip+Fab Viper Venom series. Extreme Night Fix has lasted a whooping 7-8 months. You only need a little as it has almost silicone feel to it. This light gel is formulated with Syn-Ake, which is an ingredient produced in lab, which simulates the effects of Temple Viper snake venom. Also enriched with Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid, it both fights the signs of aging and hydrates at the same time. It's nice enough cream and I used it alongside the serum from the same series. It's just not as hydrating as my skin needs it to be, but I always add a little oil to my skincare which improves the moisturising effects of any skincare with Retinol. I always try to use up samples alongside my usual routine, as I stay overnight at least once a week, so it's a perfect excuse to use them all up. This time I used up Vichy Idealia Life Serum, which worked nice enough for my morning moisture fix underneath my makeup, but I can't really say anything other than that, as you just cannot judge the skincare by a 3ml sample. Gazelli Triple Youth White Oil Ultimate Firming Serum, I was using at night on those night away. Two drops were enough to upgrade any moisturiser I was using at that point. It felt amazing and luxurious on my skin, however yet again I can't judge the book by its 5ml cover.

Let me state that I didn't use up 3 cans of deodorant in the last 3-4 months :) I just forgot to add two to my previous empties posts. This actually works great as I can now tell you which two I will most definitely repurchase and which only belongs in the bin. I loved using both Garnier Mineral 5 Protection Skin + Clothes and Mitchum Advanced Control. Both claim to work for 48 hours, which isn't something I can tell as I use it once a day in the morning ;) Both worked through whole day, without leaving stains or feeling of discomfort on my skin. I highly recommend the two. This is not the case with Dove Beauty Finish, which I purchased for fairly small size as I kept it at work, just in case. It works for maximum 4-5 hours which is just not good enough in my books, it leaves both white marks and stains the clothes in a long run. Definitely a no from me.

Now I can clean up the mess under my vanity & finally get rid of a bagful of empties :) Have you used any of the above? What did you guys think? As usual let me know in the comments section below. Until next time :)

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x


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